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 Dumaresq Island Manning River - chronicles of the early days

Compiled by Rod & Wendy Gow

Book : A4, soft cover, 150 pages,
isbn  978-0-9808667-6-6
Price : $25 postage free within Australia

Newspapers chronicled much of the Dumaresq Island's history in their columns, and newspaper archivists Rod and Wendy Gow have compiled their collection into this local history book "Dumaresq Island Manning River - chronicles of the early days".

In 1852 the Government offered for sale the first few blocks of farm land on Dumaresq Island, and by 1855 all 23 blocks had been taken up, some by speculators, others by men of great agricultural vision. This marked the beginning of the development of one of the most fertile farm lands on the Manning River.

The island, with an area of only about 1,500 acres, had for untold centuries been the beneficiary of deposits from countless floods leaving great depths of silt, that had matured into the finest of first class soil. It attracted a supportive community that spent a great deal of time and energy conducting meetings to establish ways of continually improving the island's produce to an even higher standard.

Education of their children was most important to the residents who successfully petitioned government for a school on their island. A two acre site was purchased from James Brimstone, for £13 in 1863, and the first teacher, Alexander Blyth, appointed. This school finally closed in April, 1973, and the land sold to H. D. Barlin in 1975.

In 1896 the residents decided they needed a post office on their island, as they were "subjected to great inconvenience in there not being such an office on the island". They again successfully petitioned government, and a receiving office was established at the Dumaresq Island School with the teacher, C. W. McDougall, being appointed the first Receiving Office Keeper. The only drawback was that the name Dumaresq Island Post Office could not be used as officialdom suggested there could be confusion with an existing post office at Dumaresq, New England, and a different name was required. The name "Nirrim" was selected by the residents and the office was opened on 3 September, 1896.

Successful experiments with various crops, including sugar cane, were undertaken - two separate mills were operated by the Slater and Malcolm families in the 1870s. Other crops that thrived included wheat, millet, barley, sorghum, tobacco, potatoes, bananas, pineapples, stone fruit, etc., but maize was the staple crop. Over the decades extensive experiments with a great many maize varieties were undertaken, and the outstanding success of the best of these varieties was apparent at many country and city shows. The knowledge behind these successes was unselfishly and willingly shared with any farmer trying to improve his crop quality and thereby boost farm income.

In 1905, residents petitioned government to allow establishment the Dumaresq Island Drainage Union as they wished to improve a swampy portion of the island effecting the holdings of Gill, Billingham, Brimstone, Clune, Polson, Norton, Salter Malcolm, Holder, Dorward and Robb. This was granted, work undertaken and improvements achieved, with the result that the land increased in value.

This continual striving for perfection eventually led to the establishment of the Dumaresq Island Agricultural Bureau in 1922, the founding officers included Mooney, Gill, Adams, Collins, Richardson, Dorward, Clune and Brimstone. Bureau meetings were initially held at the school, commencing with 26 members, a goodly number considering the size of the island. Their success and willingness to share knowledge attracted members from further afield, and just 12 months later it boasted 111 members - the largest membership of any agricultural bureau outside the metropolis - and as the membership quickly outgrew the school's accommodation, it was decided to build the Dumaresq Island Agricultural Bureau Hall, which was opened in 1924, by the wife of Doctor Earl Page, the N.S.W. State Treasurer, who referred to Dumaresq Island as - "the garden island of Australia". The hall developed into a hub for agricultural meetings, discussions and lectures, flower shows, dramatic club entertainments, cricket and football meetings, and of course their famous dances that attracted visitors from all parts of the district.

Apart from the achievements of its farming community, many of Dumaresq Island's sons and daughters rose to great successes in other fields of endeavour, including Matron Sarah Cummins (nee Dorward) who operated the Fairview Private Hospital in Taree, Matron Louisa Malcolm, of Kempsey Hospital and later appointed as the first matron of the Hornsby District Hospital, Gertrude Richardson, Mayor of Taree, the first Australian woman to be elected mayor of a country council, Charles Farquhar-Smith, who, after a lifetime of naval service, retired from the R.A.N. as Rear-Admiral, Doctors Robert and John Malcolm, school teachers John McLennan, William Cox, Patrick and John Dalton, Thomas Collins, William Smith, Edna Mooney, Mary Smith (nee Wallace), and George Cummins.

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Abbott Jos Mrs
Abbott Mr
Abbott P
Adams Ada Fanny Miss
Adams Amelia Margaret
Adams C
Adams Charles
Adams Doreen Miss
Adams F Miss
Adams Fanny
Adams H
Adams Harold
Adams J
Adams J J
Adams J J Mrs
Adams J Mrs
Adams Jack
Adams Jno
Adams John
Adams John J
Adams John J Mrs
Adams John Joseph
Adams Margaret
Adams Mildred
Adams Milly
Adams Miss
Adams Mr
Adams Nellie
Adams W
Adams W J
Adams W J Mrs
Adams W Mrs
Addison W
Affleck J
Affleck W
Agricultural Bureau Conference
Agricultural Bureaux
Ahronson A
Ahronson H
Ahronson Miss
Ahronson Moritz
Ahronson Mr
Alcorn A
Algie E Miss
Algie W
Ali Almas
Allan - see also Allen
Allan A
Allan Alexander
Allan Duncan
Allan Henry
Allan Janet "Jessie" Miss
Allan Mary Ann Beaton Mrs
Allan Mr
Allan N R
Allan Neil
Allan R
Allan W
Allan W Mrs
Allan William
Allen & Kent's sugar mill
Allen - see also Allan
Allen John
Allen K I
Allen Mr
Allen William
Alli A
Allosof D Mrs
Anderson Mr
Anderson Mrs
Andrews A E
Andrews Annie Miss
Andrews Cr
Andrews G Mrs
Andrews J
Andrews J R
Andrews Jack
Andrews Joseph
Andrews Mr
Andrews R
Andrews Roy
"Annandale" Dumaresq Island
Annetts A
Annetts Mr
Appel J
Appel J H
Appleyard Mr
Appleyard Reginald
Arbor Day
Armstrong Ald
Aspatrick Mr
Atkins C
Atkins Melbourne
Atkins Melbourne Mrs
Atkins W
Atkinson Carlton Nithsdale
Aust Joint Stock Bank
Australian Agricultural Co
Australian Dairy Co
Avery G R
Avery Thomas
Baby Queen Competition
Bailie Sarah Jane Miss
Bailie W J E
Baillie H
Baird John
Baker S
Bakewell Mr
"Ballinah Ynch" Glenthorne
Ballymore Wexmeath Ireland
Balmain School
Baltic Sea
Bandon Grove
Bank of Australasia Sydney
Bank of NSW Cundletown
Bapaume France
Barlin Harold Douglas
Barrett J F
Barrett J Miss
Barrett Jean Miss
Barrett Jessie Miss
Bartlett Nellie
Basham E
Basham Mr
Basham Mrs
Bathurst Cathedral
Battle of Cocos
Beaton H
Beattie A
Beattie Clyde
Bedford W
Bedingfeld Constable
Bedingfeld Mrs
Bedingfeld Thomas G S
Bega School
Belford E
Belford K
Belford Robert
Bellbrook Hornsby
Bellinger River
Bellingham - see also Billingham
Bellingham J
Bellingham Mr
"Bellvue Park" Dingo Creek
Belmore Earl - Somerset Richard
Belmore Sydney
Benevolent Asylum Sydney
Benevolent Society Hospital Sydney
Bennett H
Bennett Miss
Bennett Mrs
Bernasconi P
Bidner Linda Miss
Bidner Mary Mrs
Bidner William Charles Mrs
Bight Cemetery
Bignell H W
Billingham - see also Bellingham
Billingham J
Billingham Mr
Billingham W S
Bird Cr
Bishop of Newcastle
Black James
Black John
Black Mr
Blackburn Miss
Blackburn N
Blackford's Bay
Blakemore C S Rev
Bloomfield C
Bloomfield C Mrs
Bloomfield Doris
Bloomfield M Miss
Bloomfield Minnie Miss
Bloomfield Miss
Bloomfield Sarah Miss
Bloomfield Uriel G
Bloomfield Uriel G Mrs
Bloomfield Wilhelmine Miss
Blore E
Blyth Alexander
Bo Bo School
Board of National Education
Board Peter
Board William Willmet
Boccard A C
Boer War
Bohnock School
Bondi Sydney
Bonnie Ridge Nursery Ermington
Boomerang Theatre
Booth Henry William
Bottle Eva E Mrs
Bourke J H Mrs
Bovard J A
Bowman J
Bowra School
Bowraville Cemetery
Boyce C M
Boyce Charles
Boyce T B
Boyce W B
Bradley Burton
Bray Doctor
Breckenridge Cr
Breckenridge J
Brereton Le Gay Mr
Brews Marion Miss
Bridge G
Bridge Nellie
Bridge S A
Brimstone B Mrs
Brimstone Barton "Barney"
Brimstone Bede
Brimstone brothers
Brimstone Catherine
Brimstone F Miss
Brimstone Florence Miss
Brimstone J
Brimstone J Miss
Brimstone J Mrs
Brimstone James
Brimstone James Jnr.
Brimstone James Mrs
Brimstone Johanna Mrs
Brimstone Johanna Teresa
Brimstone K
Brimstone Lavina
Brimstone Magdalene Sister
Brimstone Mary
Brimstone Miss
Brimstone Mr
Brimstone Mrs
Brimstone N Miss
Brimstone Nellie
Brimstone S Miss
Brimstone T Miss
Brimstone W
Brimstone William
Broad G F
Brock Mr (bandmaster)
Broom Factory Co-op
Brophy James
Brown C
Brown Claude
Brown D Miss
Brown M Miss
Brown Marian
Brown Miss
Brown Mr
Brown Mrs
Brown Olive
Brown T
Brown's Creek
Browse Island Co
Bruce Stanley Melbourne
Brunton Spencer Mrs
Brushy Mountain
Bryant G E
Bryant Mr
Buchanan A
Buchanan Mr
Buchanan Mrs
Buchanan Porter & Co
Buckler J
Buenos Ayres
Bulmer G
Bulmer J
Bungay Bungay
Bunya Bunya
Burgmann Mr
Burke Mary Miss
Burnett A
Burnett Mr
Burns G
Burns J
Burns James
Burrill Creek
Burwood Sydney
Butler Mr
Butterworth Mr
Butterworth R S
Buttsworth James
Byrne Lorna Miss
Byrne Mark Hobson
Byron Bay
Cairns Joseph
Caledonian Society
Calla's Creek ferry
Calov Doctor
Camden Haven
Camden Haven ferry
Cameron D
Cameron G J A
Cameron George John Arnold
Cameron J Mrs
Cameron Mr
Cameron Rita
Cameron William
Campbell brothers
Campbell Donald
Campbell Frank
Campbell Harold
Campbell James
Campbell Jane
Campbell Lorna
Campbell Mr
Campbell Mrs
Campbell Neil
Campbell R
Campbell Sarah
Campling E
Campling Roy
Canvin Elizabeth
Carle Annie
Carle Arthur
Carle C
Carle C E
Carle Charles Mrs
Carle G
Carle G Mrs
Carle George
Carle L
Carle Laura
Carle Maud
Carle Mr
Carle P
Carle Philip Jnr
Carle S
Carle Stan
Carle V
Carle Victor
Carmody Mr
Carpenter Alice Mrs
Carpenter John W
Carpenter Joseph Mrs
Carter Emily Miss
Carter J
Carter James
Carter Miss
Carter Mr
Carter's Creek
Casement Doctor
Casey V
Castle Hill Sydney
Castron Mr
Cattai Creek
Cattai Creek School
Cause Clarence
Cause George
Cause J
Cause J Mrs
Cause Jno
Cause John
Cause Mr
Cawongla Road
Cedar Party
Cedar Party Creek
Celetti F Rev
Chapman G A
Chapman Mr
Chapman T H A
Chapman W P
Chapman William
Chatswood Sydney
Cheshire Alfred
Chevick E Miss
Chevick Miss
Children of Mary Taree
Chilean Nitrate Co
Church of Christ Taree
Churchill Richard
Cicolini Emmanuel
Cicolini Mr
Clarence River
Clark Francis
Clark Janet
Clayton Mr (surveyor)
Clayton Walter
Cleale Edward Captain
Clerke G T
Climate change
Clinch William
Clune Agnes Miss
Clune Ann Mrs
Clune Annie Miss
Clune Augusta Miss
Clune C
Clune Catherine Miss
Clune Cornelius
Clune Cornelius Mrs
Clune D
Clune Edith Miss
Clune Elizabeth Josephine
Clune Elizabeth Miss
Clune Ellen "Nellie" Miss
Clune Ellen Miss
Clune J
Clune J Mrs
Clune J Mrs Jnr
Clune J V
Clune Jack
Clune John
Clune M Miss
Clune Mary
Clune Mary Miss
Clune Mary Mrs
Clune Mary Veronica
Clune Miss
Clune Mr
Clune P
Clune P Mrs
Clune Patrick
Clune Patrick B
Clune Patrick Mrs
Clune Phillip Jnr
Clune Theresa Miss
Clune W
Coady Rev Fr
Coast Hospital Little Bay Sydney
Cohen Samuel
Collins A
Collins Albert
Collins Alice Miss
Collins Allan
Collins Amelia Miss
Collins C H
Collins Catherine Mrs
Collins Charles
Collins Charles Mrs
Collins Eva E Miss
Collins H V
Collins J
Collins James
Collins James Mrs
Collins Julia Miss
Collins Mavis
Collins Mervyn
Collins Minna Miss
Collins Mr
Collins Mrs
Collins Roma
Collins Susanna
Collins Teresa Amelia
Collins Thomas E
Collins Thomas Edward
Collins Thomas Edward Mrs and family
Collins V
Collins V Mrs
Collins Victor
Collins Victor Horace
Collins W
Collins William
Combaning School
Connell M
Connolly Master
Connors Mr
Convery Miss
Cook Charles
Cook J
Cook Joseph
Cook Mr
Coopernook C of E
Coopernook Cemetery
Coopernook House
Coopernook School
Copeland Mr
Cornish H J
Cornish J P
Cornish Mr
Cornwallis Windsor
Country Womens Assoc Restroom
County Clare Ireland
County Down Ireland
County Meath Ireland
Court House Taree
Courtney Captain
Cowan Amy Miss
Cowan D
Cowan David
Cowan M
Cowan Miss
Cowan Sydney
Cox Ann
Cox brothers
Cox Eleanor Jane
Cox Hannah
Cox James Thomas
Cox John
Cox L
Cox Mr
Cox O
Cox R
Cox R Mrs
Cox Robert
Cox Robert Jnr
Cox Sarah
Cox Susannah
Cox Thomas
Cox W
Cox W J
Cox Walter
Cox William Newton
Crane C C
Crane Mr
Creagh Mr
Crittenden child
Crittenden Elizabeth Miss
Crittenden George
Crittenden J
Crittenden James
Crittenden John
Crittenden John Mrs
Crittenden Mary Ann
Crittenden Mary Miss
Crittenden Mary Mrs
Crittenden Michael
Crittenden R
Crittenden Robert
Crittenden Thomas
Croaker Charles
Croaker J
Croaker Mr
Croker Charles G
Croker J
Croker John
Croki boat race
Croki School
Croki-Mitchell's Island ferry
Crosby Mr
Crossman W J
Crowdy Head Lighthouse
Cummins Beatrice
Cummins Captain
Cummins G
Cummins George
Cummins George Doctor
Cummins George Lieut
Cummins George Mrs
Cummins George Sgt
Cummins J
Cummins Jack
Cummins John
Cummins John A Captain
Cummins John A Mrs
Cummins John Henry
Cummins John Mrs
Cummins Mrs
Cummins Nurse
Cummins Nurse Private Hospital - see also Fairview Private Hospital
Cummins Sarah Margaret Mrs
Cummins Victoria
Cundle - see also Cundletown
Cundle C of E
Cundle Company
Cundle Cundle
Cundle Cundle Estate
Cundle Cundle Estate Survey (1870)
Cundle Estate
Cundle Estate Co
Cundle House
Cundle Memorial Hall
Cundle Methodist Church
Cundle Pipe Band
Cundle Plains
Cundle Syndicate
Cundle wharf
Cundle-Oxley Island ferry
Cundletown - see also Cundle
Cundletown Bank of NSW
Cundletown C of E
Cundletown Convent
Cundletown Court House
Cundletown Football Club
Cundletown Manning River Hotel
Cundletown Methodist Church
Cundletown Meth Sunday School
Cundletown Post Office
Cundletown Presby Sunday School
Cundletown Progress Assoc
Cundletown R C Church
Cundletown R C School
Cundletown regatta
Cundletown School
Cundletown School of Arts
Cundletown Telegraph Office
Cundletown Wesleyan Church
Cunningham Alexander
Cunningham S
Cunningham W
Currie F J
Curtayne Doctor
Curtayne Herbert M
Dairy Export Control Act
Dairy Palace Royal Show (England)
Dalton Elizabeth
Dalton Ellen
Dalton Hannah
Dalton J J
Dalton Johanna
Dalton John
Dalton John James
Dalton Lizzie Miss
Dalton Mary
Dalton Mary Mrs
Dalton Mr
Dalton Mrs
Dalton Nellie Miss
Dalton P
Dalton Patrick
Dalton Patrick Jnr
Dalton Patrick Michael
Dalton Patrick Mrs
Dalton Stephen
Dark & Wade
Darling Downs
Darlinghurst Sydney
Darlington England
David Jessie Mrs
Davies L
Davies Mr
Davies P L
Davies P L Mrs
Davis "Jessie" Mrs
Davis Allan "Frank" Mrs
Davis B Mrs
Davis C
Davis Catherine
Davis Charles
Davis Charles Mrs & children
Davis F Mrs
Davis Frank Mrs
Davis G Mrs
Davis George
Davis Jane
Davis Jessie Allan Mrs
Dawson River
Dawson River bridge
Dawson River Cemetery
Dawson River ferry
De Lore W
DeLuxe Motors
Delves A
Delves D
Delves Mr
Delves W
Delves W O
Dempsey brothers
Denison William Thomas Sir
Dennes Gordon
Derham Mr
Diamond D Miss
Diamond W F
Dickenson's Creek wharf
Dillon J
Dimond Francis
Dingo Creek
Dingo Creek School
Docker Wilfred
Dodds A
Donkin Edward
Donnelly Mr
Dorward A
Dorward A Mrs
Dorward Allan
Dorward Andrew
Dorward Andrew Mrs
Dorward B Miss
Dorward Belle Miss
Dorward Captain
Dorward Catherine
Dorward Catherine Jane Miss
Dorward Christina Ellen
Dorward D
Dorward D J
Dorward David
Dorward David James
Dorward Elizabeth
Dorward Ellen Miss
Dorward Frances Miss
Dorward Helen Christian Miss
Dorward Helen Miss
Dorward Isabel Miss
Dorward Isabella Miss
Dorward J C
Dorward Jessie
Dorward Jessie Allan Miss
Dorward John
Dorward John C
Dorward John Campbell
Dorward Mary
Dorward Mary Miss
Dorward Miss
Dorward Mr
Dorward Mrs
Dorward Roy
Dorward Sarah
Dorward Sarah Margaret
Dorward Sarah Margaret Miss
Dorward Sarah Mrs
Doust Ebenezer
Dowling William
Drake Dave
Drew Janet "Jessie" Mrs
Drew John Jasper Mrs
Drummoyne Sydney
Drury A V
Drury A V Mrs
Drury C E
Drury Mrs
Drury W H
Ducat E H
Ducat Mr
Duck Creek Ridges
Duff A
Dumaresq family
Dumaresq Henry Lt-Colonel
Dumaresq Island (boat building)
Dumaresq Island Agricultural Bureau
Dumaresq Island Ag Bureau Cricketers
Dumaresq Island Agricultural Bureau Hall
Dumaresq Island Agricultural Bureau Show
Dumaresq Island Amateur Dramatic Club
Dumaresq Island broom factory
Dumaresq Island Creamery
Dumaresq Island Cricket Club
Dumaresq Island Drainage Union
Dumaresq Island Flower Show
Dumaresq Island Post Office - see also Nirrim Post Office
Dumaresq Island Post Office
Dumaresq Island Progress Assoc
Dumaresq Island Red Cross
Dumaresq Island School

 Dumaresq Island School P & C Assoc
Dumaresq Island Sunday School
Dumaresq Island swamp
Dumaresq Island tide gate
Dumaresq Island wharf
Dumaresq Island wharf charges
Dumaresq Island-Cundletown ferry
Dumaresq Island-Redbank ferry
Dundee Scotland
Dunlop Mr (surveyor)
Durnely Doris
Dyball Herbert
Dyball Mr
Dyball R Jnr
Dyer's Crossing School
Dykes Charles Mrs
Dykes Matilda M Mrs
Eaton brothers
Echlin Richard Boyd Captain
Edwards H
Edwards H C Captain
Edwards Henry "Hawkeye"
Eisteddfod Taree
Elford E S Mrs
Ellenborough Falls hydro-electric scheme
Elliott Lily
Elliott T
Ellis E Mrs
Else A
Else A E
Else E Mrs
Else F Mrs
Emerton Gertrude Grace
Empire Day Dumaresq Island
English Mary Miss
Enmore Girls' School
Erickson Fred
Etaples France
Eureka Brass Band
Evans Isaac
Evans Mr
Evenden Edw
Evenden F Miss
Everingham H J
Everingham Mr
Everingham N
Everingham R N
Everingham S
Everingham S E
Fairfield Sydney
Fairhurst L
Fairview Private Hospital Taree
Falmouth England
Fannin P
Farmers Co-op Society
Farquhar Park
Farquhar-Smith - see also Smith
Farquhar-Smith C Captain
Farquhar-Smith C Mrs & family
Farquhar-Smith Charles
Farquhar-Smith Charles Captain
Farquhar-Smith Charles Commander
Farquhar-Smith Charles Lieut
Farquhar-Smith Charles Lieut Commander
Farquhar-Smith Charles Mrs
Farquhar-Smith Rear Admiral
Farquhar-Smith Vice-Commander
Farrar Ernest Henry
Farrar Mr
Ferkin Miss
"Fermoy Cottage" Maitland
Fern Ridge School
Fernandez S J
"Ferndale" Dumaresq Island
Ferris Miss
Fill G A
Findley F
Findon Creek
Fisher Francis
Fitzgerald J J
Fitzgerald Joseph
Five Dock Sydney
Flanagan W
Flanders Irwin
Flanders Irwin L Mrs
Flanders J C
Flanders Minna Mrs
Flavelle R
Fleming E P
Fleming Mr
Flett Henry
Flett S
Flood - 1857
Flood - 1866
Flood - 1867
Flood - 1870
Flood - 1898
Flood - 1929
Flood - Macleay River
Floradale Nursery Ashfield Sydney
Flying foxes
Foord William
Ford Patrick
Foster A
Foster E Rev
Fotheringham George Mrs
Fotheringham Park Taree
Frank Charles
Frank Herman
Fraser C
Freeman Andrew
Freeman Andrew Mrs
Frost Arthur J Mrs
Frost brothers
Frost Janet Mrs
Frost Jean Miss
Frost O
Fruit fly
Fulljames C
Fulljames Charles
Fulljames Janet
Fulljames Mr
Fulljames William
Gaggin H
Gaggin W
Galligan P
Game Philip Sir
Garrard J
Garstang F D
Garvie Rev
Garvin Miss
Gellas Mr
George Lloyd
Gettens Mr
Ghinni Ghinni
Ghinni Ghinni Creamery
Ghinni Ghinni ferry
Ghinni Ghinni School
Ghinni Ghinni wharf
Gibson Mary
Gibson Miss
Gibson Mr
Gibson Mrs
Gibson S
Gibson S G
Gibson S Jnr
Gibson Samuel
Gibson Samuel family
Gilbert James
Gilbert James Mrs
Gilbert Mr
Gilbert Mrs
Gilbert R
Gill A
Gill Alice A Miss
Gill Andrew
Gill Andrew Mervyn
Gill Arthur
Gill E J
Gill E J Mrs
Gill E James
Gill Edward James
Gill Edward James Mrs
Gill Florence Miss
Gill G A
Gill George A
Gill George Andrew
Gill Jane
Gill L Miss
Gill Laura Miss
Gill M Miss
Gill Mary Louisa
Gill Miss
Gill Mr
Gill Mrs
Gill Muriel Miss
Gill Sarah Jane
Gilmore Roy
Glasgow Scotland
Glebe Sydney
Glenthorne School
Gloucester Primary Producers Union
Gloucester Show
Gobrach & Co
Godbolt W
Gollan T
Goodlet & Smith
Gordon Sydney
Gordon Brothers
Gordon H
Gordon Mr
Gormley Doctor
Govt Asylum for Infirm & Destitute
Govt Herd Testing Assoc
Gow H
Gow K
Grafton Hospital
Graham Annie
Graham E D
Graham John
Graham Mr
Graham Mrs
Graham Virginia
Green Maria
Green Mary A Miss
Green R
Greenwich England
Gregson J R
Gregson John R
Gregson Miss
Gregson Mr
Gregson Mrs
Grevillers Military Cemetery
Guilding Mr
Haberfield Sydney
Haden Brothers
Hair M Mrs
Hair Miss
Hair N
Hall John
Hamilton Mr
Hamilton Robert
Hamilton T
Hamilton T C
Hammond J
Hammond J E
Hammond J K
Hammond Mr
Hanging Rock diggings
Hanson E C
Hanson E O
Hanson Ernest Oswald
Hanson Mr
Hants England
Harrington School
Harris Mr
Harris Sgt
Harrison L S
Harrison Mr
Hastings River
Hastings River Creamery
Hatch Joseph
Hatton Christopher Williams Campion
Haug H
Haug Miss
Hawkesbury Agricultural College
Hawkesbury River
Hawkins Mr
Hawkins R H
Hawkins W C Rev
Hawthorn J
Hawthorn Mr
Hawthorne J
Hawthorne James
Hayes D J
Hayes M Miss
Hayward Catherine Mrs
Hayward P J
Hayward Robert Mrs
Healey Edward
Healey Peter
Healey Thomas
Healy E
Healy T
Hellaby H
Hellaby Mr
Hellaby Mrs
Hellaby S Miss
Henderson C Mrs
Henderson Mr
Henderson Mrs
Heney Miss
Henry W Jno
Hibernian Guild
Highland Society
Hill F W
Hill George Snell
Hill S
Hioge New Guinea
Hoare Pearl Miss
Hodgins Mr
Hogan C
Hogan Dick
Hogan Frank
Hogan Kathleen Hyacinth
Hogan Margaret Geraldine
Hogan Mary Miss
Hogan Patrick J
Hogan Sarah Mrs
Hogan Sgt
Hogarth Mr
Hogg Miss
Hogg Mr
Hogue J A
Holden Alice
Holden G K
Holden J Mrs
Holden Mr
Holder Constance
Holder J
Holder James
Holder Martha
Holder Mr
Holder Mr Snr
Holder Mrs
Hole F G
Hooke A M
Hooke J M
Hopper Lydia Mrs
Hopper R
Hopper W G Mrs
Hopper William G Mrs
Horn Elizabeth Mrs
Horn G M G
Horn J Mrs
Horn M
Horn Miss
Horn R Mrs
Horn Robert Mrs
Hornabrook Anna E J Mrs
Hornabrook Archdeacon
Hornabrook C S Mrs
Hornabrook C S Rev
Hornsby District Hospital
Hoskisson Mr
How James
How Mr
Howard T
Howe Captain
Howse Doctor
Hughes Mr
Hunter River
Hunter River Assoc
"Inglebrae" Temagog
Innes Allan R
Inverness Scotland
Irish Language School Sydney
Italian fishermen
Ixworth Suffolk England
Jackson A
Jackson C A
Jackson Charles
Jackson Mr
Jackson Mrs
Jamieson Will
Jarman Mr
Jenkins Iris
Jenkins Miss
Jenkins Nurse
Jobson G
Jobson Jno
Johns Mr
Johnson Fanny Miss
Johnson H O
Johnson Wilfred
Johnston Charlotte Jane
Johnston Clifford Anning
Johnston Henry Oakes
Jones Amy Miss
Jones D
Jones Dave
Jones George Parker
Jones Horace
Jones Mr
Jones Myee Miss
Jones Nellie Nurse
Jones Robert
Jones T
Jones Thomas
Jones' Island
Josephson & Waugh
Josephson Mr
Juan Fernandez
Karaak Flat
Kazoo Band
Kean D
Kean Mr
Kell A
Kell Allan
Kell Allan Mrs
Kell Amelia Mrs
Kell Catherine Mrs
Kell Cecil
Kell Daisy Miss
Kell Dolly Miss
Kell Mr
Kell Mrs
Kell V Mrs
Kell Victor
Kell Victor Mrs
Kelly Doctor
Kelly J
Kempsey Show
Kendall Cemetery
Kendall Presbyterian Church
Kendall School
Kennedy Miss
Kennedy Mr
Kennedy Mrs
Kennedy W M
Kenny Miss
Kent & Allen's sugar mill
Kent England
Kent Mr
Keough B
Kerkin N
Kerle A
Kerle Mr
Kernahan James
Kernahan Mr
Kidd Roger
Kidd's Hill
Kimbriki School
Kincardine Scotland
King Miss
King Mrs
King Rev
Kirk brothers
Kirkland Doctor
Kirkland Major
Kirkland N
Kite Miss
Knight Mr
"Koala" Kendall
Koppin Yarratt
Kuranda Queensland
Kyogle Agricultural Society
Lackey John
Laing James S Rev
Lake Macquarie
Lambert J
Landrigan Annie Mrs
Landrigan Beatrice Mrs
Landrigan Bridget
Landrigan J
Landrigan John
Landrigan Master
Landrigan Mr
Landrigan P Mrs
Landrigan Tom
Lane B Rev
Langley Beatrice S Mrs
Langley Mr
Langley William Mrs Jnr
Lansdowne Agricultural Bureau
Lansdowne School
Lansdowne Upper
Lapthorne E
Largs Hunter River
Largs School
Laskie Grace Miss
Laskie Miss
Latham Cr
Latham W Mrs
Latham W Rev
Lattimore Mr
Lattimore R
Lawson Florrie Miss
Lawson Henry Captain
le Quiesne Frances Mrs
le Quiesne Geoff Mrs
Lean C
Lean Charles
Ledsam Jeremiah
Lee - see also Redman & Lee
Lee Martha Mrs
Lee Miss
Lee Mr
Lee Mrs
Lee N
Lee R
Lee Robert N
Lee William Mrs
Leggett Noel
Levick A
Levick Ada J Mrs
Levick Alf
Levick Alfred C
Levick Alfred Manning
Levick Alfred Rev
Levick Annie Helena
Levick Cecil
Levick Charlotte
Levick F
Levick G
Levick Henry John
Levick J
Levick James
Levick Leslie
Levick Master
Levick Miss
Levick Mr
Levick S A
Levick W J
Levick William
Levick William James Mrs
Lind Jennie
Lindsay D
Lipscomb Winnie Miss
Lismore High School
Lister Private Hospital Sydney
Little Chaplain
Little V A S Rev
Lobban Miss
Lochinvar Convent
Lodge - GUOOF
Lodge - McLaughlin Good Templars
London England
Longworth A
Longworth Francis
Longworth Isabel
Longworth J
Longworth Mary Ann
Longworth Mr
Loten Mr
Louis E
Love James
Love John
Love Lynn
Love Mary Mrs Snr
Love Mrs
Lulham O Miss
Lund Mr
Lynch J
Lynch's Creek
Lyndon H
Lyndon Henry
Lyon James
Lyon Mr
Macdermott F S
Machin Cr
Mackenzie A
Macksville Butter Factory
Macleay District Hospital
Macleay River
Macquarie Island
Maher Bert
Maher J
Maher Mary Miss
Maher Pat
Maitland Show
Malahide Private Hospital Pennant Hills
Malcolm & Newton
Malcolm A
Malcolm Alexander
Malcolm Alf
Malcolm Alfred Blackford
Malcolm Ann
Malcolm Annie Miss
Malcolm Bob
Malcolm child
Malcolm David Theodore
Malcolm Doctor
Malcolm J
Malcolm J Doctor
Malcolm Jack
Malcolm Jack Doctor
Malcolm James
Malcolm Janet
Malcolm Jno
Malcolm John
Malcolm John Doctor
Malcolm L Miss
Malcolm Louisa Matron
Malcolm Louisa Nurse
Malcolm Lydia Florence
Malcolm Lydia Mrs
Malcolm Marjorie Miss
Malcolm Mary Miss
Malcolm Mary Mrs
Malcolm Miss
Malcolm Mr
Malcolm Mrs
Malcolm Olive Miss
Malcolm R
Malcolm R Mrs
Malcolm Robert
Malcolm Robert Doctor
Malcolm Robert Mrs
Malcolm Sybil Miss
Malcolm William
Malcolm's sugar mill
Mambo Island
Mambo Island School
Mangrove Creek
Mann Mr
Manning C A
Manning Motor Co
Manning River Ag & Hort Assoc
Manning River Co
Manning River Co-op Dairy Co
Manning River Creamery
Manning River District Hospital
Manning River Farmers' Assoc
Manning River Hotel Cundletown
Manning River National Teachers
Manning River Schools Assoc
Manning River Show Society
Manning Shire Council
Marks Mr
Marlee School
Marrickville West School
Marsh Elizabeth Mrs
Martin Eric
Martin Frederick
Martin G
Martin George
Martin John
Martin L O
Martin Master
Martin Mr
Martin Ormsby Mrs
Martin S
Martin Samuel
Masters Mr
Mathers A
Mathers A Mrs
Mathers A W
Mathers A W Mrs
Mathers Alf
Mathers Alfred William
Mathers Alice
Mathers Ann
Mathers Ann Mrs
Mathers brothers
Mathers C
Mathers C Mrs
Mathers Charles
Mathers D Miss
Mathers Doreen
Mathers E Miss
Mathers Elizabeth
Mathers Ellen
Mathers Emily
Mathers Emily Rosina Miss
Mathers Fanny Elizabeth
Mathers Frederick
Mathers George Manning
Mathers Gertrude Grace Mrs
Mathers H Miss
Mathers J
Mathers J T
Mathers J T Mrs
Mathers James
Mathers James Mrs
Mathers James Thomas
Mathers Jane
Mathers Joseph
Mathers Joseph F
Mathers Martha Miss
Mathers Miss
Mathers Mr
Mathers Mrs
Mathers Rosie Miss
Mathers Sarah Elizabeth
Mathers William
Mathers William Henry
Mathers William Mrs
Mathews Charles (sic)
Matraville Sydney
Maund Fanny Mrs
Maund Herbert Mrs
Mayo Hospital
Mayo Wesley Ernest
McAlpin Mr
McArthur Captain
McBride William
McBroom Miss
McCabe Henry
McCann Ellen Mrs
McCann Elsie Miss
McCarthy Mr
McCartney C
McCartney G
McCartney Percy
McCormick Ida Miss
McDermid A
McDermid D
McDonald A
McDonald Annie M Miss
McDonald F
McDonald G
McDonald Miss
McDonald Mr
McDonald W
McDonell A
McDonell Alex
McDonell Allan
McDonell Annie Miss
McDonell Arch
McDonell C D
McDonell Charles
McDonell D A
McDonell D Mrs
McDonell Daniel
McDonell Emily
McDonell J J
McDonell John
McDonell Mary Ann Mrs
McDonell Miss
McDonell Mr
McDonell Robert
McDonell Thomas
McDougall C
McDougall C Mrs
McDougall C W
McDougall Charles
McDougall Mr
McDougall Mrs
McDougall Sophia
McGroder Karolyn
McGuire C
McInnes E Miss
McInnes J
McIntosh Mary Miss
McIntosh William A
McIntyre Jimmy Captain
McKay A D
McKell T
McKenna Constable
McKenzie F
McKinnon Cr
McKinnon Hugh
McKinnon Mary Ann Beaton
McLachlan A
McLachlan I
McLachlan Ivan
McLachlan J
McLachlan John
McLaughlin John Mrs
McLaughlin Mary Mrs
McLaughlin Mrs
McLean Annie Mrs
McLean D
McLean H
McLean Hector
McLean J
McLean K Miss
McLean Mr
McLean Mrs
McLean Patrick Mrs
McLennan A
McLennan A Mrs
McLennan Alex Mrs
McLennan Alex
McLennan Alexander Mrs
McLennan Campbell
McLennan D
McLennan D Miss
McLennan David George
McLennan Donald
McLennan Dot Miss
McLennan F Miss
McLennan Findlay "Ranji"
McLennan Frances Miss
McLennan H
McLennan H D
McLennan John
McLennan John Findlay Cpl
McLennan K
McLennan Keith
McLennan Mary
McLennan Mary Mrs
McLennan Miss
McLennan Mr
McLennan Ross
McLoughlin A
McNamara Mr
McNamara Rev Fr
McPaul Mr
McPherson Catherine Miss
McPherson H
McPherson Hugh
McPherson James
McPherson James Mrs
McPherson Mr
McPhillips M T
McRae Ann Miss
McRae Frank Mrs
McRae Frank S Mrs
McRae Irene M Mrs
Mears Polly Miss
Medlow Bath
Melbourne Hospital
Melmouth Dorothy
Melmouth Miss
Methodist School Hall Taree
Middlebrook Mr
Middlemiss D
Middlemiss J
Military - 10th Regiment of Foot
Miller David
Miller Mr
Milligan J J
Milton Oxfordshire England
Mitchell Mr
Mitchell T L (Surveyor-General)
Mitchell's Island
Mitchell's Island School
Mitchell's Island St Mark's Church
Mitchell's Island-Croki ferry
Moffat Leona
Moffitt Mr
Mondrook School
Montgomery R J
Mooney Annie M Mrs
Mooney Catherine
Mooney Clare Miss
Mooney Connie
Mooney D
Mooney D Mrs
Mooney Don
Mooney Don Mrs
Mooney E D
Mooney E D Mrs
Mooney Edna Miss
Mooney Eileen
Mooney Esma
Mooney J
Mooney J P
Mooney J Percy
Mooney Jack
Mooney James Percy
Mooney James Percy Mrs
Mooney Joe
Mooney Kathleen
Mooney M
Mooney M Mrs
Mooney Margaret
Mooney Margaret Geraldine
Mooney May Miss
Mooney Michael
Mooney Mr
Mooney P
Mooney Patrick
Mooney Percy
Mooney Ray
Mooney Sgt
Moorland School
Moreton Bay
Morley Mr
Morris G B
Morris G E
Morris J
Morris John
Morris Norman
Morton Doctor
Morton George
Morton Mr
Moto Primary Producers Union
Mount George
Moylan family
Moylan John
Moylan Mary
Moylan Miss
Moylan R
Moylan William
Mudford Amy Miss
Mudford H G
Mudford J
Mulcahy Constable
Muldoon Mr
Muldoon W H
Mullen G S
Mullen Mr
Murdoch E
Murdoch G
Murdoch Miss
Murdoch Mrs
Murray Alex
Murray David
Murray E Miss
Murray Hugh
Murray J A
Murray James
Murray Mr
Murray O V
Murray V
Murray V Mrs
Murray Vic
Murray W
Murwillumbah Ag Society
Muscio Allan Doctor
Muscio Edith Miss
Muscio Giesta Miss
Muscio Mary Mrs
Muscio Miss
Muscio Peter
Muscio Peter Mrs
Muscio Wesley
Nabiac Show
Nairn Rev
Nambucca River
Nana Glen
National Hotel Cundletown
Naval College
Navigator Islands
Needs Mrs
Nelson's Plains
New Guinea
New Zealand
Newby A
Newby A J
Newby A J Mrs
Newby A Mrs
Newby Albert Joseph
Newby Beatrice Miss
Newby Charles J
Newby Doris Miss
Newby E J Mrs
Newby Elizabeth Caroline
Newby Elizabeth Miss
Newby Elizabeth Mrs
Newby Ellen Miss
Newby Emily Miss
Newby Eric
Newby G
Newby G Mrs
Newby George
Newby George Mrs
Newby J
Newby Mary
Newby Mary A Mrs
Newby Mary Ann
Newby May Miss
Newby Miss
Newby Mr
Newby Mrs
Newby Mrs & 2 children
Newby T
Newby Thomas
Newby Thomas Mrs
Newee Creek Nambucca Heads
Newport Scotland
Newton & Malcolm
Newton A
Newton A J Miss
Newton Alexander
Newton Alicia
Newton Anna E J Miss
Newton Captain
Newton E Miss
Newton Ellie Miss
Newton Evelyn Augusta Miss
Newton Harold Augustus
Newton Margaret Jane Miss
Newton Mary Alicea Miss
Newton Miss
Newton Mr
Newton Mrs
Newton N Miss
Newton S Miss
Newton Samuel James Hugh Bailie
Newton Sarah Bailie Miss
Newton Sarah Jane
Newton Sarah Jane Mrs
Newton T M
Newton T M Mrs
Newton Victoria Maud Miss
Newton Wilhelmina Catherine
Newton William
Newton William James Edmund
Newtown Sydney
Nicholson Elizabeth Miss
Nicholson John
Nicholson R
Nicholson T
Nirrim Post Office - see also Dumaresq Island Post Office
Nirrim Post Office
Nirrim Stud Poultry Farm Dumaresq Island
Nixon Pearl
Nixon W H
North Coast Co
North Coast Steam Nav Co
North Sea
North Sydney
Northam A
Northam G
Northam Mr
Northampton War Hospital England
Northern Suburbs Crematorium
Northern Territory
Northumberland Hotel Maitland
Norton Agnes Miss
Norton B
Norton C
Norton C Miss
Norton Christina
Norton Claude
Norton J
Norton J Mrs
Norton John
Norton Lily Miss
Norton Mr
Norton Mrs
Norton R Miss
Norton Ruby Miss
Norton Samuel
Norton Samuel Elliot
Norton Sarah
Norton Thomas
Norton Thomas Mrs & child
Norton W
Norton William
O'Brien D
O'Brien Elizabeth Mrs
O'Brien F V
O'Brien Hannah
O'Brien J
O'Brien Jacob
O'Brien Jacob Mrs
O'Brien James
O'Brien K Miss
O'Brien M
O'Brien Mr
O'Brien Mr & family
O'Callaghan O
O'Connor Ann Miss
O'Reilley Canon
O'Sullivan Agnes Mrs
O'Sullivan Edith Mrs
O'Sullivan Patrick Mrs
O'Sullivan Thomas Mrs
Ogden E
Ogilvie Medal
Old Bar
Ormsby-Martin Mr
Ormsby-Martin Mrs
Oxley Island
Oxley Island Agricultural Bureau
Oxley Island School
Oxley Island wharf
Page Earl Doctor
Page Mrs
Paine - see also Payne
Paine A
Paine Alf
Paine Alroy
Paine Charles Mrs
Paine Elizabeth Mrs
Paine K Miss
Paine Miss
Paine Mr
Paine N
Paine Ray
Paine W
Paine W Mrs

Pampoolah - see also Pigeon Grove
Pampoolah - see also Redbank
Pampoolah School
Parker M
Parkes Henry
Patfield S R
Patrick Doctor
Payne - see also Paine
Payne K
Payne Kitty Miss
Payne Miss
Payne Mrs
Payne R
Payne W
Payne W Mrs
Pearson H
Peedom Ann Miss
Peedom C
Peedom Charles
Pelican Manning River
Pelican Manning River School
Pennant Hills
Percival G C Rev
Perrett Cr
Petersen E
Petrie Mr
Phillips Canon
Phillips R H Rev
Pigeon Grove (Pampoolah)
Pinn Mr
Pitt J M
Pitt Mr
Plummer Frank
Plummer John F
Plummer L
Plummer Lester
Plummer M Miss
Plummer Mr
Plummer S
Plummer Samuel
Plummer W
Plummer Walter
Plymouth England
Podmore Miss
Podmore B Miss
Podmore H
Podmore Mrs
"Point Farm" Dumaresq Island
Polson A
Polson C H
Polson Charles
Polson H
Polson Hugh
Polson Mr
Poole Mr (mill)
Poole Mr sugar mill
Port Adelaide
Port Macquarie
Port Macquarie St Thomas' Church
Porter Buchanan & Co
Portsmouth England
Pothier L
Pott's Point Taree
Potts F F
Powell Mr (pilot)
Pratt J T
Pratt Mr
Prendergast Captain
Presbyterian Church of NSW
Presbyterian Sunday School
Price Joseph Mrs
Price Lydia J Mrs
Primary Producers Union
Primary Producers' Bank Sydney
Prince Alfred Hosp Sydney
Pryor Mr
Pulsford Mr
Pulsford Mrs
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen of Holland
Queen Victoria
Queenstown Ireland
Quinlivan A
Quinlivan C
Quinlivan E
Quinlivan J
Quinlivan Jack
Quinlivan John
Quinlivan L
Quinn P Miss
Quinn Paul
Quota Club
Radford Denys Mrs
Radford Euphemia Sydenham Mrs
Railton Doctor
Raleigh Bellinger River
Raleigh School
Ralph Lola Miss
Ralph V J & Co
Randwick Hospital
Rathborne Mr
Rawdon Island
Rawdon St Peter's C of E
Rawson River
Ray W
Reay W S
Reay W S Mrs
Red Cross Society of NSW
Redbank - see also Pampoolah
Redbank - see also Pigeon Grove
Redbank Primary Producers Union
Redman & Lee
Redman Amelia Mrs
Redman C
Redman Cecil Wallis
Redman F
Redman Frank
Redman Frank Mrs
Reed May Miss
Regatta Cundletown
Reinit's Grammar School Mt Victoria
Renton Mr
Richards J T
Richards Reuben
Richardson Annie
Richardson B Mrs
Richardson Basil
 Richardson children
Richardson Daisy Sylvia Mrs
Richardson Ethel Blanche
Richardson Evie Miss
Richardson G
Richardson G Miss
Richardson George
Richardson Gertrude
Richardson Harry
Richardson J B
Richardson K Miss
Richardson Kathleen Miss
Richardson L
Richardson Lillian Miss
Richardson Lily
Richardson Madge Miss
Richardson Margaret Miss
Richardson Miss
Richardson Mr
Richardson Mrs
Richardson R
Richardson Sid Rev
Richardson Sydney
Richardson W
Richardson W Mrs
Richardson William
Richardson William Mrs
Richmond River
Ring G B
Ring G B Mrs
Ritchey Beryl
River Plate
Robb Alex
Robb Allan
Robb Arthur
Robb Fanny Miss
Robb George
Robb George Mrs
Robb H Miss
Robb Hazel Miss
Robb John Rev
Robb L
Robb Lindsay
Robb Lydia J Miss
Robb Miss
Robb Mr
Robb Mrs
Robb Rowland Lindsay
Robb W
Robb W Mrs
Robb William
Roberts Justice Mr
Roberts S C Rev
Robertson Daisy Sylvia Miss
Robertson Mr
Robertson Mrs
Robertson R
Robinson Crusoe Island
Robinson James
Robson A
Robson E
Robson Ida
Rocky River diggings
Rooke Mr
Rookwood Cemetery
Rose H A
Rose S
Rose Stan
Ross F D
Ross L
Ross Mr
Rotherhite London England
Roy Charles Augustus Fitz Sir
Royal Agricultural Society
Royal Australian Navy
Royal Naval College
Royal Naval Reserve
Rudder Matron
Ruprecht G
Rushby V
Russell & Smith reception room
Ryan W
Salter Jno
Salter John
Salter Master
Salter Mr sugar mill
Satter J
Saunders A
Saxby E J
Saxby G Mrs
Saxby George
Saxby Roy William
Scanlan John
Scarff Miss
Scarff Sub-Matron
Scarpa Flow
Scholes G
Scholes Mr
School cleaning
School fees
School of Arts Taree
School sports
Schubert C
Scot's Fair
Scott G
Scott George
Scott Janet Miss
Scott Mary
Scott Mr
Scott's Creek
Scott's Creek ferry
Scribner H G
Sea turtle
Shallow Island
Sharp W
Sharpe William
Shaw Margaret
Shelton Mr
ship - "Aboukir"
ship - "Abyssinian"
ship - "Adelaide"
ship - "Aeneas" (A60)
ship - "Alert" (tug)
ship - "Anzac"
ship - "Australia"
ship - "Banks Peninsula"
ship - "Benalla" (A24)
ship - "Bismark"
ship - "Black Cat" (log punt)
ship - "Bowra"
ship - "Canberra"
ship - "Concord"
ship - "Constance" (launch)
ship - "Coraki"
ship - "Cressey"
ship - "Crompton"
ship - "Drayton George"
ship - "Electra"
ship - "Emden"
Ship - "Emily" (launch)
ship - "Emma Eugenia"
ship - "Emma"
ship - "Englishman"
ship - "Fire King"
ship - "Flora"
ship - "Gleaner"
ship - "Hector"
ship - "Hogue"
ship - "Hornet"
ship - "John Gollan"
ship - "Karuah"
ship - "Lavinia"
ship - "Maianbar"
ship - "Manning Packet"
ship - "Margaret"
ship - "Martha"
ship - "Mary Bannatyne"
ship - "Mary Valentine" (sic)
ship - "Mascotte" (launch)
ship - "Meerinderrie"
ship - "Melbourne"
ship - "Pioneer" (steam launch)
ship - "Premier"
ship - "Promise"
ship - "Queen Mab"
ship - "Racehorse"
ship - "Rachel Cohen"
ship - "Ranger" (tug)
ship - "Rock Lily"
ship - "Sarah"
ship - "Susannah Cuthbert"
ship - "Sydney"
ship - "Terara"
ship - "Tilly May"
ship - "Tuncurry"
ship - "Ulysses" (dredge)
ship - "Vernon"
ship - "Viola"
ship - "Wandra"
ship - "Whampoa"
ship - "Windrush"
ship - "Yankee Jack"
Shire Valuation Court of Appeal
Shoesmith W
Sidebottom School
Simpson H
Simpson Mr
Singer Sewing Machines
Single A
Single A Mrs
Single G
Single G E
Single H
Single R
Single W
Skuse H Rev
Sladdan Jim
Slaney J Snr
Slaney Mr
Slater Lily
Slater Mrs
Slater W
Slyney E
Slyney E Mrs
Slyney Edward
Slyney John
Slyney Sarah Elizabeth
Slyney Thomas
Small Margaret Alicia Miss
Small Rex
Small William
Smith & Goodlet
Smith & Russell reception room
Smith - see also Farquhar-Smith
Smith A
Smith A E
Smith A G
Smith A G Mrs
Smith A M Mrs
Smith A Wallace
Smith Ada J Miss
Smith Albert George
Smith Albert George Mrs
Smith Albert Wallace
Smith Alex
Smith Arthur
Smith Arthur E
Smith Captain
Smith Charles
Smith Charles Farquhar - see also Farquhar-Smith
Smith Charles Farquhar
Smith D
Smith David
Smith Donald
Smith Donald Arthur
Smith Ellen Miss
Smith Euphemia Sydenham Miss
Smith Euphemia Sydenham Nurse
Smith Frank
Smith G A
Smith George Mrs
Smith H
Smith Irene M Miss
Smith John (ship builder)
Smith Kate
Smith Lance "Len"
Smith Lily
Smith Louisa C Miss
Smith Lulu
Smith Lydia C Miss
Smith Lydia F Miss
Smith Lydia Florence Miss
Smith Lydia Miss
Smith M
Smith Maggie
Smith Margaret Alicia
Smith Mary Ann Miss
Smith Matilda M Miss
Smith McRae
Smith Mervyn W
Smith Miss
Smith Mr
Smith Mrs
Smith Mrs & daughter
Smith N Miss
Smith Nelly
Smith R T
Smith Richard T
Smith Robert
Smith Susannah Miss
Smith Theresa Mrs
Smith Tilly
Smith Vivian M Miss
Smith W G E
Smith W J
Smith W Mrs
Smith Wallace
Smith William G E
Smith William George Everingham
Smith William John Captain
Smith William John Mrs
Sotheron Bert
South Passage
Southern Island Exploration Co
Spence Mr
Spencer Doctor
Squires M J E
Squires Mr
St James' Palace England
St Mark's Church Mitchell's Island
St Mary's Church Taree
St Paul's Presbyterian Church Taree
St Paul's Women's Guild Taree
St Peter's C of E Rawdon Island
St Thomas' C of E Cundletown
St Thomas' Church Port Macquarie
Stack C R C Rev
Starkey J Mrs
Starkey Mary Mrs
Steam Packet Hotel Taree
Stein B
Stein B Mrs
Stein Iris
Stein Joyce
Stein Mrs
Steinmetz Mary Mrs
Steinmetz Peter Mrs
Stening H C
Stening Mr
Stevenson A
Stevenson Arthur
Stevenson Beatrice May Mrs
Stevenson Mr
Stevenson Mrs
Stewart J H
Stewart Master
Stewart Mr
Stewart S P Rev
Stewart W
Stewart William
Stiles Mary
Stiles Thomas
Stitt Arline
Stitt J C
Stitt J G
Stitt Mrs
Stitt Neville
Stitt Robert
Stitt W A
Stokes Doctor
Stone Sgt
Street C J
Strickland D Mrs
Strickland David Mrs
Strickland Davis Mrs
Strickland Frances Mrs
Stuart Montgomery
Sugar cane
Sugar mill
Sugar mill - Kent & Allen's
Sugar mill - Malcolm's
Sugar mill - Poole's Mr
Sugar mill - Salter's Mr
Sullivan Captain
"Summer Hill" Dingo Creek
Summerville John
Summerville John Mrs
Suttor F B
Switzer F
Sydenham John S
Sydenham John S Mrs
Sydenham L S
Sydenham Louisa C Mrs
Sydenham Matilda Miss
Sydney Exhibition
Sydney Harmonic Society
Sydney High School
Sydney Hospital
Sydney Royal Show
Sydney Teachers' College
Sydney University
Talbot Mr
Tallong School
Taree Baby Health Centre
Taree Church of Christ
Taree Country Womens Assoc Room
Taree Court House
Taree Eisteddfod
Taree Estate
Taree Estate Agricultural Bureau
Taree Estate Ag Bureau Cricketers
Taree Estate Cemetery
Taree ferry
Taree Fotheringham Park
Taree Golf Club (water)
Taree Half Holiday Cricket Club
Taree High School
Taree Methodist Church
Taree Methodist School Hall
Taree Methodist Sunday School
Taree Military Band
Taree Municipal Council
Taree Olympic Swimming Pool
Taree oval
Taree Police Court
Taree Post Office
Taree Presbyterian Sunday School
Taree Primary School
Taree R C Church
Taree Railway Goods Shed
Taree Rowing & Sailing Club
Taree School
Taree School of Arts
Taree Show
Taree St Mary's R C Church
Taree Town Planning Scheme
Targett Mr
Tassie W Rev
"Tayfield" Dumaresq Island
Taylor A
Taylor Elizabeth Ruth Matron
Taylor's Arm
Telegraph Point
Temagog "Inglebrae"
Teralba Goulburn
Thomas Kathleen Mrs
Thomas Mr
Thomas Mrs
Thomas P B
Thomas P M Mrs
Thomas Percy
Thomas Percy Mrs
Thompson B
Thompson Bert
Thompson W
Thomson Catherine Mrs
Thomson D
Thomson E Deas
Thomson J
Thomson John
Thomson Mr
Thomson W
Thomson W Mrs
Thomson William Mrs
Thomson's building Taree
Thorby H V
Thorby Mr
Thorman Walter
Thurling Mr
Tierney Clara Miss
Tierney F
Tilt Arthur
Tinonee Agricultural Bureau
Tinonee ferry
Tinonee Presbyterian Church
Tinonee School
Tipperary Ireland
Tisdell Elizabeth Mrs
Tisdell Ivy Jane Miss
Tisdell May Miss
Tisdell Roland
Tisdell Walter
Toms F
Treloar J
Treloar Miss
Trotter J Mrs
Trotter Leonard
Trotter Mary Miss
Trotter Mr
Trotter Mrs
Tweed River
Tyrell Bishop
Ultimo Sydney
Unicomb G
Unicomb G L
Unicomb G L Mrs
Unicomb G Mrs
Unicomb Harvey
Unicomb Mervyn
Unicomb Mr
Unicomb Patty
Unicomb Richard
Unicomb W
Victorian gold diggings
Vincent Mr
Vincent Roy Stanley
Wade & Dark
Wadsworth Mr
Wakefield J
Walker A B
Walker A B Mrs Snr
Walker Alexander Binning
Walker Captain
Walker J
Walker John
Walker Mr
Walker Mrs
Walker P Miss
Walker W
Walker W J
Walker W Mrs
Wallace Ann Mrs
Wallace Catherine Miss
Wallace Donald Doctor
Wallace Elizabeth Miss
Wallace Farquhar
Wallace Mary Ann Miss
Wallace William
Wallace William Mrs
Wallamba Lower School
Waller C
Waller Mr
Waller O
Wallis Mrs
Walters Gordon
Ward T
Warrell Catherine Mrs
Warrell James Mrs
Warren Albert Henry
Warren J
Warren John
Warrington F M
Washington Treaty
Water boring
Waters T
Watson A A
Watson Ann
Watson Harry
Watson John
Watson Percy
Wattle Day
Wauchope Show
Waugh & Josephson
Wearne Mr
Wearne W
Webber Valentine
Weber J
Webster Mr
Wellar H
West Indies
Western Australia
Wharf charges
Whatson A
Whatson Cr
Whatson W W
Wherrol Flat
Wherry Ann Mrs
Wherry James
Wherry James Mrs
Whitbread E J
White J F
White James Rev
White Nurse
Whitford A J
Whitford Mr
Whitford Mrs
Whittenten Janet
Whittenton Janet
Whittenten John
Whittenton John
Whyte C Rev
Wicklow Guernsey Stud Dumaresq Island
Wide Bay
Wilcox George
Wilcox Mr
Wilkes A
Williams Laura Miss
Williams Miss
Willis Eric Archibald MP
Willis Mr
Willis Mrs
Willoughby Sydney
Wilson J Bowie
Wilson Mr
Wilson River
Windsor Castle Hotel Taree
Wingham Band
Wingham C of E
Wingham Cricket Club
Wingham ferry
Wingham Memorial Hall
Wingham Pasture Protection Union
Wingham School
Wingham Show
Winship Mr
Woodley Mrs
Woolla Woolla
Woolla Woolla Cemetery
Woolla Woolla School
Wootton T
Wright C
Wright Mr
Wright S
Wrigley Ald
Wynter Albert M Mrs
Wynter D
Wynter G E
Wynter Julia Mrs
Wynter Mr
Wynter William
Yarrington Mr
Yeomans R G
Young F
Young James Henry