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Maitland Mercury 1844 index
  ( alphabetical list of names mentioned )

     Compiled by Rod & Wendy Gow

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A breeder
A bushman
A Christian parent
A country subscriber
A friend
A friend to guardian
A Hunter River wine grower
A shipper
A shopkeeper
A Singletonian
A subscriber
A sufferer
A Sydney merchant
A victim
A vine grower
a'Beckett Mr
a'Beckett Mr Justice
a'Beckett W
a'Beckett William
A'Hern Thomas
Aarons Joseph
Abbott James
Abbott John
Abbott Mr
Abbott T
Abbott Thomas
Abercrombie & Co
Aberdeen Flour Mill
Aberdeen Inn Scone
Aberdeen Inn Upper Hunter
Aberdeen Lord
Abinger Lord
Aboriginal Police
Aborigine Barrabool tribe
Aborigine Bill
Aborigine Black Bob
Aborigine Bobby
Aborigine Booby
Aborigine Bull John
Aborigine Bungaree
Aborigine Clarke Mickey
Aborigine Count Gallagher
Aborigine Crodgy
Aborigine deaths
Aborigine Docto
Aborigine evidence bill
Aborigine Flash Jem
Aborigine health
Aborigine Jack
Aborigine Jackey Jackey
Aborigine Jem
Aborigine Jemmy Nyrang
Aborigine killings
Aborigine King Gorman
Aborigine King Toby
Aborigine Martin
Aborigine Meinigil Jack
Aborigine Mickey Mickey
Aborigine Monday
Aborigine Morang Jack
Aborigine Natty
Aborigine Nyrang Jemmy
Aborigine Paddy Tighe
Aborigine Peter
Aborigine Port Fairy
Aborigine Tom
Aborigine Tombo alias Billy
Aborigine Tombo alias Billy alias Tom
Aborigine Tombo alias Tom alias Bill
Aborigine Tommy - King of Dunmore
Aborigine Tooley
Aborigine Troopers
Aborigine Warrab
Abrahams A
Abrahams Mr
Abrey Edward
Absolute Pardons
Acres Mrs
Adair James
Adams E
Adams Emily
Adams Henry
Adams James
Adams Mr
Adams Mrs
Adams Thomas
Adams William
Adelaide shipping
Africa exploration
Agars Mr
Ahern Thomas
Aherne Thomas
Aikenhead Mr
Aird Mr
Aitken Thomas Rev
Aitken Thomas Rev AM
Akaroa New Zealand
Albert Prince
Albion Inn Sydney
Albion Inn West Maitland
Alcorn Ed.
Alcorn R
Alcorn Richard
Alcorn's Inn Jerry's Plains
Alderson Baron
Alexander George
Alexander Mr
Alford Thomas
Algesiras insurrection
Allan & Co
Allan Arthur
Allan James
Allan James Rev
Allan Mr
Allen Alderman
Allen Charles
Allen John
Allen Mary alias Kelly Mary
Allen Mr
Allen Robert
Allen William
Alleyne Haynes Gibbes
Alliance Assurance Co
Allingham Archibald
Allison William
Allman John
Allport & Roberts
Allport Thomas (of England)
Allstead Mr
Allwood R
Allwright Mrs
Allyn &Upper Paterson   road
Althorn Robert
American Tobacco Manufactory
An elector
An elector of the district
An employer
An inhabitant
An old planter
An old sailor
Anderson & Sinclair
Anderson A
Anderson George Rev
Anderson Mr
Anderson R
Anderson Rev
Andrew Alexander
Andrew J M JP
Andrews & Co
Andrews Alexander
Andrews James Macbrayne
Andrews John
Andrews Mr
Andrews W
Andrews W G
Ane Julia
Angel Inn West Maitland
Anlaby J
Anlaby John
Anlaby Mr
Anlaby's Hotel
Anlaby's Hotel Morpeth
Anlaby's Royal Hotel Morpeth
Anlaby's wharf
Anna Santa
Anniversary celebrations
Anniversary regatta
Anson John
Anstey G A
Anstey G A
Ant (flying) swarms
Antarctic expedition
Anthony James
Anthony Mark alias Edwards Jeremiah
Anthony Mr
Anthony Mrs
Anti Corn Law
Anti Corn Law League
Anti State Church movement
Appin education
Appleton C & Co
Apprentice bill
Appropriation bill
Arayne H O
Archbishop education
Archer William
Archers Messrs
Ark of Peace
Armidale mail
Armitage & Co
Armitage J T
Armitage J T & Co
Armitage James
Armstrong Captain
Armstrong Captain JP
Armstrong George
Armstrong John
Armstrong Mr
Arndell Mr
Arnell Anthony
Arnold Mr
Arnold W M
Arnold W T
Arnold William Mannings
Ashe John Joseph
Asher Joel
Asher Samuel
Ashley William
Ashmore Samuel
Ashton M A
Ashworth John
Aspinall Nicholas
Aspinall Thomas
Aspinwall J
Asquith Samuel
Atkins Benjamin
Atkins Walter
Atkins William
Atkinson Mr
Atlantic to Pacific Ocean canal
Atlas newspaper
Attorney General
Auction Co
Auction Mart West Maitland
Auctioneers bill
August Mr
Aurora Borealis
Aust Society of Ag & Indigenous Arts
Austin Charles
Austin Mr
Australasian Colonial & General Life Assurance
Australian Abstinence & Temperance Society
Australian Agricultural Co
Australian Arms Hotel Parramatta
Australian Auction Co
Australian Brewery Sydney
Australian Floral & Horticultural Society
Australian Inn West Maitland
Australian Jockey Club
Australian Museum
Australian newspaper
Australian settlers
Australian Subscription Library
Australian Trust Co
Avery Elizabeth Ann
Avery Mrs
Ayerst Thomas
Ayrane Mr
Ayres Thomas
Ayton William
Backler Joseph
Bacon Mr
Bacon William
Badcock James
Badgery Mr
Baggot Walter
Bagot Mr
Bagot W
Bailey Edward
Bailey Henry
Bailey James
Bailey Mary Anne Miss
Bailey Mr
Bailey S
Bailey Sam
Bailey Samuel
Bailey Samuel Mrs
Bailey Thomas
Bailie Doctor
Bailiff fees
Baine T
Baines Edward
Baker Charles
Baker Daniel
Baker Edward
Baker Henry
Baker John
Baker John Thomas
Baker Mr
Baker Mrs
Baker William
Bakken William
Baldwell John
Baldwin Henry
Baldwin Mr
Baldwin W
Ball Thomas
Ball William
Ballard Jonathan
Ballard R
Ballard Robert
Ballard's Inn Lochinvar
Balls Robert
Balmain education
Balmain land sales
Banan William
Bank charter bill
Bank of Australasia
Bank of Australasia East Maitland
Bank of Australasia Maitland
Bank of Australasia Sydney
Bank of Australia
Bank of Australia Parramatta
Bank of Australia property bill
Bank of Australia Richmond
Bank of Australia shares bill
Bank of Australia Sydney
Bank of Australia Windsor
Bank of England
Bank of NSW
Bank rates
Bank savings
Banks G
Banks George MP
Barings Messrs
Bark export
Barker Bridget
Barker George
Barker James
Barker John
Barker Jonas
Barker Mr
Barker T JP
Barker Thomas
Barker William
Barket Charles
Barlow Billy
Barnard Edward
Barnard Mr
Barnard Thomas
Barnes John
Barnes Mr
Barnes Patrick
Barnes Thomas
Barnett George
Barnett H
Barnett Jonathan
Barnett Mr
Barnett Samuel
Barnett William
Barney Colonel
Barns Richard
Barrabool Hills
Barrett Mr
Barrett Richard
Barrier Reef
Barry Dennis
Barry James
Barry John
Barry Mr
Bartie Mr
Bartley Richard
Bartley William
Barton John
Barton William
Barwin grasshoppers
Bason James
Basset Captain
Bassett Captain
Bassett Samuel
Batch James William
Bateman John
Bathurst auctioneers fees
Bathurst bridge
Bathurst bushranger
Bathurst Circuit Court
Bathurst Court of Requests
Bathurst district
Bathurst District Council
Bathurst education
Bathurst flood
Bathurst gaol
Bathurst hail
Bathurst hospital
Bathurst School of Arts
Bathurst squatting regulations
Battley Robert
Baxwell Mary Ann
Bayless Samuel
Bayley H
Bayley N P
Bayley William
Bayly N P
Beale John
Beames W
Bean Joseph
Bean Patrick
Bean Willoughby
Bear & Son
Bear Mr
Beardmore Doctor
Beatrew Sireuf
Beatson Robert
Beatson's Hotel Blackwattle Swamp
Beattie & Taylor
Beattie J F
Beattie James F
Beattie Mr
Beattie Mrs
Beaver Mr
Beck James
Becke Fred
Becke Frederick
Becke George
Becke Henry
Becke Mr
Becke Mrs
Beckett Isaac
Beckett J
Beckett Mr
Beddeck Mr
Bedford Duke of
Bedford E S
Bedlam ferry
Bedwell Mr
Bedwell Mr RN
Bee Hive
Bee keeping
Beef boiling down
Beef salted
Belcher Mr
Belcher T C
Belfast Port Fairy
Belfour George
Bell A
Bell A JP
Bell Archibald
Bell Charles Sir
Bell Elizabeth
Bell Ellen
Bell James
Bell Lady
Bell Mr
Bell Mrs
Bell Thomas
Bell W
Bell W G
Bell William George
Bell's Life in Sydney & Sporting Reviewer Newspaper
Bell's Weekly Messenger newspaper
Bellamy James
Bellerby Henry
Bellers Patrick
Ben Bullen boiling down works
Bendell's Wharf
Bendixon Biarme
Benefit Society
Benevolent Asylum
Bengalla boiling down works
Bennet William
Bennett E
Bennett Edward
Bennett Francis
Bennett Mr
Bennett Patrick
Bennett Robert
Benney Mr
Benson Mr
Bentick G Lord
Beresford Richard
Bergin Timothy alias May
Berkman Marcus
Berrie & Tinson
Berrie & Underwood
Berrie A
Berrie Mr
Berriger George
Berrima bridge
Berrima Circuit Court
Berrima Court House
Berrima Court of Requests
Berrima district
Berrima District Council
Berrima education
Berrima gaol
Berrima hospital
Berrima Police Office
Berrima Presbyterian Church
Berry A
Berry Mr
Berry Park boiling down works
Berry Thomas
Besborough Earl of
Beterage James
Better government for NSW bill
Betteridge John
Bettington J B
Bettington James Brindley
Bettington Mr
Betts & Panton
Beveridge John
Bevin John
Bhurr stone
Bicknell J
Bicknell R
Bicknell W
Biddulph Ann
Biddulph Captain
Biddulph Mr
Biddulph Simon
Big Boree Swamp
Big River flood
Big River grasshoppers
Binder Mr
Bingham Mr
Bingle John
Bingle Mr
Birch Thomas
Bird Joseph
Bird Robert
Bird Samuel
Bird William
Birmingham Town & District Banking Co
Birnstingl & Co
Birrell James
Bishop of Adelaide education
Bishop of Australia
Bishop's Bridge
Black Andrew
Black Creek
Black Creek hail
Black Creek Hotel
Black Creek news
Black Creek pound
Black Creek publicans licenses
Black Creek robbery
Black Creek to Maitland road
Black Doctor
Black Horse Hotel East Maitland
Black Horse Inn
Black Mr
Black Neil
Blackett George
Blackman George
Blackman J
Blackman Mr
Blackwood Margaret
Blain Mr
Blain Rev
Blain Robert Rev
Blair Mr
Blair Thomas
Blake Henry
Blake Mr
Blakeney Thomas Private
Blaker Henry
Bland Doctor
Bland Joseph
Bland Mr
Bland Mr MC
Bland W MC
Bland William
Blandford C
Blandford Charles
Blandford Mr
Blanford Morgan Dove
Blanthson J
Blaxland A
Blaxland Arthur
Blaxland C
Blaxland G
Blaxland George
Blaxland Harriet Mary
Blaxland J
Blaxland J MC
Blaxland J Snr MC
Blaxland John
Blaxland Mr
Blaxland River
Blaxland's Valley
Blewitt John
Blick Doctor
Blick J W Penn
Blick Mr
Blight or Opthalmia
Bloomfield T V
Bloxsome Captain
Bloxsome O
Bloxsome Oswald
Blue Book
Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains road
Bluford John
Blundell George
Blundell John
Blundell Mary alias Smith
Blunder George
Boar's Head Hotel Sydney
Bogan J
Boggs R
Boiling down works
Bolan John
Boland Owen
Bolger Miss
Bolser George
Bolter George
Bolton J C
Bolton Mr
Bolton R T Rev MA
Bolton Rev
Bolton William
Boltwood Mary
Bomfin Baron
Bonner Robert
Bonny J
Boot Doctor
Booth Mr
Border Police
Border Police quarters
Boroughs Marmaduke
Bosher Daniel
Bossley J B
Bossley John
Bossley L Miss
Bossley Miss
Bossley Mr
Botanical Gardens Sydney
Boucher Frederick
Boughton J H
Boughton John Herring
Boughton Mr
Boulcott Mr
Boulter George
Boulton E B
Boulton William
Bounty immigrants
Bourke District Council
Bourke Governor
Bourke Police Magistrate
Bourke R Sir
Bourke R Sir Governor
Bourke Richard Sir
Bourke ward education
Bourne Michael
Bourne Mr
Bourne R
Bowan Captain
Bowden Mr
Bowden T W
Bowdley George
Bowen Captain
Bowen Mrs
Bowen William
Bowen William Snr
Bower R L
Bowker Doctor
Bowker R S Doctor
Bowman Charles
Bowman Doctor
Bowman George
Bowman James
Bowman James JP
Bowman Mr
Bowman W MC
Bowman William
Bowyer William
Boyce H
Boyce Mr
Boyd & Co
Boyd Archibald
Boyd B
Boyd Benjamin
Boyd J
Boyd James
Boyd Mr
Boyd Thomas
Boyd William
Boydell Charles
Boydell Charles JP
Boydell Charles PM
Boydell Mr
Boydell William Barker
Boydell's tobacco
Boyle Jane Miss
Boyle Mr
Boyle Mrs
Boyne J D
Boyne L
Boyne Lachlan
Boyne Mr
Brackenreg James
Brackenreg Mr
Braddell Mr
Bradford James
Bradish Mr
Bradish Timothy
Bradley Mr
Bradley William
Bradridge William
Brady James
Brady John
Brady Mathew
Brady Mr
Bragge Constable
Braidley Richard
Braidwood district
Braidwood education
Braidwood Mr
Braim Edwin
Braim T H
Bramwell Mr
Branagan Edward
Branagan Mr
Branker Captain
Brannigan Mr
Brebner J
Brenan John
Brenan Mr
Brenan Ryan
Brennan J
Brennan John
Breton Louis
Brett William
Brewer George
Brewster David Sir
Bridekirk Joseph
Bridekirk Master
Bridekirk Mr
Bridekirk William Storey
Bridge Benjamin
Bridge George
Bridge James
Bridge John
Bridge Joseph
Bridge Thomas
Bridges & Roads
Briellat Mr
Brien John
Brierley John
Brierly James
Brigg William
Briggs James
Briggs John
Brisbane Benevolent Society
Brisbane Crown land
Brisbane education
Brisbane Presbyterian Church
Brisbane South wharf
Brisbane ward
Brisbane ward education
Brisbane Water
Brisbane Water district
Brisbane Water District Council
Brisbane Water education
Brisbane Water pilot
British & Foreign Loan Co
British Association
British Critic
Britton William
Broad Robert
Broad William
Broadhurst Edward
Broadhurst Mr
Brockstead family
Brodie & Craig
Brodie Chief Constable
Brodie Mr
Brodie P
Brodie Peter
Brodziak & Davis
Broodey Mrs
Broodey Thomas
Brook Rouchel
Brooke Matthew
Brooke W
Brookes Captain
Brooks Doctor
Brooks G
Brooks George
Brooks Robert
Brooks Thomas
Brooks W
Brooks William
Brophy Michael or Connolly
Brougham Lord
Broughton Alderman
Broughton Alderman JP
Broughton Mr
Broughton Parish occupation licenses
Broulee district
Brown & Alcorn
Brown & Co
Brown A
Brown A Campbell
Brown Alexander
Brown Andrew
Brown Anne alias Reynolds
Brown C L
Brown C L JP
Brown Captain
Brown Crawford Logan
Brown David
Brown E Master
Brown Eliza
Brown George
Brown H H
Brown Henry
Brown Isaac
Brown J
Brown J & Co
Brown J JP
Brown J Master
Brown J PM
Brown James
Brown James Master
Brown John
Brown John alias 'Jack the Sailor'
Brown John alias Provost Ambrose
Brown John Henry
Brown John Master
Brown Joseph
Brown Mr
Brown Mrs
Brown R Master
Brown T Master
Brown the Frenchman
Brown Thomas
Brown Thomas & Co
Brown Thomas Storrow
Brown William
Brown William Doctor
Brown's Paterson Inn Paterson
Browne Doctor
Browne Hutchinson Hothersall
Browne J
Browne John
Browne Mr
Browne R H
Brownrigg J S MP
Bruat Captain
Bruce John
Brunell Elizabeth alias Clarke
Brunell Mr
Brunker James Nixon Master
Brunker Mary Ann
Bryan Mrs
Bryant Mr
Bryant Mr
Bryant William
Bryham Richard
Brynes Mr
Bucckeugh Duke of
Buchanan & Co
Buchanan Doctor
Buchanan Dougall
Buchanan Mr
Buck's Head Hotel West Maitland
Buck's Head Inn West Maitland
Buckingham J S
Buckle H
Buckley Catherine
Buckley Jeremiah
Buckley Mr
Buckley Tim
Bucknell W W
Bucknell William
Buckwell Charles
Bude light
Bulga road
Bull Charles
Bull John
Bull Richard
Bulwer H Lytton
Bunce James
Bungonia district
Bunn Jeremiah
Bunn Mr
Bunn Mrs
Burchell James
Burchett Mr
Burdekin & Hawley
Burdekin Mr
Burdekin Thomas
Burdett Francis Sir
Burdett Lady
Burdett Mr
Burge Mr
Burgess George
Burgess J
Burgess John
Burgess Joseph
Burgess Mr
Burgess William
Burgin Denis
Burial ground sites
Burk William
Burke Catherine Miss
Burke John
Burke Mary Ann
Burke Mr
Burke Thomas
Burley William
Burlorson E
Burne John
Burnett Gilbert Rev
Burnett John Major General
Burnett Thomas RN
Burnett William
Burnfoot Linton
Burns Henry
Burns J
Burr Thomas
Burton Bradley
Burton Judge
Burton Justice
Burton Mr Justice
Burton William Westbrooke
Burwood education
Busby A
Busby James
Busby Messrs
Busby Mr
Busby W
Bush Inn Black Creek
Bushby Mr
Bushe Mr
Bushelle Mrs
Bushranging act continuation bill
Butler E M
Butler Mary
Butler Michael
Butler Mr
Butterwick Court House
Butterwick education
Buttery John
Button Charles
Button John
Button Mr
Button Thomas
Buxton Mr
Bylong Creek occupation licenses
Byrne Elizabeth
Byrne James
Byrne John
Byrne Maria
Byrne Michael
Byrnes J
Byrnes Mr
Byrnes Thomas
Byrnes W
Byrtrand Mr
Byrtrand Mr
Caddel Mary
Cadden Mr
Cadell J J MD
Cadell Mr
Caffrey James
Caffrey Matthew
Cagney Thomas
Cahill J
Cahill James
Cahill Mr
Cain Captain
Cain Mrs
Cain William
Caldwell John
Caldwell Mr
Calett William
Caley Mr
Caley Thomas alias Quealy
Calhoun Mr
Callaghan Bridget
Callaghan Edmund B O
Callaghan Hotel
Callaghan Jeremiah
Callaghan John
Callaghan Mr
Callaghan Standish
Callaghan Thomas
Camden Court House
Camden Court of Petty Sessions
Camden District Council
Camden education
Camden Police
Camden Police Office
Camden Rural Police
Cameron Captain
Cameron E W
Cameron F Rev
Cameron Mr
Cameron Rev
Camoys Lord
Campbell & Co
Campbell A E
Campbell Alexander
Campbell Archibald
Campbell Colonel
Campbell D
Campbell D MD
Campbell Doctor
Campbell Duncan
Campbell Francis
Campbell George
Campbell Hill & Co
Campbell J A
Campbell Jessy
Campbell John
Campbell Mr
Campbell Mrs
Campbell R
Campbell R Jnr
Campbell R Jnr & Co
Campbell Robert
Campbell T
Campbell T Mrs
Campbell Thomas
Campbelltown Ag Show  (VDL)
Campbelltown District Council
Campbelltown education
Campbelltown Police
Canada corn bill
Canada news
Canadian exiles
Canadian fires
Canavan Michael
Cane William
Cane William Mrs
Caneen Mr
Caneen Mrs
Canhan William
Cannon balls
Cantwell Pierce
Cape Cleveland
Cape Gloucester
Cape Hawke
Cape Mr
Cape of Good Hope
Cape Upstart
Capel D
Capel Mr
Capell D
Capp Thomas
Capper E P
Capper Edward P
Capper John H
Capper Mr
Capper R P
Carcoar district
Cardigan Earl of
Careless Miles
Carey John
Carlile Doctor
Carlisle Earl of
Carlos Don
Carlton Club
Carman John
Carmichael Henry
Carmichael Mr
Carpenter John
Carr George
Carr John
Carrington Mr
Carrol John
Carroll Mr
Carruthers Jno F
Carruthers Mr
Carson Mr
Carsons John
Carter William
Carters Barracks clock
Cartwright Robert Marsden
Carty John
Carvallo Maria De la Cruz
Case Thomas
Casey Michael
Cash Mr
Cashmore J
Cashmore Mr
Cashwell Mr
Cassels Mr
Cassidy John
Cassilis Court House
Cassilis Court of Petty Sessions
Cassilis district
Cassilis mail
Cassilis quit rents
Cassy Thomas
Castle Hill education
Castle Mr
Castlereagh education
Castles J F
Castles John
Castles Mr
Caswell J
Caswell William
Catalini Madame
Cataract & Supply mills
Catarrah in sheep bill
Cathrow Charles
Cattle - Devon
Cattle - Durham
Cattle - Hereford
Cattle - Marsden's poley breed
Cattle brands
Cattle hides
Cattle slaughter
Cauham William
Cavenagh Mr
Cavenor Charles
Cayton Thomas
Cemetery sites
Census Port Phillip
Chadbourn Robert
Chalker Mr
Chalmers Doctor
Chamberlain George
Chambers J
Chambers Joseph
Chambers Mr
Champain John
Champain John Snr
Chandillon Peter
Chandler William
Chands C
Chapman John
Chapman Mathew
Chapman Matthew
Chapman Mr
Chapman Mrs
Chapman Noel Chief Constable
Chapman W
Chapman W H
Chapman William
Charley Mr
Charlock William
Charlton Mr
Cheek Mr
Cheeke A
Cheeke Alfred
Cheeke Mr
Cheetham L
Chichester River occupation licenses
Chief Justice
Child Charles alias John
Child John alias Charles
Child Knox
Childs Major
China - England treaty
China Embassy
China England treaty
China Govt
China news
China trade
Chinery William
Chisholm C
Chisholm Mrs
Chivers G
Chivers George
Chivers Henry
Chowne T
Chowne W H
Chrichton Constantine Talbot
Christian John
Christian Mr
Christian S M
Christie Major
Church grants
Church John
Church Missionary Society New Zealand
Church of England schools
Church of Scotland
Church sites
Circular Head Episcopal Church
Circular Quay
Circular Quay wharfage bill
City Theatre Sydney
Clancy John
Clarence Inn Clarence Town
Clarence River squatting regulations
Clarence Town
Clarence Town  lockup
Clarence Town mail
Clarence Town news
Clarence Town punt
Clarence Town races
Clark C M
Clark Jesse
Clark Jonathan
Clark Mr
Clark W
Clark William
Clarke Archibald
Clarke Charles
Clarke Charles Miller
Clarke Edward George
Clarke Elizabeth alias Brunell
Clarke Ellen
Clarke J S
Clarke James
Clarke John
Clarke John S
Clarke Joseph
Clarke Mr
Clarkson Thomas
Clay William
Clearing leases
Clements Charles
Clerk's Benefit Society
Cliff Samuel
Clifford John
Clifford Miss
Clifford Mr
Clifford Robert
Clift James
Clift Mr
Clift S
Clift Samuel
Clifton Mary Ann
Clifton Mr
Clish John
Close E C
Close Mr
Cloth manufacture
Clough George
Clow Samuel
Clyne John
Coach 'The Lion'
Coal tar
Cobb H
Cobb J
Cobcroft John Jnr
Cobcroft John Snr
Cobden Mr
Cobden Richard
Cochrane B
Cochrane Doctor (late)
Cocker Samuel & Sons
Coggan Village occupation licenses
Coghill Captain
Coghill Mr
Coghlan Mr
Cohen & Levein
Cohen David
Cohen G
Cohen H J
Cohen Henry J
Cohen Mr
Cohen P J
Cohen P J Mrs
Cohen Philip Joseph
Cohen S J
Cohen Sam
Cohen Samuel
Cohen Simeon
Cokeler William
Colbron J H
Colclough William
Cole G W
Cole G W Captain
Cole Thomas
Cole William
Coleman Denis
Coleman Doctor
Coleman William P
Colfax Abraham
Colgan Matthew
Coll Thomas
Collar Manuel
Collaroy to Moreton Bay
Colley Henry
Collier James
Collins John
Collins Mary
Collins Mrs
Collins R
Collins Thomas
Colman W A
Colonial Agent General
Colonial Architects Dept
Colonial Bank
Colonial Distilleries Department
Colonial Literary Journal newspaper
Colonial Observer newspaper
Colonial Secretary
Colonial Storekeeper's Department
Colonial Treasurer
Colonial Tweed Warehouse
Colquhoun G
Colton G C
Colton Mr
Combe William
Comerford Master
Comerford Mr
Comerford Mrs
Commander of the Forces
Commercial Bank
Commercial Bank Goulburn
Commercial Bank Maitland
Commercial Bank Sydney
Commercial Bank West Maitland
Commercial Bank Windsor
Commercial Tavern Newcastle
Compton S
Concord education
Condell Mr
Condell Ousley
Conditional Pardon
Condon Julia
Condon William
Conell John
Connecting Ridge
Connell Brian
Connell Bryan
Connell John
Connell Mrs
Conner James
Connolly Captain
Connolly Michael or Brophy
Connor J
Connor Jno
Connor John
Connor Mr
Connor Timothy
Connor W
Connors Margaret
Connors Margaret or Puddy Margaret
Conolly Captain
Conran John
Constitution of the Legislature
Content Hotel East Maitland
Convict assignment
Convict executions
Convict labour
Convict mutiny
Convict transportation costs
Convicts (Canadian)
Convicts Norfolk Island
Conway Thomas
Cook Benjamin
Cook Captain
Cook Eliza
Cook Mr
Cook Mrs
Cook S W
Cook T
Cook T JP
Cook Thomas
Cook Ward education
Cook's River dam
Cook's River education
Cooke William
Coolidge Mr
Coomer Benjamin
Coond Captain
Coonford James
Cooper Christopher
Cooper Henry
Cooper Jane
Cooper Joseph
Cooper Mr
Cooper R & Co
Cooper R Snr
Cooper Rev
Cooper Robert Snr
Cooper Thomas
Cooper William
Cooper's Distillery
Cooyal Creek
Cope Joseph
Cope Mr
Copeland Sophia
Copper ore
Corbett Mrs
Corcoran John
Corinda boiling down works
Corio jetty
Corless Mr
Cormick John
Corn law
Cornelious Mrs
Cornelious Mrs Hotel
Corner William
Cornish E B
Cornish James
Cornish Mr
Cornwall Insurance Co
Corrie C A
Cory E J
Cory G
Cory Gilbert
Coser Thomas
Costella Valentine
Costello William
Cott James
Cott Mary
Cottage of Content Hotel East Maitland
Cotter Patrick
Cotter Richard
Cottrell L
Cottrell Robert
Coubro Captain
Coulson Thomas (late)
Coulston Elizabeth
Coulter Irvine
Coulter John
Coulter Mr
Coulter Ross
Coultman Thomas
Coulton Mr
Counterfeit money
County of Camden
County of Cumberland electors
County of Durham electoral lists
County of Northumberland
Couraby Matthew
Courahy Matthew
Court of Quarter Sessions
Court of Queens Bench
Court of Requests
Court of requests bill
Court witnesses
Courtenay Edward
Covent Garden
Coveny R
Cowley C G Captain
Cowley George
Cowlishaw Mr
Cowpasture bridge
Cowpasture flood
Cowpasture River bridge
Cowper C MC
Cowper Charles MC
Cowper Mr
Cowper Mr MC
Cox Charles
Cox Creek
Cox Denis
Cox Edward
Cox Francis
Cox G
Cox H
Cox Henry
Cox J
Cox James
Cox John H
Cox Miss
Cox Mr
Cox R H
Cox Rev
Cox T B
Cox Thomas B
Cox Thomas inn Singleton
Cox William Snr
Cox's Hotel East Maitland
Cox's Hotel Patrick's Plains
Cox's Hotel Singleton
Cox's Inn East Maitland
Cox's Inn Singleton
Coxen Charles
Coxen Mr
Coxen S
Coxen Stephen
Coxen Stephen (late)
Coyle Mr
Crabtree Mr
Craft William
Cragg Daniel
Crampton J Master
Crane J
Cranfield Mary
Crary Timothy
Crawford & Macdowell
Crawford Captain
Crawford Constable
Crawford Mr
Crawford T
Crawford T Councillor
Crawford Thomas
Crawley William alias Holland
Credland Alfred Master
Credland George Master
Creed Thomas
Creely Francis
Cremen David
Cremin Mr
Creswell Mr Justice
Crichton & Polhill
Crichton Constantine Talbot
Crisp George
Crisp James
Critchley Mrs
Crittenden John
Crittenden Robert
Croad Captain
Croaker Charles
Croasdill W
Croasdill William
Crockford W
Croft Joseph
Crofton C J
Crofton Mr
Cronan Timothy
Cronk George
Crop : Acres in cultivation
Crop : Arable land
Crop : Barley
Crop : blight
Crop : Bunya or Bread Fruit
Crop : Cape barley
Crop : caterpillar damage
Crop : Corn
Crop : Corn 90 day
Crop : Corn Cobbetts
Crop : Corn100 day
Crop : Cotton
Crop : Cucumber
Crop : English barley
Crop : Figs
Crop : Flax
Crop : Flour
Crop : Fruit trees
Crop : Grain
Crop : Grapes
Crop : Hay
Crop : Hops
Crop : Indigo
Crop : Kelp
Crop : Linseed
Crop : Liquorice
Crop : Lucerne
Crop : Maize
Crop : Maize 100 day
Crop : Manure
Crop : Millet
Crop : Mustard
Crop : Nectarine
Crop : Oatmeal
Crop : Olives
Crop : Orange
Crop : Peaches
Crop : Peaches - Royal George
Crop : Ploughing
Crop : Potato
Crop : Rape
Crop : Red Clover
Crop : Rhubarb
Crop : Rye
Crop : Sainfoin
Crop : seeds
Crop : Strawberries
Crop : Sugar
Crop : Sunflower
Crop : Tares
Crop : Tobacco
Crop : Turnip Swedish
Crop : Turnip White
Crop : Vegetable
Crop : Vine
Crop : Vines
Crop : Wheat
Crop : White Clover
Crop : Wine
Cropper & Bryan
Cropper Mr
Crosby Andrew alias Moran
Cross Councillor
Cross Keys Inn West Maitland
Cross Mr
Cross Robert
Crossing James
Crossing Mr
Crossing Mrs
Crossley Mr
Crother Godfrey
Crothers Thomas
Crouch Miss
Croughan Patrick
Croughlin Michael
Crown & Anchor Hotel Morpeth
Crown Hotel Melbourne
Crown land
Crown land New Zealand
Crown land regulations
Crown lands bill
Crown lands commissioners
Crown lands grievance committee
Crown lands occupation bill
Crownshaw John
Crozier Captain
Crummer Catherine Jane
Crummer J H
Crummer J H JP
Crummer James Henry
Crummer James Henry Major JP
Crummer Major
Crummer Major JP
Crummer Major PM
Crump George
Cubitt Mr
Cullen Mr
Cullen Owen
Cullen R Master
Cullen T
Cullen T H Master
Cullen Thomas
Cullen's Hotel Singleton
Cullen's Inn Singleton
Cullum Captain
Cully Patrick
Culture & Curing of Tobacco
Cumming Mr
Cummings Mr
Cummins Mr
Cummins Mr & Mrs
Cummins R P
Cummins' Hotel West Maitland
Cunningham J
Cunningham Mr
Cunninghame Mr
Curr E
Curr Edward
Curr Mr
Curr W H
Curry Martin
Curry Mr
Curtain Mary
Curtis G
Curtis George
Curtis Mr
Cushing William
Customs bill
Customs Department
Customs duty bill (NZ)
Customs laws
Cutler Benjamin
Cutler Samuel
Cutts Mr
Cutts Mrs
Cutts Rebecca
Cutts Robert
Cutts Thomas
Cutts William
d'Angoulene Duke
d'Este Augustus Sir
d'Este Sir
Dade Robert the younger
Dalby Mr
Daley Barnard
Daley Charles
Daley Joseph
Dalgarno James
Dalhousie Lord
Dallas Captain
Dally Mr
Dalmas Mr
Daly E J
Daly E J Mrs
Daly Edw J
Daly Edward D
Daly J L
Daly Mr
Daly W
Dalzell James
Dalzell Mr
Dalzety Mr
Dana Captain
Dandenong flood
Danford Elizabeth
Dangar F H Master
Dangar H
Dangar Henry
Dangar Mr
Dangar T
Dangar Thomas
Dangar W
Dangar William
Dangerfield James
Daniel Henry
Darbyson James
Darbyson John
Darbyson Mary
Darick Joseph
Dark Stephen
Darling Brewery
Darling Downs
Darling River
Darlinghurst gaol
Darlington to Stockton railway England
Darvall J B MC
Darvall Mr
Davey Mrs
Davidson & McKinnon
Davidson Anthony
Davies Eliza
Davies J J
Davies John
Davies M J
Davies Michael John
Davies Mr
Davies T
Davies William
Davieson Mr
Davis Ann
Davis Catherine
Davis creek
Davis David
Davis J M
Davis James
Davis James alias Robinson
Davis John J
Davis John Martin
Davis Mr
Davis N
Davison Mr
Davison Samuel
Davy Doctor
Davy Mrs
Dawes William
Dawson & Co
Dawson & Selby
Dawson Doctor
Dawson Mary
Dawson Mr
Dawson R
Dawson R B
Dawson R B JP
Dawson Richard
Dawson Robert
Dawson Robert Barington
Day Captain
Day Captain JP
Day E D
Day E D JP
Day E D PM
Day Edward D
Day Edward Denny
Day H
Day H J JP
Day Henry James
Day Mr
Day William
de Bode Baron
De Bordeaux Duc
de Grey Earl
de Grey Lord
de Joinville Prince
De Menours Duc
de Mestre Mr
de Mestre P
De Metz A L
de Rothsay Stuart Lord
Dea Thomas
Dearlove Thomas
Deaths in London
Deddy William
Dee Charles
Dee Mr
Dee T
Dee Thomas
Delaney Benjamin
Delany Fenton
Dempsey Island
Dempsey Mr
Denison Henry
Dennie Messrs
Dennis Henry
Dennison A
Dennison Alfred
Dent George
Denton Captain
Depasture of Crown land
Depasturing regulations
Derby Earl of
Derby horse races
Derevane Michael
Derwent Bank
Desmond Jeremiah
Desmond William
Despard Richard
Deuchar John
Devine Phillip
Devlin Arthur
Devlin James
Dewell James
Dewell T
Dewsnap Ellen
Dick John
Dick Mr
Dickenson John Node
Dickenson Judge
Dickinson John Nodes
Dickinson Mr Justice
Dickson A
Dickson D
Dickson D & J
Dickson D Mrs
Dickson David
Dickson J
Dickson James
Dickson John
Dickson Mr
Dickson Mrs
Dickson Samuel
Dieckman John Henry
Dight G
Dight Hannah
Dight Mr
Dight S
Dight S B
Dignum Lawrence
Dignum Mr
Dillon John
Dillon Johnny
Dillon Mr
Dillon Thomas
Dilon John
Dingo Creek
Dingo hunt
Dingwall Alexander
Dinner Creek
Diplock Jer
Distillation bill
Distillery laws bill
District council bill
District Councils
Diver James
Divers Thomas
Divett E MP
Dixon Robert
Dixon Robert
Dobie John JP
Dobson Roger
Docher Doctor JP
Docker J
Docker Joseph
Docker Mr
Dockerty Mr
Dodd Isaac
Dodds A
Dodds Alex
Dodds Alexander
Dodds Mr
Dog registration
Dogerty James
Dogerty John
Dogerty Mr
Dogherty Charles
Dogherty Mr
Doherty Dennis
Doherty Edmund
Dolan Peter
Dolby William
Dolonald John ?
Domain baths
Donaghue Edward
Donald John
Donaldson A
Donaldson Alexander
Donaldson Dawes & Co
Donaldson Lambert & Co (London)
Donaldson Mr
Donaldson S A
Doncaster races England
Donnelly David
Donnelly Jeremiah
Donnybrook Fair
Donoghy Edward
Donohoe Martin
Donold John ?
Donovan Daniel alias Smith
Donovan Michael
Donovan Owen
Doolan Elizabeth
Doran Jeremiah
Dorcey William Doctor
Dorman John
Douglas Mr
Douglas William
Douglass Lord
Douglass Thomas
Douidge Mr
Douro Marchioness
Dover & Greenwich railway
Dovernald John
Dow John
Dowd Michael
Dowley Samuel
Dowling James Chief Justice
Dowling James Sir
Dowling James Sir (late)
Dowling Mr
Dowling Sarah
Dowling Vincent
Dowling Vincent (late)
Dowling Vincent JP
Downs Thomas
Doyle A
Doyle A B
Doyle A Miss
Doyle Andrew
Doyle brothers
Doyle C
Doyle C E
Doyle C M
Doyle Cyrus Mathew
Doyle E
Doyle E N
Doyle Edward N
Doyle F H Sir
Doyle F J G
Doyle F M
Doyle Jane Sophia
Doyle Messrs
Doyle Mr
Doyle Mrs
Doyle Peter
Doyle Thomas
Drake & Co
Drake Captain
Drake Mr
Drake W
Draper Rev Dr
Driscoll Mr
Driscoll Timothy
Driver Councillor
Driver Mr
Druitt Major
Drummond William
Du Moulin Doctor
Duchar John
Duff J
Duff James
Duffield James
Duffield Mr
Duffy C G
Duffy Charles Gavan
Duffy Hugh
Duguid L
Duguid Leslie
Duguid Mr
Duigan Thomas Russell Doctor
Duke & Curtis
Duke & Turner
Duke John
Dulwich occupation licenses
Dumaresq Captain
Dumaresq Captain MC
Dumaresq Mr
Dumaresq Sophia
Dumaresq W MC
Dumaresq William
Dun Elizabeth
Dun William
Dunboyne Lord
Duncan Edward
Duncan J
Duncan Matthew
Duncan Mr
Duncan W A
Duncombe T S
Dundonald Earl of
Dungog district
Dungog Inn Dungog
Dungog land assessment
Dungog mail
Dungog news
Dungog police
Dungog Police Magistrate
Dungog race course
Dunlop D PM
Dunlop Mr
Dunn Ann
Dunn Joseph
Dunn Mrs
Dunn Rebecca
Dunn Robert
Dunn W
Dunn William
Dunne Mr
Dunsdon J D
Dural education
Durbin J H
Durham Crown Land
Durham Earl of
Durham occupation licenses
Dury John
Dutton H P
Dutton Henry Pelerin
Dutton Mr
Duval James
Duval James Mrs
Duval Margaret
Duval Mr
Dwyer Andrew
Dwyer John
Dwyer Miss
Dyke Edward
Dyte S B
Eades Edward
Eager Geoffrey
Eagling Robert
Eales J
Eales Jno
Eales John
Eales Mr
Eales wharf
Eansworth William
Earle Mr
Early H
Early John & Co (England)
Early Mr
Early's Terrace
Earngey Jas
East India Co
East Maitland Classical & Mercantile Academy
East Maitland Court House
East Maitland Court of Requests
East Maitland electoral lists
East Maitland Gaol
East Maitland mail
East Maitland Police Office
East Maitland publicans licenses
East Maitland quarry
East Maitland Roman Catholic chapel
East Maitland school
East Maitland St Peter's Church
East Maitland Steam Mill
East Maitland to Morpeth road
Eastcot Mr
Eastcott Mr
Easthope John Sir
Eastmuir Mr
Eastmure Mr
Eathers Mrs
Eaton Daniel
Ebden Charles Hotson
Ebden Mr
Ebsworth F
Ebsworth J B JP
Ebsworth Thomas
Eccles John
Eccleston & Hirst
Eckford H
Eckford Harriet
Eckford Henry
Eckford J
Eckford John
Eckford Mr
Eckford W
Eckford William
Economy England
Economy Van Diemen's Land
Edenborough Captain
Edgar Elizabeth
Edinglassie boiling down works
Edington & Son
Edmonds Mr
Edrop James
Edwards George
Edwards James
Edwards Jeremiah alias Anthony Mark
Edwards John
Edwards Mary Ann
Edwards Richard
Edwards William
Edye Doctor
Edye Mr
Egan Daniel
Egan Mr
Egan P
Egan Peter
Egypt Pasha of
Eizler Y A
Eldridge Henry
Electoral lists
Elgan Henry
Elingtoun Lord
Eliott Gilbert
Ellenborough Lord
Elliott Alexander
Elliott Archibald
Elliott Captain
Elliott James Ezekiel
Elliott John
Elliott Mr
Elliott S
Elliott Thomas
Ellis James
Ellis Joseph
Ellis Thomas
Ellis W
Elton David
Elwall Samuel
Elwin Hastings
Elwin James
Elwin Mr
Elwin Peter J
Ely James
Elyard Mr
Elyard W Jnr
Emmett Mr
Emperor Alexander
Emperor of Morocco
Emperor of Russia
Employment Hinton
Employment Wales
Emu Bay Episcopal Church
Emu Plains education
Engineering Dept
England - China treaty
England China treaty
England coalition
England Elias
England Mexico dispute
England tariffs
English horse races
English imports
English news
English parliament
English railways
Eolian sea signals
Episcopal Church
Episcopal marriages
Errington Thomas
Esparterist movement
Espartero General
Estall William Henry
Evans Doctor
Evans Elizabeth
Evans George
Evans James
Evans Jane Miss
Evans Mr
Evans Mrs
Evans Owen
Evans Peter
Evans Samuel
Evans T
Evans Thomas
Evans William
Everett Messrs
Everett William
Everingham James
Everness W
Everness William
Evers Mr
Ewen James
Export of colonial spirits bill
Exports Britain
Eye complaint - Purulent Opthalmia
Eynon Thomas
Eyre Mr
Ezzy Charles
Facey William
Factories bill
Fairburn Elizabeth
Fairhale Mr
Fairley W
Fairlie W
Fairs Charles
Fairs Joseph
Falbrook education
Fall River
Fallan John
Fallbrook poundkeeper
Fallon James
Fallon Thomas Geoghegan
Family Hotel East Maitland
Fanning Mr
Fanning William
Farish & Rogerson
Farley John
Farmer Joseph
Farquhar Inlet
Farquhar Mr
Farquharson William
Farrah George
Farrah Millington
Farrah Millington alias Sloans George
Farrell Edward
Farrell John
Farrell Michael
Farrelly Michael
Farres G M
Fattorini C L D
Fattorini Doctor
Faulkner William
Faunce A T
Fawcett & Preston
Fawcett Colonel
Fawcett William
Fawkner Councillor
Fawkner Mr
Fees & fines bill
Feigan Michael
Felton G
Felton Mr
Female Factory Parramatta
Fenton Mr
Fenton Richard
Fenwick G T
Fenwick George Thomas
Fenwick Henry Jnr
Fenwick John
Fenwick John R
Ferguson Daniel
Ferguson J
Ferguson James
Ferguson Mr
Fergusson Mr
Ferreter J S
Ferris Christianna alias McIntyre
Ferris H
Ferris Henry
Ferris Joseph
Ferriter J S
Ferriter John Stephen
Field John
Field Mr
Field Mrs
Field of Mars ferry
Field William
Fielden Bros & Co
Fielding Joseph
Filmer Thomas
Finch Mr
Finch Mr & Mrs
Finch Mrs
Finn John
Finnigan Mary
Fire - London
Fire engines
Fire insurance
Firebrace Major JP
Fisher & Co
Fisher & Donaldson
Fisher H & Co
Fisher Mr
Fisher Robert
Fisher Thomas J
Fishery cuttle fish
Fishery Greenland
Fishery mullet
Fishery Newfoundland
Fishery salmon
Fishery shark
Fitch Robert
Fitzcrawford Alex
Fitzgerald Jeremiah
Fitzgerald William
Fitzgibbon Mr
Fitzherbert Mr
Fitzpatrick John
Fitzpatrick Terence
Fitzpatrick Timothy
Fitzroy Captain
Fitzroy Governor
Fitzsimmons Bernard
Fitzsimmons Patrick
Flaher Julia
Flanagan Bartholemew
Flanagan H G
Fleming Joseph
Fleming Mr
Fleming Patrick
Fleming Robert
Flemming Doctor
Fletcher James
Fletcher Thomas
Flett Henry
Flinder's Island
Flinn Christopher
Flint Mr
Flood A
Flood Alderman
Flood Alexander
Flood Mr
Flour & Grain Store Sydney
Flour Co Sydney
Flour Mills
Flower P W
Flower Salting & Co
Flying Foxes
Flying machine
Flynn D
Flynn Daniel
Flynn William
Foard Elizabeth
Foard James
Foard Mrs
Fogarty Patrick
Foley John
Foley Michael
Folks Robert
Follett W Sir
Foote F I
Foote Frederick Isaac
Forbes D
Forbes Francis
Forbes Judge
Ford Mr
Ford Thomas
Forde Thomas
Fordwich boiling down works
Foreman Larkin
Forster M Miss
Forster Mary Miss
Forster Miss
Forster Mr
Forster R P Mrs
Fortnum Mr
Foss & Lloyd
Foster F J L
Foster Mr
Foster Mr MC
Foster R P Mrs
Foster W
Foster W MC
Foster William
Foster William MC
Four Mile Creek
Fox Arthur
Fox George Lane
Fox hunt
Fox John
Fox Mr
Fox Patrick
Fox William
France aggression
France commerce
France Embassy in China
France government
France news
France population
France shipping
Frank E
Franklin John Sir
Franklyn John
Franks E
Franks Edward
Frayne John
Frazer Alex
Frazer Joe
Freeland W
Freeman Mr
Freeman William
Freemantle Francis Sir
Freemantle Thomas Sir
French James
French Mary Ann
French Mayors
Frisby John
Frith Joseph
Froghart Celia
Froghart Mr
Fronseca John
Frost Van Diemen's Land
Frost Watagan Creek
Fry Constable
Fry Richard
Fulford George
Fulford Samuel
Fuller Thomas
Fulloon James
Furber G
Furber George
Furber Mr
Fyans Captain
Gabey Raphael
Gaddy Jack Haddy
Gaden Mrs
Gafney William
Galagher James
Galagher James Mrs
Galbraith Thomas
Gall Isaac Hendley H Lieut
Gall J H
Gall J H H
Gall Lieut
Gall Lieut JP
Gallicia insurrection
Gally George
Galvin Mr
Galvin W
Galway M
Galway Mr Jnr
Galway W
Ganett Frederick
Gannon James
Gaol payments
Gaols & Police
Gaols estimates
Garbott James
Gard G
Gardiner Francis
Gardiner James
Gardiner Thomas
Gardner John
Gardner William Boston
Garland R L
Garlick John
Garrett Frederic
Garrett Mr
Garty Edward
Gavin Denis
Gaynor Michael
Gazette newspaper
Gazetteer newspaper
Gearing Timothy
Geddes George
Geddes Mr
Geddes W
Geelong Custom House
Geelong District Council
Geelong education
Geelong free port
Geelong library
Genders Joseph
General Steam Navigation Co
Genge & Fores
Gentle Henry
Geographical Society
George & Dragon Hotel Clarence Town
George & Dragon Inn East Maitland
George Street Sydney
George Town
George's River employment
German Commercial League
German Union
Gibbes Colonel
Gibbes James
Gibbons J H
Gibbs H
Gibbs James
Gibbs James Macbeth
Gibbs Mr
Gibbs Mrs
Gibson & Angus
Gibson John
Gibson Joseph
Gilbert G
Gilbert Mary
Gilbert Robert
Gilchrist & Alexander
Gilchrist James
Gilchrist John
Gilchrist Mr
Giles Sergeant
Giles Thomas
Gilies John
Gilkinson James
Gill & White
Gill Doctor
Gill G D
Gill John
Gillan William
Gilles L W
Gilles W
Gillespie Charles
Gillespie Ellen alias Morgan
Gillespie Helen alias Russell
Gilmer Mr
Ginn Mr
Gipps George Governor
Gipps George Sir
Gipps Governor
Gipps Lady
Gipps Ward education
Gippsland to Melbourne road
Girard Francis
Girard Mr
Glass John
Gleadow & Henty
Gledstanes & Co
Gleeson Margaret
Glen Osmond South Australia
Glendon boiling down works
Glennie Alfred
Glennie James
Glew George
Globe Inn Morpeth
Gloucester Duchess of
Gloucester occupation licenses
Glover Catherine
Glyde Sarah
Goddard Joseph
Godfrey James
Godfrey Philip
Goebert Constable
Goggs Matthew
Gold Elias
Golden Fleece Inn East Maitland
Golden Fleece Inn Scone
Gollings Robert
Golocar James
Golocar Mr
Goobin James
Gooch H
Gooch Henry
Gooch John C A
Good Design Lodge
Good Design Lodge of MUIOOF
Good Edward
Good John
Good Patrick (late)
Goodfellow Robin
Goodman James
Goodwin John
Goodwin John Doctor
Goodworth Mr
Goodyer R
Gordon Arms Inn Lochinvar
Gordon H
Gordon Henry
Gordon Hugh
Gordon Mary
Gordon Mr
Gordon R C
Gordon Robert
Gordon W F
Gordon William Francis
Gore J G & Co
Gore Robert
Gosford Post Office
Gosling Browne & Co
Gostwyck Mills
Gouch Robert
Gouchy Caroline
Gouchy Mr
Gough George
Goulburn boiling down works
Goulburn district
Goulburn District Council
Goulburn education
Goulburn flood
Goulburn gaol
Goulburn grasshoppers
Goulburn hospital
Goulburn immigrants
Goulburn Plains boiling down works
Goulburn River
Goulburn River occupation licenses
Gould John
Government grain holdings
Government House East Maitland
Government House Sydney
Government Printing Office
Government revenue
Governor Gipps Hotel Wollombi
Governor Gipps Inn Wollombi
Governor's establishment
Governor's salary bill
Gow Constable
Gow John
Gow Mr
Grace Mary
Grace Mr
Grace Thomas
Grace W
Grace William
Grady Martha
Grady Mrs
Graham Alexander
Graham James
Graham James Sir
Graham Mary
Graham Mathias
Graham Mr
Graham R
Graham W
Grahame Corporal
Grand Duke of Saxe Coburg & Gotha
Grand Metropolitan Lodge
Grant Captain
Grant Constable
Grant District Council
Grant John
Grant Lachlan
Grant Lewis
Grant Lieut
Grant Mr
Grant P
Grant Police Magistrate
Grantham Thomas
Grantharn Thomas
Graves H A
Gray Doctor
Gray George
Gray James Mackay
Gray John
Gray Mary
Gray Mr
Gray Mrs
Grayling J
Grayling W J
Greaves Thomas
Greece revolution
Green B J
Green George
Green J
Green John
Green Mary Ann
Green Mr
Green P
Green Peter
Green R
Green Robert
Green Samuel
Green W B J
Green William
Greenalth John
Greenaway Henry
Greenaway Mr
Greenaway R
Greenfield William
Greenhalch John
Greenwell John
Greeves Doctor
Gregg Mr
Gregory William
Grenelle well
Gresford mail
Greville Mr
Grey Earl
Grey General
Grey John
Gribble Captain
Griffin John
Griffiths Edward
Griffiths G R
Griffiths Gore & Co
Griffiths J
Griffiths Mr
Griffiths Thomas
Grigg William
Groden Michael
Gronee Swamp
Grose J H
Grose Mr
Gross Joshua
Grove Mr
Groves Mr
Guano Islands
Guardian newspaper
Guize Mrs
Gulf of Carpentaria
Gullidge Mr
Gundagai flood
Gunning lockup
Gurner Mr
Gurney Mr Baron
Gutzlaff C Rev
Gwyder Mr
Gwyder Mr
Hackey Chief (Maori)
Hadon John
Haig B S
Haig Doctor JP
Haig Isaac
Haigh Benjamin
Hale James
Hale Mr
Halfpenny Andrew
Halfpenny James
Halfpenny Mr
Halhed Messrs
Halifax Bay
Hall Archdeacon
Hall Charles
Hall James
Hall James alias Hodges Charles
Hall John
Hall M Miss
Hall Messrs
Hall Mr
Hall Superintendent
Hall T
Hall T JP
Hall Thomas
Hall Thomas JP
Hall Thomas PM
Hall Thomas Simpson
Hall William
Halloran Edward
Halloran H
Halloran J H
Halloway Mr
Halstead J
Halstead Mr
Hamer Henry
Hamilton Captain
Hamilton E MC
Hamilton Edward
Hamilton Edward MC
Hamilton James
Hamilton John
Hamilton Mr
Hamilton Mrs
Hammond John
Hammond Mrs
Hancock John
Hancock Mr
Handford Thomas
Hanley Bridget Mrs
Hanley James
Hanlon William
Hanna J
Hanna T
Hanna Thomas
Hannaford J K
Hannaford Mr
Hannan Daniel
Hannan Dennis
Hannell & Hudson
Hannell Albert David
Hannell Chief Constable
Hannell Inn Hexham
Hannell J
Hannell James
Hannell Jesse Chief Constable
Hannell John
Hannell Mr
Hannen Mary
Hannon Mr
Hanon William
Hansky Mr
Hanson John
Hanson Mr
Hanton William
Harden Mr
Hardgroves John
Hardinge Henry Sir
Hardy John
Hare Samuel
Hargraves Peter
Harley David
Harnett Doctor
Harper George Mitchell
Harper James
Harper Mr
Harper W
Harper W (late)
Harper William
Harper's Hill
Harpur C
Harpur Charles
Harpur J J
Harpur Mr
Harpur's Medical Repository
Harrald John
Harridge Jane
Harridge William
Harrington Doctor
Harrington James
Harris Henry
Harris James
Harris Mr
Harris W
Harris William alias Langley
Harrison B A
Harrison George
Harrison James Day
Harrison Mr
Harrison N G
Harrison Richard
Harrison Thomas
Hart Elizabeth
Hart G
Hart John
Hart Mr
Hart N
Hart W H
Hartley bushranger
Hartley district
Hartley education
Hartley flood
Hartley Police Magistrate
Hartnett Maurice
Harvey Captain
Harvey David
Harvie J W C
Harwood Richard
Haskell & Cleave
Hassall James
Hassell Joseph
Hasset Master
Hastings Marquis of
Hatfield Daniel
Hatfield J R
Hatherell Job
Haughty George alias Otty
Haven Enock
Haverty James
Hawke Peter
Hawker Thomas
Hawker's license
Hawkers & pedlars bill
Hawkers licenses
Hawkesbury Benevolent Asylum
Hawkesbury Courier newspaper
Hawkesbury district
Hawkesbury education
Hawkesbury News newspaper
Hawkesbury Racing Club
Hawkesbury River
Hawkesley Matilda
Hawkins Charles
Hawkins Mr
Hawkins Superintendent
Hawkins William
Hawksley E J
Hawksley Mr
Haydon Mr
Hayes Ann
Hayes Captain
Hayes Edmond
Hayes H
Hayes Mr
Hayes William
Hayley W Foxton
Haylock Mr
Hayne Mr
Hays Ann
Hays Ann Mrs
Hayter George Sir
Hazlegrove William
Head Mr
Heagerson Mr
Heald James
Healy Michael
Healy Mr
Healy Nicholas
Healy Thomas
Heap Chin & Co
Heartley Mrs
Heartly Mr
Heavans Mr
Heckscher David
Hector J
Hector John
Hector T
Hector Thomas
Hefferan William
Hegarty Mr
Hegarty Pierce
Hely Frederic
Hely Mr
Henderson A
Henderson General
Henderson James
Henderson John
Henderson Margaret
Henderson Michael
Henderson Mr
Henderson Mrs
Henderson Peter (late)
Henderson Ruth
Henderson William
Henderson William
Hendy Mrs
Hennessey Patrick
Hennessy Mary
Henry Daniel
Henry Michael alias Rooney
Henry Mrs
Henslowe F H
Henson Mr
Henty Brothers
Herald newspaper
Herard President
Hesselgrave Mrs
Hetherington I Rev
Hetherington Irwin Rev
Hetherington J Rev
Hetherington Messrs
Heugh Mr
Heugh William
Hewson J B
Hewson John Butler
Hexham regatta
Heytesbury Lord
Hickey Allan
Hickey Edwin
Hickey J
Hickey John
Hickey John alias Kangaroo Jack
Hickey Mr
Hickey Patrick
Hicklin John
Hicklin John alias Kangaroo Jack
Higgerson Mr
Higgins Inspector
Higgins Patrick
Highland & Agricultural Society
Highland Society
Hill Ed
Hill Elizabeth
Hill George
Hill J S
Hill James
Hill Mr
Hill Neil
Hill Richard
Hill Samuel
Hill Thomas
Hillier John
Hillier Mr
Hillier William
Hinchcliffe Jacob
Hinde Mr
Hindmarsh James Scott
Hindson Henry Eldred
Hinton cattle sale
Hinton Hotel Hinton
Hinton mail
Hinton news
Hinton punt
Hinton shipping
Hipkiss Mr
Hipkiss William
Hirst George
Hobart Markets
Hobart Town bridge
Hobart Town Markets
Hobart Town regatta
Hobart Town soap manufactory
Hobbes Mr
Hobbs Fisher
Hobbs Mr
Hobbs Thomas
Hobden Mr
Hobler F W
Hobler G
Hobler George
Hobler Mr
Hobson Doctor
Hoddle G
Hoddle George
Hoddle Mr
Hodges Charles alias Hall James
Hodgson Edward
Hodgson James
Hodgson Mr
Hodgson Trooper
Hodham Elizabeth alias Tibbery
Hogan John
Hogg Mr
Holcomb W
Holcomb William
Holden Alfred
Holden Councillor
Holden Hyla
Holden Mr
Holden W
Holden William
Holdstock James
Holdstock Mr
Holdsworth William
Holland Isaac
Holland Thomas
Holland William alias Crawley
Holloway Mr
Holme Wright
Holmes Elizabeth
Holmes J
Holmes James
Holmes Mr
Holmes Thomas
Holmes William
Holstead William Lee Dines
Holt Chief Constable
Holt Mr
Holt Samuel Chief Constable
Home Mr
Homebush races
Honey Master
Honeysett Mr
Hong Kong
Hong Kong fever
Hood Archibald
Hook Alfred
Hook Mr
Hooke J Jnr
Hooke John Jnr
Hoolohan Mr
Hope Mr
Hope Professor
Hope T
Hope T F
Hope Thomas
Hopkins Henry
Hordern A
Horgan J
Horn tips
Horne Chief Constable
Horne J T Master
Horne James
Horne James Stark
Horne S H
Horricks Thomas
Horsburgh Boyd
Horse 'Gratis'
Horse exports
Horse stealing
Horseman William alias Smith
Horsley Samuel
Hosie John
Hosking Mr
Hosking Peter Mann
Hoskinson John
Hoskinson Mr
Hough G
Houghton Richard
Houlding J K
Houlding Mr
Houseman Elizabeth
Houshold Mr
Houshold R
Houshold Robert
Houston Arch
Houston Gavin
Houston William
How J
How Mr
How Robert
Howard James
Howard Joseph
Howard Mr
Howard Mr Commissary
Howe J
Howe J K
Howe James
Howe John
Howe John K
Howe John Kennedy
Howe Lord
Howe Mr
Howe William Weston
Howe's Valley
Howe's Valley occupation licenses
Howell John
Howell John James
Howison Mr
Hudson B
Hudson Beresford
Hudson J
Hudson Job
Hudson Mr
Hugh & Logan
Hughes & Hosking
Hughes Charles
Hughes Henry
Hughes J T
Hughes James George
Hughes John
Hughes Michael
Hughes Mr
Hughes Mrs
Hughes P
Hughes Phelim
Hughes William
Hull Mr
Hull Mr
Hulme John Walter
Hume Hamilton
Humphrey C H
Humphrey Charles H
Humphreys Doctor
Humphries John
Hungerford Captain
Hungerford E
Hungerford E Jnr
Hungerford E M JP
Hungerford Emanuel
Hungerford J
Hungerford J B
Hungerford John
Hungerford Mr
Hungerford R R
Hungerford William
Hunt John
Hunt Mary
Hunter Brewery
Hunter Captain
Hunter M J S
Hunter River
Hunter River Ag Society
Hunter River Agricultural Society
Hunter River Auction Co
Hunter River Auction Mart
Hunter River basin
Hunter River Brewery
Hunter River Co
Hunter River depths
Hunter River flood
Hunter River Gazette newspaper
Hunter River occupation licenses
Hunter River population
Hunter River roads
Hunter River Society
Hunter River Steam Navigation Co
Hunter River survey
Hunter V G
Hunter William
Hunter's Hill education
Huntley Alfred Reynolds
Huntly A R
Hurd Henry
Hurley William
Huskisson Mr
Hussey Harriet
Hussey John
Hustler Mr
Hutchinson Anne
Hutchinson Charles
Hutchinson Mr
Hutchinson Thomas
Hutchinson W
Hutchinson William
Hutchinson William B
Hutt Mr
Hutt W MP
Hutton Joseph
Hutton Lewis
Huxley Harriet
Huxley Matilda
Hyde Francis
Hyde James
Hyde Mr
Hyde Park Barracks
Hydro oxygen microscope
Hyland E
Hyland Mr
Hyndes Mr
Hyndes T
Hyndes Thomas
Icely Mr
Icely Thomas
Ikin H
Ikin Henry
Ikin Mr
Ikin Mrs
Illawarra district
Illawarra District Council
Illawarra education
Illawarra employment
Illegal still
Illidge George Alfred
Immigrants barracks
Immigrants home
Immigration & Land debentures
Imports Brazil
Ince Richard
Inches Mr
Indigo production
Inghram James
Ingram Jane
Ink (colonial)
Inman Mr
Innan Captain
Innes A C
Innes Captain
Innes John
Innes Joseph Long
Innes Mr
Innes Rev
Innes W
Insolvency Proceedings
Insolvent act amendment bill
Insolvent law
Interest bill
Interest rate
Invermein Court House
Irby J
Iredale L
Iredale Mr
Ireland James
Ireland John Melbourne
Ireland repeal
Irish National Schools
Irish news
Irish repeal
Irish state trials
Iron Bark Creek bridge
Iron gangs
Irrawang Pottery
Irving Clark
Irwin J
Irwin Patrick
Irwin William
Isbell Henry
Island of Chausey
Isle of Man Joint Stock Bank
Isthmus Tehuantepec
Italy news
Jack Mr
Jackey Jackey
Jackson James
Jackson John
Jackson Mr
Jackson S
Jackson Samuel
Jacob Maria
Jakeman Benjamin
Jamaica (Kingston)
James C
James David
James Jane
James John
James Thomas
Jamieson Mrs
Jamison Ellen
Jay Emily
Jay William Taylor (late)
Jeffcott Judge
Jeffcott Mr Justice
Jeffrey Lord
Jeffrey Thomas M
Jeffries Thomas
Jenkins Captain
Jenkins Councillor
Jenkins David
Jenkins Doctor
Jenkins George
Jenkins George PM
Jenkins Joseph
Jenkins Mr
Jenkins R L Doctor
Jenkins William
Jennings H A
Jennison Mr
Jerry's Plains Court of Petty Sessions
Jerry's Plains education
Jerry's Plains Episcopalian Church
Jerry's Plains Episcopalian dwelling
Jerry's Plains Episcopalian School
Jerry's Plains grasshoppers
Jerry's Plains hail storm
Jerry's Plains magistrate
Jerry's Plains mail
Jerry's Plains Mounted Police
Jerry's Plains news
Jerry's Plains police
Jerry's Plains race course
Jerry's Plains school
Jerry's Plains soil
Jerry's Plains Total Abstinence Society
Jervis Bay free port
Jewish Church education
Jilks George
Jobson James
Johns Mr
Johns Richard
Johnson C
Johnson Christopher
Johnson H W
Johnson Henry
Johnson John
Johnson M A Miss
Johnson Mark
Johnson Mr
Johnson Percival
Johnson R
Johnson Richard
Johnson T R
Johnson Thomas Abraham
Johnson Thomas Almond
Johnson Thomas Revel
Johnson William
Johnston H Miss
Johnston John Master
Johnston Major
Johnston Major JP
Johnston Mr
Johnston Professor
Johnston Robert
Johnston T Master
Johnston William
Johnstone Edward JP
Johnstone Edward Major
Johnstone John
Johnstone Lawrence
Johnstone Major
Johnstone Major PM
Johnstone Mr
Johnstone Robert
Jones A
Jones D & Co
Jones David
Jones David (Turee)
Jones Henry
Jones J
Jones John
Jones Joseph
Jones Mr
Jones Mr Surgeon
Jones R
Jones Rd
Jones Rees
Jones Richard
Jones Robert
Jones Samuel
Jones Thomas
Jones Thomas (2)
Jones Thomas Constable
Jones William
Jones' Hotel Paterson River
Jordan Mr
Joseph M
Joseph Moses
Joseph Nathan
Josephson J
Josephson Mr
Josephson Mr
Joshua Michael
Joyce John
Joyce Peter
Joyner William
Judd Henry
Jude John
Jullien M
Junction Mills Raymond Terrace
Jury act continuation bill
Jury law bill
Jury laws
Jury laws amendment bill
Jury lists
Kababida Tuggerah Beach Lake
Kable George
Kane William
Kangaroo Jack alias Hickey John
Kangaroo Point boiling down works
Kangaroo Point Brisbane
Keach Miss
Keach Mr
Keane Mary
Kearney Patrick
Kearnon John
Keating Julia
Keating William
Keck Mr
Keddie Mr
Keddie R
Keddie Rob
Keddie Robert
Keefe John
Keiet Lawrence
Keife Margaret
Kelk Francis
Kellick Mr
Kelliher William
Kelly Arthur
Kelly I M
Kelly James
Kelly James alias Morrisey Edward
Kelly John
Kelly John alias McMonegal  Kenneday
Kelly Mary alias Allen Mary
Kelly Mr
Kelly Mrs
Kelly Patrick
Kelly Patrick alias Somers
Kelly Patrick alias Sommers
Kelly Peter
Kelly Richard
Kelly Thomas
Kelly William
Kelman Master
Kelman Mr
Kelman W D
Kelsey John alias Kelshaw
Kelshaw John alias Kelsey
Kemble Francis
Kemble Mr
Kemp & Fairfax
Kemp C
Kemp Captain
Kemp Charles
Kemp George Anthony
Kemp Henry
Kemp Mr
Kemp Robert
Kemp S
Kemp Samuel
Kemp Simon
Kendall Constable
Kendall William Constable
Kenneday John alias McMonegal alias Kelly
Kennedy Bishop
Kennon Com
Kenny Mr
Kent William
Kentish Mr
Kentish New Country
Kenyon J & Co
Keppie James
Keppie Mr
Keppie Mr Snr
Keppie P
Keppie W
Kerr Alderman
Kerr Constable
Kerr Mr
Kerr Mrs
Kerr T
Kerr T J
Kerr Thomas
Kerrigan J
Kerry James alias White
Kesterton H
Kesterton Mr
Kettle Mr
Keying Mr
Keys Edward
Keywood William
Kibble G
Kibble G A F
Kibble George
Kibble George A F
Kibble George Augustus Frederick
Kidd James
Kilcool Patrick
Kilfoil Peter
Kilfoyle Michael
Kilfoyle Miss
Kilroy John
Kinchela Master
Kinchela Patrick
King Captain
King Captain RN
King Charlotte
King F J
King Francis John
King Hugh
King J
King J F
King James
King Kamehameha 3rd of Sandwich Islands
King Leopold of Belgium
King Mr
King Mrs
King of Belgium
King of France
King of Prussia
King of Sweden
King P G
King P G JP
King P P
King P P Captain RN
King Phillip P
King R
King Richard
King Robert
King Street Mart
King's boiling down works
Kingdon Edward
Kingsbury J
Kingsbury James
Kingsbury Mr
Kingsmill Henry
Kingsmill J
Kingsmill John
Kingsmill Mr
Kinnear Georgiana
Kinnear Georgiana Mrs
Kinnear Mrs
Kirk J B
Kirk Mr
Kirk Mr Jnr
Kirsch M
Kirwan Doctor
Kissing Point road
Kite T
Knatchbull John
Knatchbull Mr
Kneen Esther
Knight John
Knight Mr
Knight W
Knight William
Knox Edward
Knox George
Kosten Frederick
La France newspaper
La Trobe Mr
Lachlan River flood
Lackey Mr
Lackey William
Laing Samuel
Lake Colac
Lake Hindmarsh
Lamb & Parbury
Lamb Isabella
Lamb John
Lamb John Private
Lamb Mr
Lamb W J
Lambert Mary the elder
Lampshire Thomas
Lancaster Patrick
Land & immigration debentures
Landsborough Messrs
Lane Constable
Lane George
Lane James
Lane John Henry
Lane W
Lang A
Lang Andrew
Lang Doctor
Lang Doctor MC
Lang Mary Dunmore Mrs
Lang Mr
Lang Rev Doctor
Lang William
Lang William (Late)
Langdale Lord
Langham Sarah
Langhorne Alfred
Langley Mr
Langley William alias Harris
Lank Joseph
Lann John
Lansdowne bridge
Lapstone bridge
Larkins Thomas
Larnach J
Larnach J Master
Larnach John
Larnach Mr
Larnach W Master
Larnack John
Last Edw JP
Last Edward JP
Last Edward Major
Last Major
Last Major JP
Last Mark
Last Robert
Latham Mr
Latham W
Laughton J BA
Launceston Examiner newspaper
Launceston Markets
Launceston show
Launceston still
Launceston unemployment
Launt Joseph
Laurent Francis
Law & Order
Law James
Law of evidence bill
Law of libel bill
Lawler Patrick
Lawn Mr
Lawn Mr Jnr
Lawrence George Howard
Lawson Captain
Lawson F
Lawson Messrs
Lawson Mr
Lawson N S
Lawson Nelson
Lawson W MC
Lawson William
Lay Mr
Le Breton G S
Le Souef Mr
Leacy William
Leadbeater Benjamin
Lear William
Leary Mr
Lease holders of land
Leathes N
Ledgerwood Mr
Ledsam J
Ledsam J J
Ledsam Jeremiah
Ledsam Jeremiah Mrs
Ledsam John
Ledsam Major
Ledsam Mr
Ledsam T
Lee Benjamin
Lee Doctor
Lee J
Lee M A
Lee M A Mrs
Lee Mary Ann
Lee Mary Ann Mrs
Lee Mr
Lee Mr Jnr
Lee Mrs
Leehy Maurice
Lees William
Lefevre Thomas Eyre Sedley John
Leggett Samuel
Legislative Council
Legislative Council New Zealand
Legislative Council Port Phillip
Leichhardt Doctor
Lein Leap & Tan Chinsing
Lennon W J
Lennox Arthur Lord
Lennox Mr
Lenore C Captain
Leon L
Lepere Mr
Lesley A
Lesley A W
Lessing Charles
Lethbridge J
Lethbridge Mr
Lethbridge Robert
Lett John
Levein A
Levein Mr
Levein S
Levi Samuel
Levicks & Younger
Levien Alfred
Levien Mr
Levis Francis
Levy Mr
Levy Samuel
Levy W
Lewis Benjamin
Lewis F
Lewis G
Lewis George
Lewis John
Lewis Joseph
Lewis Mortimer William
Lewis Mr
Lewis Owen
Lewis Rev
Libel bill
Library  West Maitland
License for stills (scientific)
Licensing meetings
Licensing of auctioneers bill
Liddell A
Liddell Doctor
Liddell Mr
Liddell Mrs
Lidyard Mr
Lien on wool act
Lien on wool act amendment bill
Lighthouse Hotel Sydney
Lighthouse Port Phillip
Lighthouse Sydney
Lilly Joseph
Limerick Reporter newspaper
Lincoln Cathedral
Lincoln Earl of
Lindsay Elizabeth
Lindsay Hugh
Lindsay James
Lingard G E B
Lipscomb Mr
Lipscomb W
Liquor sale bill
Lithgow Mr
Lithgow W
Lithgow William
Little Adam
Little Doctor
Little F
Little Mr
Little Thomas
Liverpool District Council
Liverpool docks
Liverpool education
Liverpool England Ag Society
Liverpool Oddfellows
Liverpool Plains
Liverpool Plains Border Police Office
Liverpool Plains grasshoppers
Liverpool Police
Liverpool quit rents
Liverpool Range
Livestock Impoundings
Livestock pounds
Livestock prices
Livestock sales Port Phillip
Living David
Living G C P
Livingston Mr
Livingstone Captain
Lloyd Edwin
Lloyd G A
Lloyd George A
Lloyd Thomas
Lloyd W
Lloyds of London
Loan Co
Lochend Coal Works
Lochinvar Inn Lochinvar
Lochinvar publicans licenses
Lock Robert
Lockhart Mr
Lockhart Robert
Lockyer Edmund
Loder Mr
Lodge of Unity
Lodge of Unity Maitland
Logan Charles D
Logan Dav
Logan Mr
Logan Patrick
Lomas George
Lomas John & Son
London Gazette newspaper
London Guild Hall
London Joint Stock Bank
London Warehouse West Maitland
Long bridge
Long bridge Maitland
Long Mr
Long P
Long Parry
Long Thomas
Long W
Long William
Lonsdale Arch Deacon
Lonsdale Earl of (late)
Lord Bishop of Australia
Lord F MC
Lord James
Lord John
Lord Mr
Lord R
Lord Robert
Lorn Mr
Lottery bill
Lougname Patrick
Lovelock John
Lowe Charles
Lowe Francis
Lowe Hudson Sir
Lowe J
Lowe James
Lowe M
Lowe Mr
Lowe Robert
Lowe Robert MC
Lowe William
Lucock John
Lucy Timothy
Lugg Mary
Lugg Mrs
Lumley J Master
Lumley John
Lumley W Master
Lumley William
Lunn John
Luxfield Mr
Luxfield William
Luxford George
Lynch Edward
Lynch H
Lynch J T Rev
Lynch John
Lynch John Jnr
Lynch M
Lynch Mary
Lynch Mr
Lynch Mr & Mrs
Lynch Mrs
Lynch Patrick
Lynch Rev
Lynch Stephen
Lynch Susanna
Lyon J R
Lyon John
Lyon Mary Ann
Lyon's Buildings Sydney
Lyons A
Lyons A & S
Lyons Mary
Lyons Mr
Lyons S
Lyons Samuel
Lyons Saul
Lyons Thomas
Lyons wool sale
Lyons' Buildings Sydney
Mable Margaret
Macansh D
Macarthur Doctor
Macarthur H H MC
Macarthur James Jnr
Macarthur John (late)
Macarthur Mr
Macarthur W
Macarthur William
Macdermott Alderman
Macdermott H
Macdermott Mr
Macdermott Patrick
Macdonald Captain
Macdonald Charles
Macdonald District Council
Macdonald J
Macdonald Mr
Macdonald Mrs
Macdonald River Court of Requests
Macdonald River district
Macdonald River hail
Macdonald River occupation licenses
Macdougall A
Macdougall J
Macdougall John
Macdougall Mr
Macdougall's Falls
Macfarlane Doctor
Macfarlane Mr
Macfarlane Thomas
Machattie Richard
Mackay Duncan Forbes
Mackay G
Mackay John
Mackay John or Mackie John
Mackellar Doctor
Mackellar Mr
Mackenzie George Sir
Mackenzie R
Mackenzie R R
Mackenzie Robert Ramsay
Mackey J
Mackey John
Mackie John or Mackay John
Mackin Mr
Mackinlay Ellar Mackellar
Maclaren William
Macleod Alexander
Macleod Daniel
Macmakin Mr
Macnamara Roger
Macpherson Mary
Macquarie Charles
Macquarie Governor
Macquarie mail
Macquarie ward education
Macquiod Sheriff
Madden John
Madden Robert
Maddy John
Madras cavalry
Magistrates indemnity bill
Magner Thomas
Magney Maurice
Magrane Mr
Magrath John
Maguire Thomas
Maher Joseph
Maher Margaret
Maher Mary
Maher Michael
Maher P
Maher Timothy
Mahony Mr
Mahony Stephen
Mahony T
Mahony Thomas
Maiden Edward
Mail coach
Mail Port Phillip
Maister Arthur Joseph
Maitland  to Wollombi road
Maitland Academy
Maitland Amateur Theatre
Maitland Benefit Society
Maitland Benevolent Asylum
Maitland boiling down works
Maitland border police
Maitland bridge
Maitland bridges
Maitland Circuit Court
Maitland Commissariat Dept
Maitland Court
Maitland Court House
Maitland Court of Requests
Maitland Court of Revision
Maitland Cricket
Maitland Crown Land sale
Maitland district
Maitland District Council
Maitland District Court
Maitland District Pastoral Association
Maitland education
Maitland employment
Maitland Episcopalian Church
Maitland Fancy Bazaar
Maitland flood
Maitland Gaol
Maitland General Stores
Maitland hospital
Maitland Inn West Maitland
Maitland Jockey Club
Maitland Licensing Court
Maitland Lodge of Unity
Maitland mail
Maitland Markets
Maitland Mercury
Maitland Mounted Police
Maitland Peregrine Sir
Maitland pigeon match
Maitland police
Maitland Police Court
Maitland Police Office
Maitland Presbyterian Church
Maitland Quarter Sessions
Maitland races
Maitland regatta
Maitland Repository & Horse Bazaar
Maitland road
Maitland Savings Bank
Maitland Scots Church
Maitland soap manufactory
Maitland Soap Works
Maitland soldiers quarters
Maitland St John's Church
Maitland storm
Maitland to Black Creek road
Maitland to Newcastle bridge
Maitland to Newcastle bridges
Maitland to Newcastle road
Maitland to Singleton road
Maitland to Wollombi road
Maitland Union Benefit Society
Maitland Wesleyan Chapel
Maitland Wine Vaults
Malcolm Colonel
Malcolm Mr
Mallon Doctor
Mallon P W
Mally Thomas
Malone Mary
Maloney Mr
Maloney William
Mangerson & Welch
Mangles C E
Mann J
Mann John
Mann K G
Mann Mr
Mann William
Manning Edye
Manning J E
Manning Mr
Manning Registrar
Manning River
Manning River occupation licenses
Manning W M
Mannix Mr
Mansfield B
Mansfield R Rev
Mant & Brown
Maples Thomas
Mappin & Co
Mappin & Price
Mappin Mr
Mappin T & Co
Marchant Thomas
Margarson James
Margerson Charles
Marjoram Robert
Marjoram William
Markham William
Markwell Joseph
Marlaveau Mr
Marlow Thomas
Marmite Paul
Maron John
Marriott George
Marsden Charles
Marsden Mr
Marsden Samuel
Marsden Sydney
Marsfield education
Marsh M H
Marsh Mr
Marshall Caroline
Marshall James
Marshall John (late)
Marshall Mr
Marshall Sampson Lieut RN (late)
Marshall Samuel
Martin George
Martin Ibbott Brooke
Martin James
Martin John
Martin John Alexander
Martin Mr
Martin Phillip
Martin Richard
Martin Robert
Martin Robert Montgomery
Martin Susan
Martineau Harriett Miss
Martineau Miss
Martyn & Coombes
Martyn Mr
Martyr J J
Martyr John
Martyr Mr
Martyr Mrs
Masey Mr
Masey W
Mason John
Mason Mr
Mason's Inn Dungog
Masonic ball
Master in Equity
Matcham C H N
Mathew Father
Matt Mr
Matthews Thomas
Maughan John
Mawson George
Maxwell Mr
May Mr
May Timothy alias Bergin
Mayall Cornelious
Mayhew Henry
Mayo Cornelious
Mayo J
Mayo John
Mayo Mr
Mayo's Building
Mayo's Hotel Maitland
Mayor of Sydney
Mayor's fancy dress ball
Mayse Mr
McArthur A
McArthur D G
McArthur Mr
McCaffrey Roger
McCann Edward
McCapper Edward
McCarne John
McCarthy Mr
McClelland J
McClelland Mr
McClelland T J
McClelland Thomas J
McClusky James
McCombie Mr
McCormick John
McCormick Mr
McCosker Hugh
McCoy James
McCoy William
McCrae Doctor JP
McCree Michael
McCreevy M
McCrinnan Kenneth
McCulloch's Dictionary of Commerce
McCurdy J W
McCurdy John W
McCurdy Mr
McDonald James
McDonald John
McDonald Keneth
McDonald Michael
McDonald Mr
McDonald Mrs
McDonald W
McDonell W
McDonnel Mr
McDonnell Edward
McDonnell Mr
McDonnell Mrs
McDougal Mr
McDougall A
McDougall Alex
McDougall Alex W
McDougall Andrew
McDougall J
McDougall James
McDougall James Taylor
McDougall John
McDougall Mr
McDougall Sophia Miss
McDowal John Crichton Stewart
McDowell Thomas
McDunnock Henry
McEachern James
McEachern Mr
McEachern William
McEnroe Mr
McEntagart Daniel
McEvoy Mr
McEwing James
McFarlane Francis Benjamin
McFarlane J
McGarvie Rev
McGeachie H A Miss
McGeachie John
McGinn James
McGlosky James
McGluiver James
McGowan Barnard
McGowan Catherine
McGowan Hugh
McGowan John
McGowan Mr
McGowan Mrs
McGrath Mr
McGrath Patrick
McGraw Mr
McGreachie Mr
McGreavy J
McGreavy James
McGreavy Mr
McGregor A
McGregor Mr
McGuigan Bernard
McGuigan Terence
McGuiggan William alias Wilson
McGuiness Mrs
McGuinn John
McGuinness Constable
McGuinness John
McGuinness Mrs
McGuire Ann
McGuire Thomas
McIlwaine Andrew
McIntosh Alexander
McIntosh Evan
McIntosh Robert Doctor
McIntyre Captain
McIntyre Christianna alias Ferris
McIntyre D
McIntyre Donald
McIntyre Mary
McIntyre Mary Miss
McIntyre Miss
McIntyre Mr
McIntyre Peter
McIntyre Peter
McIntyre Rev
McIntyre Rev AM
McIntyre W
McIntyre W Rev AM
McIntyre William Rev
McIver John
McKay D F
McKay F
McKay G
McKay J
McKay J Jnr
McKay James
McKay Messrs
McKay Mr
McKay William
McKay's Australian Arms Hotel Parramatta
McKellar & White
McKellar Doctor
McKenna Mr
McKenny Rev
McKenzie Hugh
McKenzie Mr
McKenzie R R
McKenzie Robert Ramsay
McKinlay Doctor
McKinlay E JP
McKinlay J
McKinlay John
McKinlay Mr
McLachlan Mr
McLaren Daniel
McLaren J C
McLaren William
McLean Alexander
McLean Ann
McLean Captain
McLean Charles
McLean John
McLean John (late)
McLean Mr
McLeay Alex MC
McLeay Alexander MC
McLeay George
McLeay Mr
McLelland Mr
McLelland Thomas J
McLeman Mr
McLennan William
McLennon T
McLeod Alexander
McLeod Colin
McLeod Gillies John
McLeod Mr
McMachin Mr
McMahon Miss
McMahon Owen
McMahon Patrick
McManus Mr
McManus Mrs
McManus Patrick
McMeachan Sergeant
McMester Hugh
McMonegal John alias Kenneday & Kelly
McNab Messrs
McNall Michael
McNeil Catherine
McNeil Francis
McNeil Lody
McNeil Mr
McNiece William
McPhealin James
McPhee Donald
McPhee Duncan
McPhee Mr
McPhee Mrs
McPherson A
McPherson Alexander
McPherson Allen
McPherson John
McPherson Mr
McQuade Councillor
McQuade Mr
McQuiggan Daniel
McRae Christopher
McRorey John
Meacle Richard
Meadows Richard
Meadows William
Mealin Eliza
Meally Edward
Mears & Co
Mears & Sons
Mears F
Mears Michael
Mears Mr
Mears Thomas
Mechanics Institute Melbourne
Mechanics School of Arts
Medhurst Edward
Medhurst John
Medical witness bill
Medico-Chirurgical Association
Mediterranean canal
Medlam Jos
Medlam Joseph
Meek Mr
Meguck Cowal
Mein J S
Mein John Stewart
Mein John Stuart
Mein Miss
Mein Mr
Mein Mrs
Meinertzhagen H
Melbourne City Council
Melbourne Court of Requests
Melbourne District Council
Melbourne electoral collectors
Melbourne gaol
Melbourne hospital
Melbourne Incorporation act
Melbourne incorporation bill
Melbourne mail
Melbourne Markets
Melbourne police
Melbourne Police Office
Melbourne Supreme Court
Melbourne Times newspaper
Melbourne to Gippsland road
Melbourne Town Clerk
Melbourne Town Council
Melbourne water police
Melbourne wharves
Mellson David
Melville James
Melvin George
Menzies Alexander
Merewether E
Merewether Edward C
Merewether Mr
Meritt John
Merivale Herman MA
Merrick William
Merriwa mail
Merry James
Merton Court House
Merton Court of Requests
Merton district
Merton District Council
Merton Licensing Court
Merton mail
Merton news
Merton Police Office
Metcalfe C Sir
Metcalfe J B
Methodist Church education
Methodist Church in Australia
Methodist marriages validity bill
Methodist schools
Mexico England dispute
Meyn W
Meyrick Doctor
Michie Archibald
Michie Mr
Micking R & Co
Middleham education
Midland Agricultural show
Milbank prison
Mileham Mr
Miles Mr
Milford Samuel Frederick
Military - Ireland
Military 28th Regiment
Military 51st Regiment
Military 58th Regiment
Military 80th Regiment
Military 99th Regiment
Military barracks
Military officers wine bill
Militia  bill (NZ)
Millar George Robert
Millar James
Millar Richard
Millard William
Miller D
Miller David
Miller George
Miller Mr
Miller Robert & Co
Miller Sally
Miller T D
Miller William
Miller William General
Millett John Webber
Millighan James
Millington Alexander
Millman John
Mills Captain
Milman John
Milne Rev
Milner Doctor
Milsom David
Milton John
Milward L
Miner's Arms Hotel Newcastle
Mineral reservations
Minithorpe & Gurner
Minithorpe Mr
Mitchell A
Mitchell Charles
Mitchell Doctor
Mitchell Eliza
Mitchell Eliza Mrs
Mitchell F & Co
Mitchell Francis & Co
Mitchell H T
Mitchell James
Mitchell Mr
Mitchell Roderick Jnr JP
Mitchell T L Sir
Mitchell T Sir
Mitchell Thomas Sir
Moffit Mr
Mogridge Edward
Mollison A F
Molloy Inspector
Molloy Patrick
Monaghan James
Monnix Mrs
Montacute mine
Montague Henry
Montefiore E L
Montefiore J B
Montefiore Moses Sir
Montgomery Doctor
Montgomery Patrick or Peter
Montgomery Peter or Patrick
Montreal Canada
Montreal Roman Catholic Cathedral
Monundilla Range
Mooney John
Moor Councillor
Moore Ann
Moore Captain
Moore Daniel
Moore Edward
Moore Henry
Moore J
Moore J Mrs
Moore James
Moore John
Moore Joseph
Moore Master
Moore Michael
Moore Mr
Moore Mr QC
Moore Mrs
Moore Sampson
Moore Thomas
Moorhouse J
Moorhouse Mr
Moraghan Laughlin
Moran Andrew alias Crosby
Morehead & Young
Moreton Bay
Moreton Bay district
Moreton Bay drownings
Moreton Bay flood
Moreton Bay hail
Moreton Bay Harbour & Telegraph
Moreton Bay news
Moreton Bay Squatting regulations
Morgan Captain
Morgan Ellen alias Gillespie
Morgan Mr
Moriarty Captain
Moriarty Mr
Moriarty Owen
Moringk George
Moringk John
Moringk Joseph
Morley C
Morley G
Morning Advertiser newspaper
Morpeth boiling down works
Morpeth Church
Morpeth education
Morpeth Flour Mills
Morpeth Hotel Morpeth
Morpeth mail
Morpeth Post Office
Morpeth publicans licenses
Morpeth quarry
Morpeth Soap Factory
Morpeth Soap Manufactory
Morpeth steam mills
Morpeth to East Maitland road
Morpeth to Newcastle road
Morris J
Morris James
Morris John
Morris Mr
Morris Patrick
Morrisey Edward alias Kelly James
Morrisey James
Morrissey Jeoffry
Morse & Tourle
Morse John Rev
Morse Rev
Mort Mr
Mort T S
Mort Thomas S
Mort Thomas S
Mortimer William
Morton Joseph
Moscheto Island
Moses John
Mosman George
Mosquito Island ?
Mossman A
Mossman Archibald
Mossman George
Mount Etna
Mountcastle Benjamin Such
Mounted police
Mouritz J
Mouse (singing)
Mr Winter
Mt Wingen
Muckle George
Mudgee bushranger
Mudgee Court House
Mudgee district
Mudgee District Council
Mudgee Police Magistrate
Mudie's Creek bridge
Muir Mrs
Mulhall Captain
Mulhall George
Mullane Bartholomew
Muller Ann
Mullins Mr
Municipal revenue
Municipal taxation
Munro A
Munro Alex
Munro Lieut
Munroe A
Murphy Bishop
Murphy Catherine
Murphy Francis Rev
Murphy John
Murphy John alias Rielly James
Murphy Martin
Murphy Mr
Murphy Mrs
Murphy P
Murphy P Mrs
Murphy Thomas
Murray Adam
Murray Alexander
Murray Benjamin
Murray John
Murray Lord
Murray Mr
Murray River flood
Murray T
Murray T A MC
Murrey Mr
Murrey Mr & Mrs
Murrumbidgee River flood
Murrurundi Court House
Murrurundi district
Murrurundi hail
Murrurundi Licensing Court
Murrurundi mail
Murrurundi Presbyterian Church
Murrurundi Total Abstinence Society
Muswellbrook boiling down works
Muswellbrook Court House & lockup
Muswellbrook Court of Requests
Muswellbrook district
Muswellbrook education
Muswellbrook Episcopalian Church
Muswellbrook mail
Muswellbrook Mounted Police
Muswellbrook news
Muswellbrook police & magistrate
Muswellbrook Police Office
Muswellbrook R C Church
Muswellbrook South
Muswellbrook Steam Mills
Muswellbrook Total Abstinence Society
Mutlow Mr
Mutlow W H
Mutton Mr
Mutual Insurance Assoc
Myers Edward
Myrtle Creek
Nail George
Nainby F
Nainby Frederic
Namoi grasshoppers
Namoi River flood
Napier Mr
Napoleon Cottage West Maitland
Narellan Court House
Narellan Court of Petty Sessions
Narellan Police
Narellan Police Office
Narellan Rural Police
Narvaez General
Nash Stephen
Nathan & Co
Nathan Isaac
Nathan Mr
Nathan Mrs
National schools
Native Police
Natural history
Neal Captain
Neale James
Neale Mr
Nealon Thomas
Nedly Michael
Neech Thomas
Needham Zedekiah
Nelson M & Co
Nelson New Zealand
Nelson Thomas & Co
Nelson's pillar
Nelvile & Vincent
Neotsfield boiling down works
Neville James
Neville Sarah
Nevison Abraham
New Brunswick
New England
New England bushrangers
New England races
New England to Raymond Terrace road
New Hebrides
New Zealand
New Zealand Co
New Zealand Gazette newspaper
New Zealand Governor
New Zealand judicial districts
New Zealand Legislative Council
New Zealand news
Newall & Co
Newberry John
Newcastle - Ironbark Bridge
Newcastle a free port
Newcastle Assembly Hall
Newcastle breakwater
Newcastle Classical & Commercial Academy
Newcastle Commissariat Dept
Newcastle Court House
Newcastle Court of Requests
Newcastle Court of Revision
Newcastle district
Newcastle District Council
Newcastle education
Newcastle free port
Newcastle Freemason's  Lodge
Newcastle Gaol
Newcastle harbour
Newcastle Harbour & Telegraph
Newcastle Harbourmaster
Newcastle Hospital
Newcastle Licensing Court
Newcastle Mechanics Institute
Newcastle military barracks
Newcastle pew holders
Newcastle pilot
Newcastle pilott & harbour Master
Newcastle Police Court
Newcastle Police Magistrate
Newcastle Police Office
Newcastle Post Office
Newcastle public wharf
Newcastle races
Newcastle regatta
Newcastle Scottish Church
Newcastle Steam Flour Mill
Newcastle Sugar Refinery
Newcastle Sunday Schools
Newcastle to Maitland bridges
Newcastle to Maitland road
Newcastle to Maitland roads
Newcastle to Morpeth road
Newcastle Wesleyan Chapel
Newcastle Wesleyan Church
Newlands James
Newman Henry Richard
Newsham John
Newspaper printers
Newspaper reporters
Newton Christopher
Newton Jacob
Newton Mr
Niagara Falls Canada
Nichol Anthony
Nicholls T
Nichols & Williams
Nichols G R
Nichols Mr
Nicholson Charles
Nicholson Charles Doctor
Nicholson Doctor
Nicholson Doctor MC
Nicholson John Jnr
Nicholson Malcolm
Nicholson Mr
Nicholson Mrs
Nicholson W
Nicholson William
Nickells Mary
Nicol A G Doctor
Nicol John
Nicols Samuel
Nind Mr
Nixon John
Nixon Patrick
Nixon Ralph
Nobby's Island
Noble James
Noble Mr
Nogueras General
Nolan Henry
Nolan Patrick
Noon James
Noonan John
Norbury Lord
Norfolk Island
Norfolk Island convicts
Norley Charles
Norman Thomas
Norrie James S
Norris H
Norris J
Norris William
Northumberland Hotel West Maitland
Northumberland occupation licenses
Norton J
Norton James
Norton Joseph
Norton Mr
Norton Mrs
Norton Mrs Hon
Norton Wicks
Nott Mr
Nowell John
Nowlan T
Nowland H
Nowland Henry
Nowland William
Nowland's Royal Hotel Muswellbrook
Noyes Maria
NSW customs bill
NSW population
NSW separation from Port Phillip
Nugent C E Admiral Sir
Nugent William
Nullo Mountain
Nunn Frances Taylor
Nunn Robert
Nyrang Jemmy
O'Brien Henry JP
O'Brien John
O'Brien Lucius
O'Brien Mr
O'Brien Patrick
O'Brien Smith
O'Brion Mrs
O'Byrne Laughlin
O'Connell C
O'Connell Captain
O'Connell D
O'Connell Daniel
O'Connell John
O'Connell M C Lieut General Sir
O'Connell M Sir
O'Connell Maurice Sir
O'Connell Mr
O'Connor J
O'Connor Mr
O'Donell William
O'Donnell Edward
O'Donnell Michael
O'Neil Mr
O'Neil William
O'Regan John
Oakhampton lake
Occupation licenses
Odd Fellows'  Lodge United Kingdom
Odd Fellows' Lodge West Maitland
Odd Fellows' Union Lodge Newcastle
Ogden Robert
Ogg Edward
Ogg Mr
Ogg W A
Ogg William Anderson
Ogilvie Edward
Ogilvie Mr
Ogilvie W
Ogilvie W JP
Ogilvie William
Ogilvie William J
Ogle John
Oil (black)
Old Richard
Olding John
Olive oil
One of the forty seven
Onions Samuel
Onslow R
Onus Joseph
Opthalmia or blight
Oram R H
Oram Thomas or William
Oregon USA
Ormston Trooper
Orphan School (female)
Orphan School (male)
Orr J
Orton Sarah
Osborne Henry
Osborne Robert
Osbourne Alick
Ottley R B
Otty George alias Haughty
Out of Evil commeth Good
Owen & Co
Owen & Nevill
Owen G B
Owen George Burgoyne
Owen Mr
Owen S
Owen Samuel
Owen Samuel & Co
Owen Thomas
Owen's stores
Owens Mr
Pacific aggression
Pacific to Atlantic Ocean canal
Packer William John
Paddington Presbyterian Church
Paddon Captain
Page Mr
Page Peter
Page River
Page Thomas
Page William
Page's River Presbyterian Church
Page's River races
Paget Lord William
Paine Thomas
Pake Charles
Palmer C
Palmer G  Councillor
Palmer G Councillor
Palmer G T
Palmer G T Jnr
Palmer George Thomas JP
Palmer John
Palmer Mr
Palmer W N
Pankhurst Mr
Panton Mr
Papeite Tahiti
Papineau Louis
Paris Museum of Natural History
Park Doctor
Park Mr
Parker Edward
Parker J S
Parker John S
Parker Mr
Parker Mrs
Parker N d'E
Parker Norcott d'Esterre
Parker S
Parker William
Parkes Henry
Parkhurst prison
Parkinson John
Parmeter Thomas
Parnell & Reynolds
Parnell J
Parnell J V
Parnell James
Parnell John
Parnell M
Parnell Messrs
Parnell Montague
Parnell Montague Doctor
Parnell Mr
Parnell Ratcliff
Parnell Thomas
Parramatta bridge
Parramatta Catholic Orphan School
Parramatta Chronicle newspaper
Parramatta Debating Society
Parramatta District Council
Parramatta gaol
Parramatta illegal still
Parramatta Incorporation
Parramatta mail coach
Parramatta police
Parramatta Quarter Sessions
Parramatta R C  Orphan School
Parramatta road
Parramatta St John's Church
Parramatta steamers
Parramatta township
Parramatta Wesleyan Chapel
Parry Long
Parsonages sites
Parsons George
Partridge William
Pass forms
Pastoral Association of Australia Felix
Pastoral Association of NSW
Patch Mr
Patching Elizabeth
Paterson (Upper) & Allyn road
Paterson - Chief Constable
Paterson brewery
Paterson Court House
Paterson Court of Requests
Paterson district
Paterson District Council
Paterson education
Paterson Episcopalian Church
Paterson Inn Paterson
Paterson John
Paterson Licensing Court
Paterson mail
Paterson mail coach
Paterson navigation
Paterson news
Paterson parsonage
Paterson police
Paterson Police Magistrate
Paterson Police Office
Paterson Presbyterian Church
Paterson Presbyterian residence
Paterson Presbyterian school
Paterson quarry
Paterson rents
Paterson River
Paterson River flood
Paterson River Presbyterian Church
Paterson school house
Paterson Scotch Church
Paterson township
Patfield Robert
Patman John
Patrick Alexander
Patrick's Plains
Patrick's Plains Benevolent Society
Patrick's Plains Court House
Patrick's Plains Court of Requests
Patrick's Plains district
Patrick's Plains District Council
Patrick's Plains Institution (school)
Patrick's Plains Presbyterian Church
Patrick's Plains races
Patrick's Plains Total Abstinence Society
Patriot newspaper
Patten Mr
Patten Mrs
Patten William
Patterson D
Patterson David
Pattison Captain
Pattison Robert Lorn
Paul Robert
Paulovich Mr
Paulovich R H
Pauterpool Scipio
Pawley Mr
Pawnbrokers bill
Payn Mr
Payn William
Payne John
Peacock J J
Pearl Charles
Pearse H Captain
Pearse Mr
Pearson Captain
Pearson Doctor
Pearson Mr
Pearson Rebecca
Peat Henry
Peebles David
Peede James
Peede John
Peek & Campbell
Peek William Patty
Peel Colonel
Peel R Sir
Peel River boiling down works
Peel Robert Sir
Peen Robert Sir
Pellam Mary
Pelling & Corless
Pelling Mr
Pelling William
Pembroke shipyards
Pembroke William
Penal colony
Pender J
Pender John
Pender Thomas
Pendray F
Pendray W Jnr
Pendray William
Pendray William Snr
Pennant Hills education
Penny Cyclopaedia
Penrith Agricultural Association
Penrith district
Penrith education
Penrith races
Pepperty Mr
Percock Joseph
Perkins Mary
Perkins Sarah
Perkins Thomas & Co
Perrett G Master
Perrett H Master
Perrott Thomas Montgomery
Perry James
Perry Mary
Perry Mr
Peter Captain
Peters A
Peters Captain
Peters Edmond
Peters Mr
Petherbridge Richard
Petit A Doctor
Pettit & Clark
Petty's Hotel Sydney
Pfandbriefe scheme
Pheeny Mr
Phelps John
Phillip County of
Phillip Mr
Phillip occupation licenses
Phillip Ward education
Phillips Francis Henry
Phillips George
Phillips James
Phillips John alias Wheeler
Phillips Mr
Phillips Mrs
Phillips William
Phillipson Captain
Pickerdike Elizabeth
Pickering boiling down works
Pickles James
Picton district
Picton education
Picton John
Picton police
Pierce Henry
Pierce Mr
Pigott John
Pike Captain
Pike J
Pike John
Pilcher H I
Pilcher Henry Incledon
Pilcher Mr
Pilot Stations Port Phillip
Pilot Stations Sydney
Pinder Richard
Piper James
Piper Thomas
Pite & Preston
Pite Mr
Pitt C S
Pitt Charles L
Pitt Charles S
Pitt Mr
Pitt Town education
Pitts Gordon
Plain Henry
Plaistowe John
Plaistowe Mr
Plomer P W
Plough Inn West Maitland
Plunkett J H
Plunkett J H MC
Plymouth breakwater
Plymouth shipyards
Pogmore Henry
Polack A
Polding Archbishop
Police & gaols
Police assessment bill
Police department Port Phillip
Police department Sydney
Police estimates
Police Magistrate
Police NSW
Police payments
Polignac Prince
Pollack Mr
Pollard James
Pollock F Sir
Pollock Mr
Pollock Thomas
Ponter Mr
Poole Morgan
Poor John
Poor Law
Poor Law bill
Poor Law Union of Cork
Popplewell Joseph
Population Hunter River
Population Maitland
Population Port Phillip
Population West Maitland
Port Albert customs office
Port Albert police
Port Essington
Port Fairy
Port Fairy Aborigine
Port Fairy customs office
Port Hunter
Port Jackson
Port Jackson floating light
Port Jackson pilots
Port Macquarie
Port Macquarie district
Port Macquarie Harbour & Telegraph
Port Macquarie road
Port Nicholson New Zealand
Port Phillip
Port Phillip Academical Institution
Port Phillip Bank
Port Phillip border police
Port Phillip customs department
Port Phillip district
Port Phillip District Council
Port Phillip flood
Port Phillip gaol
Port Phillip Gazette newspaper
Port Phillip Gazetteer
Port Phillip Harbour & Telegraph
Port Phillip Herald newspaper
Port Phillip Lighthouse & Telegraph
Port Phillip mail
Port Phillip markets
Port Phillip medical establishment
Port Phillip missions
Port Phillip mounted police
Port Phillip Native Police
Port Phillip News
Port Phillip police buildings
Port Phillip population
Port Phillip Post Office Department
Port Phillip Presbyterian Church
Port Phillip public buildings
Port Phillip public works
Port Phillip revenue
Port Phillip salted beef
Port Phillip schools
Port Phillip separation
Port Phillip shipping
Port Phillip Steam Navigation Co
Port Phillip superintendent
Port Phillip treasurer
Port Phillip water
Port Phillips public works
Port Sorell Episcopal Church
Port Stephens
Port Stephens bench
Port Stephens district
Port Stephens education
Port Stephens news
Port Stephens Police Magistrate
Porter Mr
Porter R
Porter Robert
Porter W
Portland free port
Portland soap factory
Portland stone
Portland to South Australia road
Portland wharf
Portmaster's Department
Portsmouth John
Portsmouth shipyards
Portugal revolution
Portugal tariffs
Portus Councillor
Portus J
Portus J O
Portus John
Portus Mr
Portus Mr & Mrs
Portus Mrs
Post Master's Department
Pottinger H Sir
Pottinger Henry Sir
Potts & Co
Potts Baxter & Brown
Potts Baxter & Co
Potts L
Potts L & Co
Potts L Jnr
Potts Law & Co
Potts Lawrence & Co
Potts Lawrence Jnr
Potts Mr
Potts Thomas Cannon
Poulton Francis
Poulton G
Poulton Mr
Povieden Mr
Povieden William
Power Margaret
Power T H
Power William
Powers James
Powers James
Powlett Mr
Powlett Mr Commissioner
Pownall John
Pownall Thomas
Poyntz Helena
Poyntz John (late)
Preferable lien on wool act
Prendergrast W
Prentice C
Prentice Charles
Prentice Mr
Prentice Thomas
Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Church Sydney
Presbyterian Church temporalities act
Presbyterian Glebe land West Maitland
Presbyterian marriages
Presbyterian schools
Prescott Ann Mrs
Preston Henry
Price James
Price John
Price Robert
Price Wheelock
Priestly James
Prince Albert
Prince William
Pringle Mr
Pringle R
Prior Master
Prior Phillip
Pritchard Constable
Pritchard Rev
Probation gangs
Promissory notes
Property & income tax bill (NZ)
Property 'Aberdeen'
Property 'Aberglasslyn'
Property 'Ahalton'
Property 'Albion Farm' Paterson River
Property 'Altham'
Property 'Anambah'
Property 'Archerfield Farm'
Property 'Archerfield'
Property 'Arden Hall'
Property 'Ashgate'
Property 'Ballendo'
Property 'Barraba'
Property 'Belford Estate'
Property 'Belford'
Property 'Belmont'
Property 'Bendolba'
Property 'Bengalla'
Property 'Berry Park'
Property 'Bickham'
Property 'Blairmore'
Property 'Blairmore' Muswellbrook
Property 'Blanmore'
Property 'Bloomfield'
Property 'Bolwarra'
Property 'Bonavista'
Property 'Bowthorne' estate
Property 'Branxton'
Property 'Brinkburne'
Property 'Brookville' Wyalla
Property 'Broughton'
Property 'Bunderbot'
Property 'Burnam Wood'
Property 'Cairnmore'
Property 'Cairnsmore'
Property 'Carrington'
Property 'Cedar Brush'
Property 'Cedarford'
Property 'Clevedon'
Property 'Clifden Estate'
Property 'Cockadingy'
Property 'Cockadyngy'
Property 'Corinda'
Property 'Coulston' Gresford
Property 'Creswell Park' Murrurundi
Property 'Curric-a-Bark'
Property 'Dagworth'
Property 'Dalswinton'
Property 'Dampton'
Property 'Damton'
Property 'Dartbrook'
Property 'Deridgery'
Property 'Donabong'
Property 'Donolly' ?
Property 'Dulwich'
Property 'Dunmore'
Property 'Dunolly'
Property 'Eaden Vale'
Property 'Eagleton'
Property 'Eastbank'
Property 'Edenglassie'
Property 'Falbrook'
Property 'Fillagra'
Property 'Folly'
Property 'Fordwick'
Property 'Frederickton'
Property 'Fullerton Cove'
Property 'Gammon Plains'
Property 'Glebe Cottage' West Maitland
Property 'Glendon Brook'
Property 'Glendon'
Property 'Glengarry'
Property 'Glenmire'
Property 'Goonoo Goonoo'
Property 'Gostwyck Plains'
Property 'Greenleek'
Property 'Greenwood'
Property 'Grose Farm'
Property 'Guadong'
Property 'Harben Vale'
Property 'Harper's Farm'
Property 'Haughton'
Property 'Haunsey'
Property 'Hillsborough'
Property 'Hinton' estate
Property 'Hollow Tree Farm'
Property 'Hopewell Cottage'
Property 'Irrawang'
Property 'Jerribumberri'
Property 'Kilcoy Cove'
Property 'Kinross'
Property 'Kirkton'
Property 'Lewinsbrook'
Property 'Loch Goyle'
Property 'Lochend Farm'
Property 'Lockyersleigh'
Property 'Long Bite'
Property 'Louth Park'
Property 'Lovely Banks' station
Property 'Matavia' Camden
Property 'Maybuville'
Property 'McDougall's Flats'
Property 'Melvee'
Property 'Melville'
Property 'Melville' Maitland
Property 'Mid Lorn'
Property 'Miranne Estate'
Property 'Mont Auban' Wollombi
Property 'Mount Emu Station'
Property 'Mount Thorley'
Property 'Mount Vernon' Dungog
Property 'Mountauban' Wollombi
Property 'Murrimbah'
Property 'Neotsfield'
Property 'Oakhampton'
Property 'Osterby'
Property 'Oswald'
Property 'Pelerin'
Property 'Pender's Cottages'
Property 'Pennington' estate
Property 'Penshurst'
Property 'Pentland'
Property 'Phoenix Park'
Property 'Pickering'
Property 'Piercefield'
Property 'Pitnacree'
Property 'Pitnacree' East Maitland
Property 'Porphyry Point'
Property 'Prentice's Farm'
Property 'Puen Buen'
Property 'Ranfurly Terrace'
Property 'Rathluba'
Property 'Ravensworth'
Property 'Red House Farm'
Property 'Rose Hill'
Property 'Rosebrook'
Property 'Rosemount'
Property 'Segenhoe'
Property 'Skellatar'
Property 'Springfield' Barossa South Aust
Property 'Strathisla'
Property 'Tanimba'
Property 'Tellighery'
Property 'The Grange'
Property 'The Grange' William River
Property 'The Jews'
Property 'Thornwaite'
Property 'Tillimbey'
Property 'Tocal'
Property 'Toryburn'
Property 'Tucker's grant'
Property 'Turunville'
Property 'Underbank'
Property 'Vinegar Cottage'
Property 'Wallalong'
Property 'Wambo'
Property 'Warrah'
Property 'Wilderness Farm'
Property 'Windermere'
Property 'Wiseman's Ferry '
Property 'Wollon Hills'
Property 'Woodlands'
Property 'Woodville'
Property 'Woombramurra'
Property 'Yarrabong'
Property 'Yarrandie'
Property 'Yarrendie'
Property 'Yarrundi'
Prospect education
Prout C
Prout Cornelious
Prout Mr
Provincial Bank of Ireland
Provost Ambrose alias Brown John
Provost Pierre
Pryer Matilda Mrs
Pryme George MA
Public house bill
Public service
Public works
Public Works Department
Publican's license
Publican's licensing act
Publican's licensing act bill
Publicans licenses
Puddy Joseph
Puddy Margaret or Connors Margaret
Pullen G
Pulteney Hotel
Pulty John
Punch John
Punch magazine newspaper
Purcel Charles
Purcell James
Purefoy Mr
Purulent Opthalmia
Purves Mr
Pyamil River
Pye Mr
Qualifications of medical practitioners bill
Quarry J B
Quarry Mr
Quarry Mrs
Quarterman William
Quealy Thomas alias Caley
Queanbeyan district
Queanbeyan District Council
Queanbeyan education
Queanbeyan squatting regulations
Queen Christina
Queen dowager
Queen of England
Queen of Spain
Queen Pomare
Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria Arms Hotel Newcastle
Queen Victoria Hotel East Maitland
Queen's Arms Hotel West Maitland
Queen's Birthday
Queen's Valley Van Diemen's Land
Queen's wharf
Quinlan John
Quinn Denis
Quinn Patrick
Quit rent Parramatta
Quit rents
Quit rents (town)
Quit rents Cassilis
Race horses
Radcliff Richard
Rae A
Rae Henry
Rae James
Rafferty Constable
Raftery John
Raftray William
Rail Patrick
Raile Captain
Raile P
Railway atmospheric
Railway England
Railway fares
Raine Catherine
Raine's Island
Rainford John
Raleigh's wharf
Ralph Mrs
Ralston G
Ralston Gavin
Ralston Gavin Mrs
Ralston Mrs
Ramsay A
Ramsay Mr
Randall Mr
Randell G
Random J
Random Mr
Ranelagh Lord
Ranfurly Terrace
Rankin Mr
Ranscomb Thomas
Raphael Joseph
Rapsey Captain
Rapsey Mr
Rapsey P H
Rapsey Peter Hitt
Rapsey S H
Rapsey Sam H
Ratcliffe William
Rattray George
Rattray Mr
Rattray William ?
Ravensworth boiling down works
Rawstone William
Ray James
Ray Thomas M
Ray Thomas Matthew
Raymond James
Raymond Mr
Raymond Mr JP
Raymond Samuel
Raymond Samuel LLD
Raymond Terrace
Raymond Terrace Court House
Raymond Terrace district
Raymond Terrace District Council
Raymond Terrace education
Raymond Terrace mail
Raymond Terrace news
Raymond Terrace Police Office
Raymond Terrace pound
Raymond Terrace to New England road
Raymond W O
Read James alias Wright
Reading Edward
Ready James
Ready Patrick
Ready Timothy
Reardon William
Rebecca riots
Red Cow Hotel West Maitland
Redford Mr
Redgate Ann
Redman Andrew
Redman Joseph
Reedy Patrick
Reeves Augustus
Reeves C
Reeves H
Reeves Henry
Reeves Miss
Reeves Mr
Reeves Mrs
Reeves' Albion Inn West Maitland
Regan Martin
Regan Mr
Regan Samuel
Register newspaper
Registrar General
Reiby Mary
Reid J
Reid James
Reid Mr
Reid's Mistake
Reilly James
Reilly Michael
Remington James
Remington Mrs
Rennel Major
Rennie James
Rents at Paterson
Repeal Association
Reuben H R
Rex Mr
Reynolds Anne alias Brown
Reynolds C
Reynolds Charles
Reynolds James
Reynolds Mr
Reynolds R
Reynolds Samuel
Reynolds Samuel aka 'Cranky Sam'
Rice Mary
Richard Jones
Richardson C
Richardson D
Richardson Edward
Richardson M
Richardson Martin
Richardson Mr
Richardson R
Richardson William
Richmond & Windsor
Richmond Duke of
Rickard Mr
Rickards J
Rickards Jno
Rickards John
Rickards Mr
Rickerby Jane
Riddell C D Hon
Riddell J
Riddell Mr
Riddle Mr
Ridgeway William
Ridley Mr
Rielly James
Rielly James alias Murphy John
Riley Catherine
Riley E
Riley Edward
Riley Emily
Riley Inspector
Riley John
Riley Michael
Riley Mr
Riley Mrs
Riley Peter (late)
Riley Sarah
Ringwood Samuel
Rinker Constable
Rinker John
Rinker John Constable
Rinkin Constable
Ripley & Ogle
Ripon Lord
Risby Charles
Risby Ellen
Risby James
Risby Mrs
Rising Sun Inn Wollombi
Ritchie A M
River Dee Van Diemen's Land
Roach Ellen
Roach James
Roach W
Roach William
Roads & bridges
Roberts C
Roberts Cave & Co
Roberts Jane
Roberts John
Roberts Josh
Roberts Mr
Roberts Robert
Roberts Thomas
Roberts William
Robertson A W
Robertson Brisbane
Robertson David
Robertson G
Robertson J
Robertson J B R Mrs
Robertson J S
Robertson J Snr
Robertson James
Robertson John
Robertson Mr
Robertson S
Robertson T
Robey R M
Robins Charles
Robins William
Robinson J P
Robinson J P MC
Robinson J Phelps MC
Robinson James alias Davis
Robinson Joseph Phelps
Robinson Mr
Robinson Naismith
Robinson R C JP
Robinson T W
Robinson T W Mr & Mrs
Robinson T W Mrs
Robinson Thomas
Robson George
Rodd B C
Rodd R A
Rogers James
Rogers John
Rogers Josh
Rogers Mr
Rogers Patrick
Rogers R
Rogers Richard
Rogers Robert
Roland Mr
Rolands Mr
Rolland's Plains flood
Rolwegan Mr
Roman Catholic schools
Rooney Michael alias Henry
Rosario Peter
Rose David
Rose Inn West Maitland
Rose Samuel
Rose Shamrock & Thistle Inn Morpeth
Rose tree
Ross Alfred
Ross Captain
Ross Doctor
Ross George
Ross James Clark Captain RN
Ross Mr
Ross Patrick Sir
Ross Rev
Ross Rev Doctor
Ross W Rev
Ross William
Ross William
Ross William Rev
Rosseter Thomas
Rosshire Scotland
Rossiter Mr
Rostron J
Rothsay de Stuart Lord
Rotton J
Rotton John
Rotton W
Rotton Walter
Rourke & Co
Rourke Henry
Rourke James
Rourke Mr
Rouse E
Rouse E G
Rouse Edwin
Rouse G
Rouse H Master
Rouse J R
Rouse John Richard
Rouse Mr
Rouse Richard
Rouse W
Rouse's Inn Newcastle
Rowand Macnab & Co
Rowe Mr
Rowe William
Rowlands Margaret
Rowley John
Rowley Samuel
Roxburgh bushranger
Roxburgh David
Roxby Captain
Royal Agricultural Society England
Royal College of Surgeons London
Royal Exchange Hotel Melbourne
Royal Gardens
Royal Geographical Society
Royal Hotel Melbourne
Royal Hotel Muswellbrook
Royal Hotel Sydney
Royal William Victualling Yard band
Ruance Patrick
Rucs William
Rudge Thomas
Rufus the
Rundle J B
Rundle Jeremiah Brice
Rundle Mr
Rusden F G
Rusden F Mrs
Rusden G K AM
Rusden G K Rev
Rusden G K Rev MA
Rusden Rev
Rush Michael
Rushen Castle gaol
Russell & Glover
Russell & Hayes (of Manila)
Russell B
Russell Bourn
Russell Captain
Russell Christopher
Russell Doctor
Russell Frederick
Russell Helen alias Gillespie
Russell J W
Russell James
Russell John
Russell John Lord
Russell Joseph
Russell Major
Russell Mr
Russell Robert
Russell Thomas Freath
Russell William
Russell William Major
Russell's old stores
Russell's stores
Russian govt
Rust George
Rust Richard
Rust Richard alias William
Rust Richard Mrs (late)
Rust William alias Richard
Rutherford publicans licenses
Rutledge Mr
Rutledge W
Rutter Doctor
Ryan Chief Constable
Ryan Daniel
Ryan Dennis
Ryan Henry
Ryan James
Ryan John
Ryan Master
Ryan Michael
Ryan Mr
Ryan Patrick
Ryan Philip
Ryan Rev
Ryan Simon
Ryrie Stewart
S Mr
Sadlier R
Sage Mr
Salamon E
Salamon Edward
Salisbury Marquis of
Saltfleet Charles
Salting Co
Sampson William
Samuel Saul
Sandeman Gordon
Sanderson John
Sandom William
Sandwich Islands news
Saracen's Head Inn Sydney
Sardinia King of
Sargeant Thomas & Son
Satchwell James
Satirist newspaper
Saul Andrew
Saunders J M
Saunders J Rev
Saunders John
Saunders John M
Saunders Mr
Saunderson Catherine
Savings Bank
Saward John
Sawkins Dousie
Sawyer John
Sawyer Mary
Sawyer Mr
Sawyer's Point mail
Saxe Coburg Gotha Duke
Saxony King of
Schofield J
Schofield John
Schofield Mr
Schofield S
School of Arts Melbourne
School sites
Scobbie Michael
Scobbie Mr
Scone Court House
Scone Court of Requests
Scone district
Scone education
Scone Episcopalian church
Scone mail
Scone news
Scone parsonage
Scope Henry
Scott A W
Scott Alexander Walker
Scott Captain
Scott Captain JP
Scott D C F
Scott David Charles Frederick
Scott Doctor
Scott F
Scott Francis
Scott Francis MP
Scott G
Scott George
Scott H
Scott Helenus
Scott Helenus JP
Scott Isabella
Scott James
Scott John
Scott Mr
Scott R & H
Scott R (late)
Scott R W
Scott Robert
Scott W
Scott W JP
Scott W PM
Scott Walter
Scott Walter PM
Scott Walter Sir
Scott William
Scougall Richard
Scovall Captain
Screiber Doctor
Scrutton R L
Scutts John
Sea serpent
Seaham education
Seaham mail
Seaham school
Seal hunting
Seal Rocks
Searles James alias Tigser
Selby Mr
Seller Mr
Sellick John
Selwood John
Separation Society of Port Phillip
Servants Registry Office
Settler's Arms Hotel West Maitland
Sewell George
Sewell Joseph
Sexton Thomas
Seymour F Sir Rear Admiral
Seymour G Sir (?)
Shadforth Colonel
Shadforth H J J
Shadforth Thomas
Shamrock Inn Anvil Creek
Shamrock Inn Black Creek
Shanklin H E
Shannon Michael
Sharp Joseph
Sharp William
Sharpe G
Shaw Francis Lewis
Shaw Lachlan
Shaw Mathew
Shaw Mr
Shea Peter
Sheehan J
Sheehan John
Sheehan Mary
Sheen Maria
Sheep skins
Sheil Mr
Sheldon H I
Sheldon Henry Terry
Shelton J G
Shepherd James
Sheppard G
Sheppard G B W
Sheridan John
Sherwin Ann
Sherwin Doctor
Shiel Mr
Ship -  HMS "Bramble"
Ship - "Abberton"
Ship - "Achilles"
Ship - "Adventure"
Ship - "Alexander"
Ship - "Alfred"
Ship - "Amwell"
Ship - "Arab"
Ship - "Arachane"
Ship - "Arachne"
Ship - "Ariel"
Ship - "Augustus"
Ship - "Australasian Packet"
Ship - "Barossa"
Ship - "Basilisk"
Ship - "Bella Marina"
Ship - "Bencoolen"
Ship - "Bessy"
Ship - "Bluenose"
Ship - "Blundell"
Ship - "Brigand"
Ship - "Briton"
Ship - "Brothers"
Ship - "Bucephalus"
Ship - "Bull"
Ship - "Burhampooter"
Ship - "Bytown"
Ship - "Caledonia"
Ship - "Camilla"
Ship - "Caroline"
Ship - "Ceylon"
Ship - "Chance"
Ship - "Charles Webb"
Ship - "Charlestown"
Ship - "Chartis"
Ship - "Cheviot"
Ship - "Clarkson"
Ship - "Collingwood"
Ship - "Cornubia"
Ship - "Corsair"
Ship - "Cremona"
Ship - "Cuba"
Ship - "Cumberland"
Ship - "Czar"
Ship - "David"
Ship - "Domain"
Ship - "Driver"
Ship - "Dublin"
Ship - "Eclipse"
Ship - "Eliza Ann"
Ship - "Elizabeth"
Ship - "Embuscade"
Ship - "Equestrian"
Ship - "Erebus"
Ship - "Ettrick"
Ship - "Eweretta"
Ship - "Express"
Ship - "Ganges"
Ship - "Gannet"
Ship - "Garland Grove"
Ship - "General Hewett"
Ship - "George"
Ship - "Georgetown"
Ship - "Gipsy"
Ship - "Giraffe"
Ship - "Glenbervie"
Ship - "Goodwin"
Ship - "Governor Phillip"
Ship - "Great Britain"
Ship - "Great Western"
Ship - "Grenville"
Ship - "Haidee"
Ship - "Hamlet"
Ship - "Harriet"
Ship - "Harriette Nathan"
Ship - "Hazard"
Ship - "Helena"
Ship - "Henrietta"
Ship - "Herald"
Ship - "Hibernia"
Ship - "Hindoo"
Ship - "Huntress"
Ship - "Ianthe"
Ship - "Isabella"
Ship - "James Watt"
Ship - "Jane Williams"
Ship - "Jane"
Ship - "Janus"
Ship - "John Dalton"
Ship - "John Williams"
Ship - "Julia"
Ship - "Juno"
Ship - "Karuah"
Ship - "Kelso"
Ship - "La Myrtle"
Ship - "La Reine Blanche"
Ship - "Lady Eaton"
Ship - "Lady Franklin"
Ship - "Lady Mary Wood"
Ship - "Lanchester"
Ship - "Lapwing"
Ship - "Lily"
Ship - "Lloyds"
Ship - "Lord Auckland"
Ship - "Lord Keane"
Ship - "Louisa"
Ship - "Maitland"
Ship - "Manchester"
Ship - "Maria Somes"
Ship - "Martha"
Ship - "Mary Ann"
Ship - "Mary Sharp"
Ship - "Mary Shary"
Ship - "Mary White"
Ship - "Mary"
Ship - "Meg Merrilies"
Ship - "Memnon"
Ship - "Mermaid"
Ship - "Morayshire"
Ship - "Munro"
Ship - "Navigator"
Ship - "Neptune"
Ship - "Northumberland"
Ship - "Ocean Queen"
Ship - "Parrock Hall"
Ship - "Paterson"
Ship - "Pedlar"
Ship - "Penyard Park"
Ship - "Perseverance"
Ship - "Piscator"
Ship - "Prince George"
Ship - "Princeton"
Ship - "Rajah"
Ship - "Ranger"
Ship - "Rebecca Sims"
Ship - "Renown"
Ship - "Rosalind"
Ship - "Rose"
Ship - "Royal Consort"
Ship - "Royal George"
Ship - "Royal Saxon"
Ship - "Sally Ann"
Ship - "Scotia"
Ship - "Sesostris"
Ship - "Shamrock"
Ship - "Sophia Jane"
Ship - "Sovereign"
Ship - "St George"
Ship - "St Michael"
Ship - "St Vincent"
Ship - "Sultana"
Ship - "Taglioni"
Ship - "Tamar"
Ship - "Tasmania"
Ship - "Templar"
Ship - "Terrible"
Ship - "Terror"
Ship - "Thalia"
Ship - "Thistle"
Ship - "Thomas Hughes"
Ship - "Tobago"
Ship - "Trial"
Ship - "Trinidad"
Ship - "Tuscaloosa"
Ship - "United Kingdom"
Ship - "Uranie"
Ship - "Urgent"
Ship - "Vesta"
Ship - "Wallace"
Ship - "Wanderer"
Ship - "Waterman"
Ship - "Wave"
Ship - "Wellington"
Ship - "William Metcalfe"
Ship - "William Mitcalfe"
Ship - "William Sharples"
Ship - "William the Fourth"
Ship - "William"
Ship - "Wilsons"
Ship - "Wonder"
Ship - "Young Queen"
Ship - HMS "Cormorant"
Ship - HMS "Cygnet"
Ship - HMS "Fly"
Ship - HMS "Hazard"
Ship - HMS "Spartan"
Ship - HMS "Thalia"
Ship - HMS "Vestal"
Ship Inn Newcastle
Shipley William
Shipping bars & entrances
Shipping dredge Geelong
Shipping dredge Hunter River
Shipping dredge Parramatta
Shipping dredge Parramatta River
Shipping dredge Paterson River
Shipping dredge Port Jackson
Shipping dredge Port Phillip
Shipping dredge Sydney
Shipping dredge Sydney Cove
Shipping dredge William River
Shipping Ireland
Shipping Mail packets
Shipping navigation
Shipping P & O Line
Sholders Henry
Sholders Mr
Short Thomas
Shortland Governor
Shortland Mr
Shoulders Henry
Shoulders Mr
Shrewsbury Earl of
Sibthorp Rev
Sidmouth Viscount
Silk Mary
Sillitoe A
Sillitoe Mr
Simmonds Joseph
Simmonds P L
Simmons I
Simmons Joseph
Simmons Mr
Simon Pure
Simple Peter
Simpson C JP
Simpson Charles
Simpson Charles JP
Simpson Charles PM
Simpson John
Simpson Mr
Simpson Mr JP
Simpson Percy
Simpson W
Simpson William
Sims George
Sims John
Sims Mr
Sims William
Simson & Carr
Simson John
Sinclair Doctor
Sinclair William
Sing John the younger
Single John
Single Mr
Singleton Ben
Singleton Benevolent Asylum
Singleton Benevolent Society
Singleton boiling down works
Singleton church
Singleton Court House
Singleton Court of Requests
Singleton District Council
Singleton education
Singleton Episcopalian Church
Singleton hail
Singleton horse races
Singleton livestock thefts
Singleton lockup
Singleton mail
Singleton mail coach
Singleton news
Singleton Police Office
Singleton Post Master
Singleton Post Office
Singleton Presbyterian Church
Singleton publican licenses
Singleton races
Singleton river crossing
Singleton roads
Singleton school
Singleton to Maitland road
Singleton Total Abstinence Society
Sinister James
Sippe Francis
Sir George Gipps Hotel Wollombi
Sir Thomas Mitchell Inn Singleton
Skelly Edward
Skinner A
Skinner Alfred Mrs
Skinner Francis
Skinner Mr
Skinner T
Skinner Thomas
Skinner W
Skinner William
Slack Mr
Slack W
Slack W J
Slack William J
Slack William James
Slatterie Denis
Slaughter houses
Slave trade
Sleigh Edward
Slight Mr
Sloan Ann Miss
Sloan David Doctor
Sloan Doctor
Sloane David
Sloane Doctor
Sloans George alias Farrah Millington
Sly Joseph
Smaile B
Small farm system
Small George
Small Thomas
Smallwood Thomas
Smart James
Smart Mary
Smart Mr
Smart T W
Smidmore Councillor
Smidmore Mr
Smith & Harper
Smith A B & Co
Smith Abel
Smith Adam
Smith Alexander
Smith Ambrose
Smith Andrew
Smith Andrew Blower
Smith Andrew Blowers
Smith Ann
Smith Bernhard
Smith C
Smith Captain JP
Smith Charles
Smith Charles Frederick Hamilton PM
Smith Christopher
Smith Daniel
Smith Daniel alias Donovan
Smith Edward
Smith Elizabeth
Smith Elizabeth Erskine
Smith Francis
Smith G
Smith H
Smith Henry
Smith Henry Constable
Smith J
Smith J A
Smith J A PM
Smith J G
Smith James
Smith James A
Smith James Nelson
Smith John
Smith John Galt
Smith Jones Agnew
Smith Jones Agnew JP
Smith Joseph
Smith Joseph Rayner
Smith Mary
Smith Mary alias Blundell
Smith Mary Ann
Smith Miss
Smith Mr
Smith Mrs
Smith Norman
Smith Peter
Smith R
Smith Rev
Smith Robert
Smith Solomon
Smith Sydney
Smith Thomas
Smith W
Smith William
Smith William alias Horseman
Smyth George
Smyth Henry
Snape Mr
Snodgrass Colonel
Snodgrass Colonel CB JP
Snodgrass Janet Wright
Snodgrass K Colonel CB
Snodgrass Kenneth Jnr
Snodgrass Mrs
Snodgrass William
Snowball Mr
Soap & Candle Manufactory
Soap & Candle Works
Society Islands
Society of Friends
Society of Horticulture & Botany & Science
Solomon Abraham
Solomon David
Solomon J
Solomon James
Solomon Joseph
Solomon Mr
Solomon Philip
Solomons Benjamin
Solomons Samuel
Somers Patrick alias Kelly
Somerset Granville Lord
Somerville M T
Sommers Patrick alias Kelly
Somnauth gates
Song 'An Old Hand's Chaunt'
Song 'The Oldest Hand Upon the Hunter River
Soole William
Soult Marshal
South Australia
South Australia expedition
South Australia to Portland
South Australian news
South Australian Society
South Creek
South Head Lighthouse
South Mr
South Sea islands
Sowness Constable
Spain news
Spain Royal family
Spalls Mr
Spark A B
Spark Alexander Brodie
Spark Mr
Sparke A B
Sparke E
Sparke Edward
Sparke Edward Snr
Sparke John
Sparke M A H
Sparke Mr
Sparke Mrs
Sparke William
Sparkes Mr
Spectacle Island
Spence & Co
Spence Brown J L
Spence Charles Rev MA
Spence Mr
Spencer Charles Rev
Spencer Thomas
Spicer Thomas
Spiers George
Spirit trade
Sponge gatherers
Spontaneous combustion
Spooner John
Sportsman's Arms Hotel West Maitland
Spraggs Joseph
Spraggs Mrs
Spratt William
Spread Eagle Inn Rutherford
Spring Bay caverns
Sprot Alexander
Sprott Mr
Spyer L
Spyer L & S
Spyer S
Squatting  regulations
Squatting act bill
Squatting licenses
Squatting regulations
St Andrew Parochial Association
St James Grammar School Sydney
St James Infant School
St John Major
St John the Evangelist festival
St John's Total Abstinence Society
St Lawrence Parochial Association
St Lucia
St Patrick's Abstinence & Temperance Society
St Paul Island
Stack M
Stack Maurice
Stack Rev
Stack W
Stack W Mrs
Stack W Rev
Stack William Rev
Stafford J C
Stafford Joseph
Stafford William
Stallard Phillip Martin
Stanley Benjamin
Stanley Lord
Stanley Mr
Stansfield Isaac
Stanton Mr
Stapleford John
Stapleton Mr
Stapleton T
Stapleton Thomas
Stapylton Mr
Stapylton Mrs
Stapylton T
Stark R
Stark Richard
Starkhorn Mr
Starks Richard
Steam engine deposits
Steam Flour Mills West Maitland
Steam Mills Muswellbrook
Steel Jane
Steel Mr
Steele J M
Steele Thomas
Stenhouse & Hardy
Stent H
Stent Henry
Stephen Alfred
Stephen Mr
Stephen Mr Justice
Stephen Sydney
Stephen's Hotel Windsor Road
Stephens George
Stephens William
Stephenson Bartholomew
Stephenson Colin
Stephenson Elizabeth Campbell
Stephenson James
Stephenson Mr
Stephenson S
Stephenson Stephen
Sterly Benjamin
Stevenson Mary
Steward Charles
Stewart Cornelius
Stewart Doctor
Stewart Edward
Stewart J
Stewart John
Stewart John Doctor
Stewart John Surgeon
Stewart M
Stewart Mary
Stewart Matthew
Stewart Mr
Stewart R Rev
Stewart Rev
Stewart Robert
Stewart Thomas
Stewart Walter
Stewart William
Stilsby James
Stilsby Mr
Stinging Ray Point Lake Macquarie
Stirling J JP
Stirling John
Stirling Mr
Stirling William
Stocks Joseph
Stockton cloth manufactory
Stockton cloth works
Stockton foundry
Stockton manufactory
Stockton salt manufactory
Stockton soap manufactory
Stockton to Darlington railway England
Stockton town
Stoddart Colonel
Stolworthy D
Stolworthy David
Stolworthy David Doctor
Stolworthy Doctor
Stone Edward John
Stone Mr
Stony Creek bridge Wollombi
Stranger John
Stratton Charles S
Stratton John
Stratton Mr
Street Charles
Street Doctor
Streleski Count
Strode Mr
Strong George
Stroud news
Stroud storm
Stubbs Mr
Stubbs Thomas
Studley Simon
Stump Mr
Sturge Joseph
Sturt Captain
Sturt Mr
Sugar duty
Sugarloaf Point
Sugden E Sir
Sugee-Bag Creek
Sullivan Chief Constable
Sullivan Daniel
Sullivan Denis
Sullivan Dennis
Sullivan John
Sullivan Robert
Sultan of Turkey
Summer George
Summerbell Andrew
Supreme Court
Supreme Court bill (NZ)
Sussex Duke of
Sussex Dukedom
Sutton Forest education
Sutton H C
Suttor George
Suttor Mr
Suttor Mr MC
Suttor W H MC
Swales Joseph
Swales S
Swallow Samuel
Swan Mr
Swan Richard Jnr
Swan Robert
Sweeney Denis
Swetman William
Swift Q V
Swift Quinten
Swinburne Ralph
Sydney Abstinence & Temperance Society
Sydney Bank
Sydney Benevolent Asylum
Sydney Benevolent Society
Sydney cemetery
Sydney Circular Quay
Sydney City Council
Sydney City Theatre
Sydney College
Sydney Cove
Sydney Customs
Sydney dispensary
Sydney District Council
Sydney education
Sydney flood
Sydney gaol
Sydney incorporation Act bill
Sydney incorporation bill
Sydney Independent Chapel
Sydney lamp lighters
Sydney mail packets
Sydney Markets
Sydney Mayor
Sydney Morning Herald newspaper
Sydney mounted police
Sydney north shore education
Sydney police
Sydney Police Office
Sydney Presbyterian Church
Sydney Record newspaper
Sydney Salting Co
Sydney School of Arts
Sydney Scots Church
Sydney St Andrew's Church
Sydney St James' Church
Sydney St Mary's Cathedral
Sydney St Mary's Church
Sydney Supreme Court
Sydney Trinity Church
Sydney water Police
Syers Bros
Synod of Australia education
Taaffe Francis
Tabor Captain
Taggarty William
Tahiti news
Tailby George
Taite Mr
Talbot Lord
Tamar River
Tamar River caverns
Tamar Steam Navigation Co
Tamworth Border Police Office
Tamworth mail
Tanswell Stephen
Tarban Creek Asylum
Taree occupation licenses
Targat John
Tariff bill
Tarpy Michael
Tatham's Essay
Taught Alfred
Taylor & Beattie
Taylor Arthur
Taylor Captain
Taylor Councillor
Taylor Edward
Taylor F
Taylor George
Taylor Hugh
Taylor J
Taylor James
Taylor John
Taylor Joseph
Taylor Mr
Taylor Mrs
Taylor Samuel
Taylor Thomas
Taylor W T
Taylor William
Taylor's Inn West Maitland
Teale John Henry
Tebbutt & Co
Tebbutt Alfred John
Tegg James
Tegg's Almanac
Telegraph Stations Department
Telford Mr
Temple of Concord
Templer Mr
Terry R
Texas USA
Thacker John
Thames embankment
The Bee of Australia newspaper
Theedham George
Therry Mr
Therry R
Therry Roger
Thomas Edward
Thomas T Thomas
Thomas Thomas
Thompson & Co
Thompson Charles
Thompson Charlotte
Thompson Colonel
Thompson J Master
Thompson Margaret Miss
Thomson Alexander
Thomson Doctor
Thomson E Deas
Thomson Edward Deas
Thomson James
Thomson Mr
Thomson Mrs Hotel Parramatta Road
Thone George
Thorley Philip
Thorley William
Thornley Mr
Thornton F
Thornton George
Thornton John
Thornton Mary
Thornton Sylvester
Thornton's Family Hotel Muswellbrook
Thorpe John
Thouars Du Petit Admiral
Thouars Dupetit Admiral
Thoyley Phillip
Threlfall Owen
Threlkeld J T
Threlkeld L E Rev
Threlkeld Mr
Thrum Mr
Thumb Tom
Thumb Tom General
Thurlow Councillor
Thurlow Mr
Thurlow W
Thurlow William
Tibbery Elizabeth alias Hodham
Tibbs Mr
Ticket of Leave
Tidal movement
Tierney Doctor
Tierney J
Tierney J Rev
Tierney John
Tierney Mr
Tierney Thomas Rev
Tiffin Robert
Tighe Miss
Tighe Mrs
Tighe Robert
Tigser alias Searles James
Timber bark
Tindall William Jnr
Tinson M A
Tinson Mr
Tinson S
Tinson W
Tinson William
Titian Venus
Tobacco Factory
Toby Thomas Whitty
Tod & Fenwick
Todhunter Elizabeth
Todhunter Mr
Todhunter Mrs
Todhunter W
Tomkinson Thomas
Tomlin Francis
Tonge Constable
Tonge Peter
Toohey Thomas
Tooke Thomas FRS
Toomer James
Tooney Maurice
Tooth E
Tooth R
Tooth R & E
Toran David
Torres Strait
Total Abstinence & Temperance Advocate
Total Abstinence Society
Town John Snr
Towns R
Towns Robert
Townsend G
Towse John
Tozer Mr
Tozer Mr
Tozer Thomas M
Tozer Thomas N
Trades Arms Inn East Maitland
Tradesman's Arms Hotel East Maitland
Transportation of convicts
Travis Moses
Trayhum George
Tregallas J T
Trevalyan James
Trimmer E
Trindle R
Trott William
Tuck J W
Tuck John Warn
Tuck Mr
Tuck W
Tucker & Jones
Tucker Amelia
Tucker Captain
Tucker James
Tucker Mr
Tucker T W
Tucker Thomas W
Tucker Thomas William
Tucker William
Tuckerman Mr
Tudor Robert
Tuffy Denis
Tulloch James
Tully G
Tully George
Tully Mr
Tumut flood
Turley W
Turnbull Rachel
Turner Andrew
Turner Captain
Turner E
Turner Edw.
Turner Edward
Turner Edward Charles
Turner Elizabeth
Turner G
Turner G C
Turner George
Turner J
Turner J H V
Turner John
Turner Mathew
Turner Mr
Turner Mrs
Turner Robert
Turner William
Turner William Mrs
Turnpike trusts bill
Tuson A D
Tuson Arthur Bailey
Tute Thomas Private
Twickenham Plains
Twigg Joseph
Twofold Bay free port
Twy Joseph & Bros
Tyghe Robert Master
Tyler Mr
Tyrrell (family)
Tyrrell John
Tyrrell P J Rev
Tyrrell Peter James Rev PP
Tyrrell T
Tzinos Mr
Underwood & Eddie
Underwood Mr
Underwood T
Underwood Thomas
Union Bank
Union Bank of Australia
Union Hotel East Maitland
Union Hotel Newcastle
Union Inn Dungog
Union Steam Mills
United Church of England & Ireland
Unwin Mr
Upper Hunter grasshoppers
Upshar Mr
Upsher A P
Upshur Secretary
Upton Mr
USA Democratic Party
USA expenses
USA govt
USA menagerie
USA militia
USA news
USA trade
USA treaty
Usher Mr
Usury bill
Usury law
Uther R
Vaillant James Antoine
Vaillant Monsieur
Vale Joseph
Vallack A
Vallack Adh.
Vallack Doctor
Valley of Palms
Van Buren Mr
Van Diemen's Land
Van Diemen's Land Commissariat
Van Diemen's Land convicts
Van Diemen's Land flood
Van Diemen's Land meat contractors
Van Diemen's Land news
Vannett John Legh
Veighan James
Vereker Miss
Verge G
Veteran's grant
Victoria County England
Victoria Inn Newcastle
Victoria Queen
Victoria Theatre Melbourne
Victoria Theatre Sydney
Victoria Valley Van Diemen's Land
Vidal Francis Rev
Vidal Mr
Videlle John
Videlle Mr
Vidler George
Vienna suspension bridge
Viggs W H
Vigors Mr
Villiers Mr
Vine Gorsham
W of Paterson River
Waddle D Master
Waddle W Master
Wade J
Wade Mr
Wade W
Wainwright Mr
Wairoa massacre
Wait Thomas
Waite John
Waites Samuel
Wake Anne
Wake Jane
Walden Lucy Mrs
Wale John
Wales news
Wales turnpike roads
Walfield John
Walford Joseph
Walker Constable
Walker G
Walker George
Walker George Constable
Walker J T
Walker James
Walker James Devonport
Walker John
Walker Mr
Walker Mr Jnr
Walker Thomas
Walker Thomas MC
Walker W & Co
Walker William
Walking pie man
Wall W P
Wallace Doctor
Wallace Mr
Wallace William
Waller John Greig
Waller Mrs
Waller Thomas
Wallis John
Wallis Plains
Wallis' Creek
Wallis' Creek bridge Maitland
Wallis' Creek flood
Wallis' Creek Maitland
Wallis' Creek water
Walpole John Adair
Walsh Catherine
Walsh Edward
Walsh John
Walsh Mr
Walsh Patrick
Walsh Rev
Walthall & Co
Walthall C E
Walthall Mr
Wambo parish
Wanett William
Warburton H
Warby John
Ward David
Ward E
Ward Ellen Mrs
Ward James
Ward Matthew
Ward Mr
Ward R
Ward Richard
Ward Thomas
Ward's Inn Muswellbrook
Wardlow Charles
Warland's Range
Warne C F
Warne Mr
Warne Thomas
Warren A
Warren A JP
Warren A PM
Warren John
Warren Mr
Warren Mr JP
Warren William
Warwick Plains flood
Washington George General
Water mills
Water spout
Waterford William
Waterloo Inn West Maitland
Watkins Eliza
Watkins Samuel
Watkins Thomas
Watsford's Hotel
Watson & Wright
Watson G
Watson George
Watson George & Co
Watson George Mrs
Watson Henry Grumsley
Watson James
Watson Mr
Watson W
Watt Alexander
Watt D
Watt David
Watts John
Watts Joseph
Watts Mr
Wauchope & Riddell
Waugh Mr
Waverly novels
Way A
Way J
Way Mr
Weaver Charles
Webb Thomas
Webber J P
Webster Mr
Weekes Mr
Weeks Mr
Weights & Measures
Welch Johanna
Weld C R
Weller Elizabeth
Weller George
Weller Mr
Weller William
Weller's grants
Wellington Court
Wellington district
Wellington Duke of
Wells Joseph
Wells Mr
Wells W H
Wells William Henry
Wellwood William
Welsh & Fisher
Welsh Edward
Welsh Ellen
Welsh John
Welsh Mr
Welsh Mr
Welsh Patrick
Wentworth D'Arcy
Wentworth D'Arcy MC
Wentworth George
Wentworth Major
Wentworth Major MC
Wentworth Mr
Wentworth W C
Wentworth W C AM MC
Wentworth W C MC
Wentworth W C Mrs
Wentworth William Charles
Werngren Mr
Wesleyan Chapel Parramatta
Wesleyan Church education
Wesleyan Church education - England
Wesleyan schools
West Doctor
West Josiah
West Maitland
West Maitland Academy
West Maitland building allotments
West Maitland Catholic school
West Maitland Cricket Club
West Maitland education
West Maitland electoral lists
West Maitland Episcopalian Church
West Maitland library
West Maitland lockup
West Maitland night watchman
West Maitland Post Office
West Maitland Presbyterian church
West Maitland Presbyterian glebe
West Maitland Presbyterian residence
West Maitland Presbyterian school
West Maitland publicans licenses
West Maitland races
West Maitland school
West Maitland school house
West Maitland Scots Church
West Maitland Servants Registry Office
West Maitland sly grog shops
West Maitland sports day
West Maitland St John the Baptist Church
West Maitland St Mary's C of E Church
West Maitland St Mary's Church
West Maitland Steam Flour Mills
West Maitland Temple of Concord
West Maitland Total Abstinence Society
West Maitland Wesleyan Chapel
West Mr
Westby Edmund
Western Mr
Western Port district flood
Westminster Marquis of
Westmore J
Weston G O
Weston George Ormsby
Weston Henry
Whalan Patrick
Whale bone
Whale Thomas
Whately Robert
Wheat Sheaf Inn Morpeth
Wheatley George
Wheeler 'Fatty'
Wheeler 'Scotchie'
Wheeler 'Yankee'
Wheeler Bob
Wheeler John alias Phillips
Whelan Bridget
Whelan George
Whitaker Aquila
Whitaker Charles
Whitaker Isaac
White Benjamin
White Daniel
White G B
White Hart Inn Murrurundi
White Henry
White Isaac
White J
White J C
White J S
White James
White James alias Kerry
White James S
White John
White Joseph
White Joseph George
White Laban
White Mr
White Mrs
White Samuel
White Sarah
White Swan Inn Murrurundi
White Swan Inn West Maitland
White Thomas
White William
Whitehead James
Whitehead Robert
Whitelaw William John Doctor
Whitfield Mr
Whittle William
Whooping Cough
Whytlaw Doctor
Wicketty Wees's
Wicks Moses
Widow's pension
Wielby Cornelius
Wielby Mr
Wigan Hugh
Wiggam James
Wightman A
Wightman Adam Stewart
Wightman Alex
Wightman Alexander
Wightman Mr
Wilberforce education
Wilcock William
Wild Henry
Wild Jonathan
Wilford Thomas
Wilkes Councillor
Wilkie J P
Wilkie John Perrel
Wilkie Mr
Wilkin John
Wilkins Mr
Wilkinson Charles
Wilkinson G
Wilkinson George
Wilkinson Henry
Wilkinson J
Wilkinson James
Wilkinson John
Wilkinson Master
Wilkinson Mr
Wilks Mr
Wilks Thomas
Wilks William
Willah-Willah Creek
William Clark
William River
William River flood
William River occupation licenses
William River Presbyterian Church
Williams A
Williams Allan
Williams Andrew
Williams C T
Williams Edward Eyre
Williams Frederick
Williams George
Williams George (late)
Williams Henry
Williams J C
Williams J W
Williams James
Williams John
Williams John Charles
Williams Matilda
Williams Mr
Williams Thomas
Williams V G
Williamson George (late)
Williamson John
Williamson Lavinia
Williamson Mr
Williamson T (late)
Willis Arthur
Willis Arthur Jnr
Willis Arthur Snr
Willis Chief Constable
Willis Constable
Willis John
Willis Judge
Willis Sandeman & Co
Willmett Mr
Wills Colin
Wills Mr
Wills Thomas
Willson Rt Rev Dr
Wilmot Doctor
Wilmot Eardley Sir
Wilshire Alderman
Wilshire Mayor
Wilshire Mr
Wilson Adam
Wilson Buchanan
Wilson C
Wilson Christopher Moore
Wilson Coates
Wilson Coser & Henderson
Wilson F
Wilson John
Wilson John MA
Wilson Mr
Wilson Peter
Wilson Sergeant
Wilson Thomas
Wilson William alias McGuiggan
Wilton Albinia Margaret Mackenzie
Wilton C P N Rev
Wilton C P N Rev MA
Wilton C Pleydell N Rev
Wilton C Pleydell N Rev MA
Wilton Ephraim
Wilton Rev
Wilton William Doctor
Winder T W
Windermere boiling down works
Windeyer A
Windeyer Archibald
Windeyer Charles
Windeyer Charles PM
Windeyer Mr
Windeyer Mr MC
Windeyer Mr Snr
Windeyer R
Windeyer R MC
Windeyer Richard
Windeyer Richard MC
Windeyer Thomas
Windeyer Walter
Windsor & Richmond
Windsor district
Windsor District Council
Windsor education
Windsor Express newspaper
Windsor flood
Windsor horse races
Windsor hospital
Windsor mail coach
Windsor news
Winship T
Winstanley Peter
Winter Barney
Winter James
Winter Mr
Winter W
Winter William
Wire rope
Wisdom J
Wisdom John
Wisdom Mr
Wisdom Robert
Wisdom W
Wise Jane
Wise John
Wise Mr
Wiseman Elizabeth
Wiseman Ferry Inn
Wiseman John
Wiseman R A
Wiseman Richard
Wiseman Richard A
Wiseman Richard Alexander
Wiseman Sophia
Wiseman T
Wiseman T Councillor
Wiseman Thomas
Witness bill
Witness certificates
Witt Gilbert
Wolfe J
Wolfe James
Wolfe James Mrs
Wolfe Mr
Wolff Doctor
Wolff Rev Doctor
Wollomba occupation licenses
Wollombi  to Maitland road
Wollombi Court House
Wollombi Court of Requests
Wollombi Crown Land
Wollombi district
Wollombi District Council
Wollombi mail
Wollombi news
Wollombi Police Court
Wollombi Police Office
Wollombi Post Office
Wollombi R C Chapel
Wollombi road
Wollombi roads & bridges
Wollombi sports day
Wollombi to Maitland road
Wollongong breakwater
Wollongong pilot
Wollongong races
Wollongong school
Women's rights
Wood & Perks
Wood Alderman
Wood Chief Constable
Wood G Chief Constable
Wood George
Wood George Chief Constable
Wood Henry
Wood James
Wood John
Wood Miss
Wood R
Wood Robert
Wood William
Woodbury William
Woodfield John
Woodford J
Woodham Harriet
Woodhouse Mr
Woodhouse Thomas
Woodley Samuel
Woodman Harriet
Woods Benjamin
Woods John
Woods Michael
Woodward Benjamin
Wool duty
Wool fair
Woolley M
Woolley T
Woolley Thomas
Woolloomooloo Gaol
Woolloomooloo Supreme Court
Woolpack Inn Newcastle
Woolpack Inn West Maitland
Woolton David
Woolwich shipyards
Workman W
Wort J
Wotton Charles
Wright E
Wright Edmund
Wright Edward
Wright Henry
Wright Hezekiale
Wright James
Wright James alias Read
Wright John
Wright Mr
Wright Mr & Mrs
Wright Philip W
Wright Robert
Wright William
Wyllie Henry
Wyndham G
Wyndham G JP
Wyndham George
Wyndham Mr
Wyse Mr
Yabsley Benjamin
Yarra River
Yarra River flood
Yarra Yarra bridge
Yarrows mail
Yass district
Yass District Council
Yass education
Yass mail
Yass mail coach
Yass police lock up
Yass squatting regulations
Yates Ellen
Yates James
Yates Mr
Yates Mr
Yeomans G
Yeomans George
Yeomans Joseph
Yeomans Mr
York John
York Place Establishment
Young Adolphus W
Young Alexander
Young David
Young Governor
Young J
Young James
Young John MP
Young Lord
Young Mr
Young Robert
Young Sheriff
Young's public house (hotel)
Youngman Edward
Youths Abstinence & Temperance Society
Zahel Vincentz
Zuill Mr
Zuill T
Zuill William


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